Have a wee bit of patience with me; this is my first fic, let alone my first Saiyuki fic. Be Gentle!

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Learning the Hands on Way; Or How I Did My Homework in a Jeep

I was a... uh, special child growing up. I mean, adventure literally waited around the corner for me, I just knew it. I knew that one day I'd find out I had magic powers, or a prince would arrive on my doorstep and ask for my help to recover his kingdom, or... something. I mean, my imagination didn't just run away with me, it fricking packed me in a crate and shipped me to the moon. As I grew older I started to realize that nothing like that was ever gonna happen, and that I was going to be normal just like everyone else... I think I cried the day it sunk in.
Anyway... I put this aside and grew up. Life was alright, but dull. Goblins weren't around the corner, waiting to be discovered, and I'm pretty sure that the postman wasn't an evil communist that was hell-bent to take over the world with me being his only road block. I said pretty sure. He does have shifty eyes.... I graduated from dull high school and went off to a dull university. It was about this time that I started zoning out.
Now, when I say zoning out, I don't mean letting my mind wander, I mean gone. It was always the same. Slowly, the professor's voice would get quieter and quieter until they were simply mouthing words. Fortunately, I never learned to lip read Then things would go blank. I'm pretty sure I wasn't sleeping, but then again, I wasn't aware of anything, I was just gone. Where? Hell if I know. Then *pouf* I was back. It wasn't like anything in particular would bring me back, and I didn't suffer any heinous embarrassment over it, I just tuned out. Like changing the channel on life, or maybe shutting it all off.
So my parental units found out about this and had me see a shrink... I'm officially ADD... it was a hobby before folks... now it's a realty. However, I'm loathe to take the stupid pills they dish out like candy. Oh hell no, I'll take inky black silence to cocaine's little cousin, Ritalin any day. Thank you. So nothing really changed.
So I was in Eastern Religion one glorious day, a day meant to be spent frolicking in the grass, singing my lungs out about hills and music, not listening to boy-wonder up there mumble about the roots of Chinese Buddhism. Grr. It was alright though... eventually the darkness came for me again, but this time was different. This time there was a little giggle, I swear I wasn't hallucinating, well, I guess I was cause I was blacked out, but still, I heard a giggle, like the kind a fifteen year old girl gives right before she rats out her best friend's feelings to their crush. Needless to say, it was not your average blackout.

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