Chapter Twenty-One

"You're just standing there when we've got - what did you say?" Robbie said.

"That's the ship, and the light, that's how I got here!"

Riley and Robbie looked closer. The painting was of a ship sailing towards a great light, but out on the ship you could see a minute man, with his hand shielding his eyes. Robbie didn't know what to say.

"Will," said Riley. "You can go home."

"I can?"

"He can?"

"Yes, this isn't just a painting, it's a portal. If you can somehow get through this, then you can get out of here, you can... can go home."

"This one over here must be how the pirates got here," said Robbie, looking at the one next to it. On it, was another ship with a bunch of men on it, sailing towards the same light. Seconds later, they heard footsteps coming up both sides of the stairs. Will tore his eyes away from the painting. They were trapped.

"GOT YOU!" screamed George.

"Will needs to discipline his kid and teach him some manners if you ask me," said Robbie so that only Riley could hear him. But then, George saw the painting.

"Get them," said George. The pirates started to move closer to them, and the trio backed against the wall. One grabbed Will's neck. But before he could tighten his hold he pulled his hand away, yelling out in pain.

"What happened, you moron?" said George.

"'E 'as burned me, sir!" The pirate's hand was swelling and turning red. "I can't lay a hand on him!"

"Well, then get the others!" ordered George.

One seized Riley's arm and started to pull her towards him but Will grabbed her other hand. She felt something warm flow through one arm to the fingertips of her other arm, and the pirate that had a hold on her yelled out in pain and ran to the back of the crowd.

Another lunged for Robbie but Will put his other hand on his shoulder. Robbie felt the same warm sensation and the pirate cried out in pain and recoiled when he made contact with him. After that, the others seemed too afraid to touch them.

"We can't lay a finger on 'em, sir!" they cried.

"Don't you understand?! If he goes back this way, I won't exist! He's got to come with ME! Get him!" When none of them followed George's command, he continued. "Fine, you useless pack of dogs," he said angrily, "I'll get them myself, I'll - what's happening to them?!"

Everyone turned to the trio. A light seemed to be glowing around the edges of them, but none were as bright or as white as Will's.

"Will?" Riley whispered. He didn't reply, he just closed his eyes. Suddenly, from the back of the crowd of pirates, a yell erupted. The crowd parted, and one of the pirates had burst into flame like when Riley and Will were in the woods and then turned to a pile of ash. Then, the rest of them started to go, faster and faster until all the pirates were blazing infernos. A minute later, they were nothing more than piles of ashes on the floor. Will opened his eyes.

In the middle of the floor, ashes surrounding him, stood George. "Ashes, ashes, we all fall down..." he sang quietly.

Will stared at him for a moment. "I'm sorry George, I'm not going back with you. I don't love Elizabeth, and I never can again." He looked at Riley for a moment. "Goodbye," he said as he turned his gaze back to George.

"NOOOOOOOO!" George yelled out. And in a flash, he was gone, and so were the ashes. Will let go of the two.

"I want to thank you both," he said. "You helped me in this world, and you've also helped me get back home." Riley's eyes were filling up with tears. This was goodbye...

"Any time, man," said Robbie, shaking his hand. "I'm just sorry we started on the wrong foot." Will smiled at him, then turned to Riley.

"If I remember correctly, I believe I asked you something that morning in the cabin. Riley," he took her hand, "you are the most incredible person that I've met, I don't know how I can live on without you. Only you make me feel the way I do, Riley. Only you. Will you please come with me?" he looked at her with pleading eyes.

Riley turned to look at Robbie, as if asking for his permission. He looked at her sadly and said, "Oh, come on, Ri!" then, a grin broke out on his face. "How can you possibly turn down a speech like that?!"

Riley grinned back at him. "Are you coming?" asked Will.

She turned back Will. "Yes. Of course! Of course I'll come with you!"

Robbie gave a small smile. Will let go of her hand as Riley turned to Robbie and gave him a huge hug. "You're the best!" she said quietly.

"So are you," he replied, hugging her back. "Bye, Ri," he whispered.

They let go and Riley walked back to Will. He smiled at her as he put his arms around her and kissed her tenderly.

It was the kiss that made the light glow around them, brighter and brighter until Robbie had to back away and cover his eyes. Then, a wind spiraled around them, making everything blow like crazy, and then, it stopped. Robbie opened his eyes. He walked back up to the painting.

It was no longer a ship sailing towards a light, but now, it was a ship sailing away from it. And on it, you could now see not just Will, but a woman next to him. He smiled.

Riley and Will broke apart when they felt their feet land on the wood and felt the Caribbean wind sweep around them. They smiled at each other and turned to the docks. Will put his arm around Riley's waist, still smiling.

Jack turned sadly away from the sea. "Oh, tis no use, Ana," he said sadly. "Me ship's gone and so's me best friend." His lip quivered and he dropped down to his knees, raising his arms up to the sky. "WHY DID THIS HAVE TA HAPPEN TO ME?!" he screamed. "WHY WHY WHY WHY W-"

"SHUT UP JACK!" screamed Anamaria.

Jack got up from the ground. "I'm goin' to get meself drunk," he said. He started to walk away from the port when Anamaria called him back.

"Jack! You'll want to see this!"

"What's there to see, Ana? Me ship's gone, Will's gone, and if all the rum in the wo'l's gone too then I'm gonna shoot meself!"

"What did you say was missing, Jack?"

Jack stopped dead in his tracks. Slowly, he turned around. What he saw nearly made him faint. His jaw dropped. "WILL!" he yelled, running back to the docks. "WILL! ME SHIP! YER BACK!" the ship anchored itself and Will jumped off, helping Riley down afterwards.

"Yer back!" Jack ran straight past Will and jumped aboard his beloved ship. He ran to the wheel and kissed it. "Ooh, Pearly," he said, stroking it, "I missed ye..."

Will raised his eyebrows and Riley laughed. Jack heard this and looked over. "An' so are ye, Will! Oh, and ye brought a bonnie lass with ye!" Jack looked her up and down. Will frowned and Riley blushed.

"Back off, Sparrow, this one's mine," said Will. Jack slumped in disappointment.

"Aye, right..."

"Well, welcome to Port Royal, Miss, erm..." said Jack, jumping down from the ship.

"Rosewell, Riley Rosewell," she said.

"Welcome to Port Royal Miss Riley Rosewell!"

"Thank you, Jack."

"And welcome back, Will!" said Jack, grinning. But then he frowned and raised his fist. "BUT DON'T YOU DARE TAKE ME SHIP AGAIN!"

Will grinned. "Will do, Jack, will do."

"One question, though," added Jack. "How did you get there," he pointed off the horizon line, "and then back here?!"

Will and Riley looked at each other and smiled. "It's a long story," said Riley.

"Aye," said Jack, "well, let's hear it over a drink."

He set off for the pub, Will and Riley following behind him. Will put his arm around her waist, and kissed the top of her head. "Welcome home," he whispered.

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