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"Yuffie take it out it's burning!" The brunette yelled as she walked into the kitchen smelling of burnt food.

"Shit!" The ninja exclaimed as she rushed over to the oven and pulled out the black apple pie.

Shera glanced at the pie, "So is ice cream okay for dessert?" She asked.

It was two days before Christmas and the whole gang had went to Rocket Town to celebrate the holidays. The ladies were in the kitchen cooking, but of course Yuffie was having some minor difficulties.

"No we'll make another one! I'm going to get this right!" Yuffie shouted as she grabbed some more apples.

"Now that's persistence," MeiLin said with a laugh.

"Maybe we should start you off with something easier, like pouring the drinks," Tifa said with a grin as she pulled out a bottle of wine.

"Shut up!" Yuffie laughed as she pushed her friend away. Tifa began to crack up as she threw upher hands in defeat.The two had went back to the way the way they werebefore, "Best Friends." It was as if all the drama and tensions weren't important anymore after everything. Tifa and Cloud had went back to being the good friends that they were and there was also no tension between them.It was like nothing wrong had ever happened, and nobody was about to bring up the past, this way was how it was suppose to be."I can cook very well, you guys just have never had it before," the ninja continued while waving her hand causing the diamond on her finger to shine.

"Are you ladies okay in here?" The blonde asked stepping into the kitchen.

"Their making fun of me," Yuffie said in a sad voice as she frowned.

Cloud kissed her on the cheek as he wrapped his arms around her waist, "their making fun of you?" He asked while shooting the other ladies a look.

"We are not," MeiLin said innocently as she took some plates over to the table.

"I haven't seen you make anything yet Doctor," Yuffie said with a sly grin.

"Hey!" MeiLin said with a laugh just as Cid, Vincent and Reeve entered the kitchen.

"Whoa what's going on, this is the ladies territory you guys are taking up space!" Shera said to the men as she placed a hand on her hip.

"Relax we'll be out in a minute, I'm just looking for a drink," Cid said as he saw the wine bottle in Tifa's hand.

The brunette smiled as she extended her arm to the pilot already knowing what he was going to ask for. "I hope you're not in here for the same reason too Vincent?" She asked as she turned her focus to the crimson-eyed man.

"No, but would it be so bad if I was?" He asked in a calm tone smiling at her.

Tifa laughed as she shoved him playfully. Yuffie smiled, there was something up with those two. They had been flirting ever since they had arrived in Rocket Town.

"Okay you guys have your drinks so out now," MeiLin said as she led Reeve out of the kitchen.

"What's the rush?" Reeve asked.

"It's crowded, we'll be out in a minute," she replied with a smile before kissing him on the lips, "now go."

A second later a babies cry was heard followed by Marlene's tiny voice yelling for "Auntie Shera," and "Uncle Cid."

"Go get Imara sweetie," Shera said as she took the glass of wine out of her husband's hand and began ushering him out of the kitchen.

"Alright daddy's coming Imara, stop crying," Cid said in annoyance as he winced from her loud crying.

"She really is loud," Yuffie said with a laugh.

"Better get use too loud cries," Shera said with a smile, "you'll be getting a lot of it soon."

Yuffie smiled as she blushed slightly. Cloud placed his hands on her stomach, "She's right, we can use Imara as practice," he said with a laugh.

"Ooh and we have to plan a baby shower!" Tifa said as she continued with the apple pie.

"That's not until about another six or seven months away Tifa we have plenty of time," MeiLin said.

"Yeah, were still working on the wedding," Shera said with a smile.

"Yes, and wedding comes first! I have to hurry before I'm too fat to fit in a wedding dress," the ninja replied with a laugh.

Cloud smiled at his fiancé, he loved her so much, he couldn't be happier than he was now. They had decided to stay in Wutai, it was more peaceful there than in a busy city. He really didn't care where, just as long as Yuffie was with him everyday it was fine. He couldn't imagine how it would be to wake up without her by his side. He had proposed to her about a month ago, and had found out two weeks ago that they were expecting their first child. Being a soon to be husband and father was so exciting to him. He didn't know if he wanted a boy or a girl, but he really didn't care. Yuffie wanted a boy because she said she wanted to know how Cloud looked when he was little and figured their baby would resemble him. But as long as it was his and Yuffie's and it was healthy he would be happy. Yuffie looked at him questioningly as he spaced out.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm great," he said with a smile before kissing her fully on the lips.

Yuffie laughed, "Cloud everyone is watching," she said as she turned slightly to the other women who were grinning from ear to ear and saying "aw how sweet." She laughed as she waved them off. She held her fiancé closely as the women went back to cooking. This was it, this is how things were suppose to be. Everything was finally falling into place. She sighed deeply as she closed her eyes and Cloud wrapped his arms around her. She couldn't be any happier than she was right now. The last time she was at Rocket Town she thought being with Cloud was only a silly dream…. but it looked like dreams did come true after all.

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