I've decided to create a crossover A Nightmare on Elmstreet/Edward Scissorhands story, simply because I've been curious as to what would happen if Edward met Freddy. I'm not sure if this has been done before, and if so, I didn't know about it.

Anyway, it's a little more serious than my other stories, and I would appreciate it if you don't flame me; in all honesty, I'm writing this more to feed my craving than anything else.

Warning: This is most definitely AU; set years after the ending of Edward Scissorhands, and some characters may be OOC through out the story. The prologue takes place one month before the actual story.  

Disclaimer: I do not own Edward Scissorhands, or Freddy Krueger. They both have their respective owners, geniuses in their own right.


She had wilted; time would not allow her to remain forever pure. Sassy blond had given way to gentle gray, smooth porcelain had become cracked with age. Her inside was untouched; it danced underneath the falling snowflakes coating her withering exterior.

But all that mattered was that she was here, in his arms.

Edward looked upon his love, the delicate rose he held ever so carefully. He, the timeless, smiled upon her, the forsaken victim of time. Only she would ever know his sweet kisses, the only to hold onto his murderous blades.

"I don't have much time." Her voice was fading, holding only a mouse's grasp of what it used to be. "My granddaughter will expect me back, with another tale. Such youth, they overrun with energy." She smiled at him.

Her words left impressions upon Edward's thoughts; he knew she had wed another, though her love for him would never know death. It saddened him somewhat, to know that she promised her heart to another. But in a way, he was happy, because she was happy. Such contradictions fled from him, seeing her again.

"Edward," She began again, her beautiful cinnamon eyes tainted with despair, "This is my last visit, after this, I will be gone." He wanted to deny what she had spoken, but mortality is not one to ignore.

"I love you, Kim." His words spilt onto his tears, bringing to life her tears. She brought her lips to his, regardless of their rusted intentions. He took no caring as to her age; she would always be his Kimberly, the covering of his faults.

She took leave from his embrace, forever imbedding her affections. Walking away, she told him: "I will always love you."


Chapter I: Still Life

Her portrait was painted in his mind, he could not stop thinking of the lovely pastels coloring her personality; so cheerful she had been, so altruistic she had been with him. The thought quirked a smile upon his lips, a rarity these days, thinking of Kimberly Bogg, and her cheerleader ways.

The smile was dead before he could mourn for it; Edward had felt her passing last night, the quick taking of a life forever cherished, cradled in his heart. Her memory stood alone, embossed within his affections, along side that of Peg, who had went with death long before. With the memory of Peg came running the memory of the Inventor, the one who had given him the privilege of life.

His tears fell for their mortality, dying for his forever life. Immortality held him here on this Earth, alone, cold without the flames who had once kept him warm. There remained no purpose for him; his love was kept upon the shelf, only to gather dust.

As he became lost in reminiscence, Edward took a journey to his garden, collecting the fossils of her footsteps as he took his time down the stairway. Absentmindedly, he let his scissor hands scrape the walls, he no longer cared of them, at the moment they served no purpose other than distractions.

The sinister night smirked upon his garden; with her shadows she transformed the benign figures into frightful beings, she stole the dinosaur's smile and left it unhinged, broken in the pale moonlight.

Edward kept up his turtle's pace; his eyes watching, waiting. He came upon a hidden patch, the secret to his beloved garden. Within the vines cruel sneers stood a magnificent bush; young, stranger to Edward's ways.

With grace he stole away its innocence, the image stirring from his hands. He clipped and snipped away his tender musing, blissfully ignorant of the potential of his immortality burning within him.


He was done with this town, Freddy decided. For too long, he had been haunting the crooked corners of adolescence dreams; too long, had he been reserved in this town, so barren of interest. What Freddy Krueger needed was something new and challenging, something of great horror, of great proportions.

He swirled in his office chair, time-worn, a forgotten gift from Katherine. He cringed at the memory of that name, the betrayal and guilt brought forth from the echoes of his past.

"No." He muttered to himself, determined of the burial of that time, and hurt. He would never let anyone know of it; forever it would remain suffocating in a coffin, buried in the back of his mind.

He randomly flipped through different towns, villages, cities; anything would suffice better than this hell-hole of a town. His eyes caught sight of some sort of abnormality, his naked fingers turned away. Desperately, he went backwards, wondering what he had let pass him by.

"There." He smugly acknowledged the sight he had seen before. It was a man, one dressed all in black, leather it would seem, cutting away at some sort of plant. Freddy had seen worse; he could not find one oddity about the man, save the fact his hair was rather large. Until he came to his hands, Freddy knew not what struck him about this man.

The man had no hands; they had been reimbursed with scissor blades, long and sparkling in the moon's cadaverous gaze. The very sight of them sent thunder crashing through Freddy's excuse of an imagination. The damage he could father with those things! The bloodier the kill, the louder the terror! It excited the famed child killer to no end.

It was exactly what he needed; a new opportunity for death, a new chance for fear. With that strange man, Freddy could encourage a whole new generation of nightmares. But first, he would have to steal that man's name…

"Edward, huh?" Freddy smirked, using the powers he been endowed with to deduct his answer. "Well, Eddie, Freddy's coming for you…"

1,2 Freddy's coming for you…