The Jeep Says: Beep! Beep! Hakuryuu Says: Kyu! Kyu! Bunnicula says: Don't sue! Don't Sue!

When I came to, the first thing I registered was the sun. That was a little out of the ordinary... I sat up, trying to figure out where I was an how I got there. I was in a desert, and from the looks of it, the dead middle. There was nothing but sand stretching for as far as I could see. This made me pause, 'cuz last I knew, I was bored out of my mind in class, not in the desert. This raised a few more interesting issues like, what to do now?

I think it was at this point I started laughing. Someone, it seemed had a crazy sense of humor. I mean, I blacked out in class and woke up on my back in the desert. What the hell? I did the only I thing I could do. I stood, brushed myself off, and started walking.

As a warning, I feel I ought to tell you that I read Dune at an impressionable age, so of course, I was frolicking through the desert (not a good idea) singing, "Walk without rhythm and you won't attract the worm!" Of course I was doing it too. Oh come on, I had to. Anyway, I had randomly chosen a direction, (more Dune advice... any direction on the open bled is as good as another... I'm beginning to think that Frank Herbert never went to the desert. Huh.) when I started to get dizzy. I am not a sun person... I'm an air conditioned basement person, but when in the desert... I just kept going, there wasn't another choice to take, well, maybe sit there and die, but I'm not a quitter.

I may not be a quitter, but as time wore on and the desert didn't get any smaller, my body turned out to be one. I kept on as long as I could, but as the minutes turned to hours, I just gave out. The last thing I remember was seeing the world shift downwards as I fell.

I woke up to cold water. It splashed across my mouth, then dribbled down my chin. Being shocked at the sudden cold, I sputtered, accidentally spitting the water into the face of my rescuer. "Damn... don't you know that good girls swallow, not spit?"
It was then that I saw red... I was pissed, true, that was a pretty lewd comment, but I literally saw red. The man who knelt before me had a shock of ruby red hair and eyes to match. He was smirking a little, a cigarette practically dripping from his lips. "Girl, can you stand?"
I nodded my head slowly, taking his proffered hand, but as I rose, my knees gave out and I was sent crashing back to the ground. I landed hard, nearly cracking my head on the sun baked ground. A warm voice came from behind me, "Goyjo, perhaps you should lift her... she's worn."

Weakly, I turned my head to the new voice. It belonged to a tall man with a kind smile and sparkling green eyes. I would be a big liar if I said that I didn't ogle him... him and his friend, Gojyo, however, I kept it brief. No need to embarrass myself. Instead, I turned back to the first man and asked him the question that first jumped in my mind when I saw him. It was pressing, important, and as far as I was concerned, life or death, "Hey," my sun baked voice croaked, "can I bum a smoke?"

He smirked, his shoulders twitching in silent laughter, "Sure, Babe, I'll give you a smoke if you give me a name."

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, gauging him... then staring his cigarette. "Sara... my name is Sara."