Yukina smiled as she petted Inuhi as everyone talked around her the campfire, Kuwabara at one side and Hiei on the other. Kurama sat behind Hiei with the fire demon on his lap. Hiei wasn't too happy about the show of affection but he wasn't charging into Kuwabara as he retold a tale of when he was a child, his main focus on Yukina.

"Oh, my, you must have been terrified," she said after the tale between the Neko demon and a boar demon.

"Oh, I wasn't scared,' said Kuwabara shyly running the back of his head. "I, Kazuma Kuwabara, never get scared."

"Don't believe a word he says," said Hiei. "It's nothing but hot air." Inuhi barked once. "The dog agrees. And besides, I seem to remember a orange furred cat running away from a snake demon not long ago."

"Bastard," growled Kuwabara.

"You finally figured that out," said Hiei. "I knew all alone that I was a bastard."

Kuwabara went red faced before Yukina placed a hand on his arm. "Tell me another story, Kazuma-kun," she said. With a smile Kuwabara launched into another story. Kurama shifted Hiei off his lap and lead the fire-Koorime to the woods. Hand in hand they walked toward the glade and laid on a bed of moss Kurama grew. Hiei snuggled against Kurama's side and Kurama wrapped his arms around the smaller demon, his tail around Hiei's waist.

"We're all together," said Kurama. Hiei nodded. "It's weird. Our little family just keeps growing. First I picked them up, then you, and now two in one day. I must be getting soft."

"Only around us," said Hiei. "Well, you met my sister. When will I meet yours?"


"I know you have at least one or two siblings. Foxes never have just one kit."

Kurama laughed. "Very observant, aren't you? Yes, I do have siblings. I have one sister and two brothers. Funny thing is I'm closer to my sister then the twins."

Hiei looked up at him. "Twins? I thought you were from the same litter?"

Kurama petted Hiei's hair. "It's complicated. We call them that because they look so much alike. All four of us can call ourselves quintuplets if we wanted and we did for a while, but Kaoru and Koichi was more connected that they started calling themselves "twins" and me and Kimiko were just kinda pushed aside."

"And I thought my life was complicated. Sometimes I don't know if I'm going to wake up male or female."

"I can't care either way."

Hiei smiled and gently kissed Kurama. Kurama gently kissed him back and it became heated. Hiei was laying down on the grass with Kurama on top of him, kissing down Hiei neck and lifting up his shirt.

"Kurama," panted Hiei trying to push the fox off. "Come on, we gotta get stop. The others will be worried about us."

"They'll understand," said Kurama. "Well, Yusuke, Keiko, and Shizuru will understand. Kuwabara will whine and complain. I don't know about Yukina."

Hiei punched Kurama in the chest. "She's not that naive. She knows about sex!"

Kurama blinked in surprise. "Who taught her? In fact, who taught you?"

"Our mother," said Hiei sadly. Kurama looked at him in concern, sat up and set Hiei on his lap.

"I'm sorry," he said. Hiei shook his head.

"It's all right. I want to remember her, and I do every time I look at Yukina."

"You loved her very much."

"Yeah," said Hiei and looked up at Kurama. "I love you as well, fox. More then I loved my mother."

Kurama looked at Hiei in surprise, the smiled. "I love you too, Hiei."

Hiei's face softened, reached up and gently twined his hand in Kurama's hair. Kurama took the invitation and kiss him.


A pair of amber eyes watched the two new lovers from under a bush, the shadow keeping him from being detected. In the animal could smile, he would have.

'Soon, Kurama. Soon everything and everyone you love will die, and I will have what I want.'


Make sure to stick around for the sequel "Karayami no Bara Akai." It is currently in the process of being written and will be posted as soon as possible.