Title: Rain, rain. Go away.
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: G

Disclaimer: BeyBlade and all it's characters doesn't belong to me. They all belong to Aoki Takao-sama. I only own this fanfiction and pocky. X3 And the song down there also doesn't belong to me. I got it from Naruto's 2nd Opening Theme: Haruka Kanata.


"fumikomuze akuseru kake hiki wa naisa sou dayo

youru wo nukeru

nejikomu sa saigo ni sashihiki zero sa sou dayo

hibi wo kezuru"

Tyson sang the lyrics as he swiped the floor with his broom. He twirled and swayed his hips, all the while humming the tune, occasionally stopping to act as if he was playing a guitar.

Ray and Max looked at each, then both shrugged before resuming their practice with a "Let it Rip! (and make us deaf!)". Kenny typed along happily on Dizzi, while listening to his CD Player on maximum volume.

Kai sighed exasperatedly, standing up from his position on the couch. He turned off the television, cutting what he was watching halfway. He walked towards the blue-haired boy, before leaning against the wooden door frame. He watched the boy, sweep, sing and dance, and when his twitching already reached it's limit, he spoke up. "Tyson, you're a great blader and all but if you keep singing, it's gonna rain soon."

Tyson just stuck his tongue out at him, stopping his previous activities. "Yeah, whatever, Kai."

"I mean it."

"Fine, then. If you want me to stop singing, then let's make a bet." Tyson smirked determinedly, "If it rains, you win. If it doesn't, I'm the victor. The winner gets three thousand yen."

Kai smirked as well, "You're loss, Ty."


+ One Hour Later... +

Tyson sulked his way to the house, all dripping and wet. He dragged his broom across the floor with him, and was about to go up the stairs when a cough stopped him. He looked to his side and saw Kai smirking triumphly at him with his palm spread in front of him. Sulking even more, he pointed to his wallet above the television, before resuming his journey to his room.

Ray blinked, "Woah, Kai. How'd you do that?" He watched the whole scene from his position on the floor, where he, Max, and Kenny were currently playing 'Monopoly'.[1]

"You're like those... psychic people that can read the future." Max stared at him in awe,

Kai laughed with mirth, holding the money in his hand. "Just a lucky guess." Laughing even more, he made his way to his own room to put the money in his own wallet, then going to Tyson's room to 'comfort' the poor boy.

When Ray and Max just looked at each other, Kenny sighed, before rolling the dice and moving his piece. "Kai was watching the Weather Forecast earlier."

The three of them sweat dropped, before sighing and resuming their game.


[1] What? You want me to edit it to Snake's and Ladders? ^_^!


Author's Notes: @_@ Honestly, I really like how this turned out... I was on writer's block and this is the only thing that popped up so I thought I'd give it a try. My lil' brother inspired when he was singing so loud, and I told him that it was gonna rain if he doesn't stop. XD Ah, oh well... Review, please! ^_^!