Ryuusei no Solitude

By: Koritsune Dragonrider

Rating: PG-13

Warning: rape, shone ai

Disclaimer: I do not own nothing that is relate to the YuYu Hakusho series.

Summary: Kurama was never shot by the hunter, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Keiko, and Shizuru are demons, and Hiei never left the Koorime Island, because Hiei's a girl! Here is an AU with a lot of twist!

Pairings: Kurama/Hiei Yusuke/Keiko Yukina/Kuwabara

Chapter 1

Hiei walked solemnly through the halls. She didn't stop as people looked at her, she was used to it. It wasn't her fault she was different. Unlike most Koorimes she didn't have blue hair and eyes. Her hair was black with a white streak in the front and her eyes were red. Instead of the white and blue the other Koorimes wore she chose to wear black and tie her hair with a red piece of string, bows made her look girly. She also distanced herself from people. It wasn't that she didn't like the people she lived with, it was just that anyone besides her twin, Yukina, touches her they get burned. She was really a fire demon, but her clan didn't know that and her family hoped it would stay that way. She had been hiding her powers for the last two hundred years and everyone thought she would develop her powers later. Stupid

"Oneesan," said a voice and Hiei turned around to find Yukina running toward her.

"Hi, sis," she said, "What is it?"

"Your friends Sanae and Chisa are here to see you."

"Hn, fine." She walked out to greet the two girls she called friends. Sanae had teal hair and blue eyes wearing a blue shirt and white pants. Chisa had dark blue hair and light blue eyes. She was also wearing blue fighting clothes.

"What?" asked Hiei.

"Want to tease the commissioner?" asked Sanae.


"We could set the sacred tree on fire," suggested Chisa.

"We did that last year," said Sanae

"Steal the sword from the Koorime alter?"

"Year before that," said Hiei.

"Then what can we do this year?" asked Sanae.

"We could let the zoo animals out," suggested Chisa and the others agreed. They hadn't done that yet and the commissioner would suspect it was them this time. They quietly went into the Koorime Island zoo and looked around. The zoo wouldn't start for another two hours which gave them time to get to work.

"Where do we start?" asked Sanae.

"Over there," said Hiei pointing to the Makai exotic animals. Sanae and Chisa looked nervously at each other and turned to their friend.

"Are you crazy," asked Chisa.

"No," she answered. She walked in and looked back at her fear stricken friends. "What are you, human? Come on!"

Her two friends looked at each other and followed their head leader. Hiei walked in to the Makai polar bears pen and coaxed them out with some meat. Hiei smiled when they gladly clambered out of their cell. She looked over at her friends who were attempting to bring out a Warg, luckily very tame. It look like like a large hyena, but was big enough to ride on. The Warg walked around as the three let loose the other exotic animals and darted out before anyone saw them. Two hours later the zoo keepers had a surprise when they went to check on the animals. Luckily nothing was hurt and they animals evaded every attempt at re-caging them, and Hiei and her friends were never caught.