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This was just a kinda spontaneous idea.  It's not set at any particular time because only the first 3 episodes have been aired in England so I don't know a lot of the plot yet. In this chapter the info about the holiday/flight is all very made up and probably doesn't make sense.  The story wont be very long but it starts during the BtVS episode 'The Gift.'

Chapter 1-To save the world.

Tru Davies was sitting in her economy class seat on flight 1132AA that would take her away from the stresses of strains of her hectic life to a blissful holiday on the tiny Island of San Clemente, boy had she earned it.  Each day of normal life seemed to be exhausting between family crises and work at the morgue and when you lived some more than once as Tru did it wasn't surprising that you got worn out after a while.  All that was in the way of ten day's total relaxation were four more hours of flying, if even that long.  Tru was flying out on her own but would be joined in a few days by her best friend Lindsay, as it was though she had to but up with the journey by herself.  The harsh recycled air in the plane was leaving a rank taste in her mouth and the smell of too many people crowded together invaded her nose.  Tru stared blankly at the tiny screen flickering on the back of the seat in front of her as the unshaven, beer-bellied man to her left grunted himself awake from his stupor and the first fork of lightening crossed the sky outside the window to her right.  Suddenly the television picture was obscured by a black and white message proclaiming that the captain wished to make an announcement.  Sure enough the voice of David Hill-your captain ladies and gentlemen for this seven hour American Airlines flight-was booming through the loudspeaker.

            "We appear to be headed into an area of extreme turbulence over southern California.  Please keep your seatbelts fastened whilst the signs are illuminated.  We hope to pass this area within the next half an hour, sorry for the disturbance to your flight."

            As other passengers grumbled to each other Tru watched the darkening sky through her porthole shaped window.  The moon, normally filling the night sky with beauty, was almost blotted out by a black shadow so that the bolts of electricity racing to the ground were made even more formidable by contrast with their background.  The plane rocked precariously from side to side and the cabin lights cut out to preserve power but Tru's face was illuminated intermittently anyway.  As the flashes of light became more frequent the captain's voice was heard once more.

            "We are unable to continue at this altitude and unfortunately I am obliged to make an emergency landing at the nearest airfield.  We are still over California in the near proximity to Los Angeles.  Please keep your seatbelts fastened and I apologise once again for any disturbance this may cause to your journey."

            'Typical' Tru mused.  'Not even a holiday can go to plan,' and she continued to watch the sky as the plane cautiously descended in large circles.  As the ground came nearer Tru could see areas of land that seemed to be missing, holes that seemed instead to be filled with the crackling energy of the lightening forks.  There were a few small areas and one that seemed to be growing in size although Tru couldn't be sure whether this was because of the shrinking distance she was from it or actual growth.  What she couldn't see however was what was causing such a strange phenomenon….

A young girl stood at the top of a tower wearing a ceremonial robe.  Blood seeped through the cloth covering her stomach as a second figure wielded a glinting knife.  Every colour in the world shone off that knife and yet to Dawn, the key to both the world's salvation and its destruction, it was pure, blood red.  As more cuts were made blood dripped onto Dawn's feet and she cried out in pain, gasping her sister's name.  As the sisters were reunited a trickle of freely flowing blood dripped over the edge of the tower and a small sphere of light appeared in mid-air.  As the portal grew and lightening bolts flashed across the sky Dawn stopped and looked at her sister.

            "It's started."  Buffy knew her kid sister was right and remembered what had passed only hours before.

 "If the ritual starts, then every living creature in this and every other dimension imaginable will suffer unbearable torment and death ... including Dawn."  Those words had been spoken by the one man she had believed she could trust, the one who had guided her through the darkest times of her life and had somehow kept her going and yet she couldn't accept them.  Buffy remembered her response,
            "Then the last thing she'll see is me protecting her."  Her words were received by Giles' disappointed face and his stony cold words.

"You'll fail. You'll die. We all will."

"I'm sorry."  It was all she could say and now, now she didn't know what to do.  She had tried to protect her sister, with every fibre of her being she had fought.  She had pounded Glory with all the strength she had, done everything short of killing a person because that was the line she had drawn for herself, a line that whatever the cost could not be crossed, even if the price was the world.  Yet Dawn was echoing her words.

"I'm sorry." She said her eyes full of tears as she hugged Buffy and all Buffy could say was,

"It doesn't matter."  Of all the situations the slayer had faced, of all heartrending circumstances and decisions this was the most traumatic, the nightmare she had been forced to face in dreams and reality.  Yet as Dawn tried to run past her Buffy knew that she would stand by her sister, by her words from earlier.  There was no way Dawn was dying while there was still breath in her body.  She pulled Dawn close to her and whispered, "I'm not letting you go Dawn.  I love you."  Dawn's response would forever surprise Buffy, it displayed the wisdom and understanding she had never credited the young girl with.

"I know you do, that's why I have to jump.  The energy.  Buffy I know about the ritual.  I have to stop it.  Look what's happening."  Even as Buffy protested a huge dragon flew out of the portal flying away from the tower.  "Buffy, you have to let me go. Blood starts it, and until the blood stops flowing, it'll never stop."  The sisters stared at each other, Buffy with anguish in her eyes and Dawn with desperation and fear.  "You know you have to let me. It has to have the blood."  With that the young girl ran to the edge of the tower and jumped.  Before she jumped however Dawn paused, only for a fraction of a second but long enough for Buffy to reach her.  As Dawn's body fell through the air Buffy lunged and grabbed her by her fingertips.  Time froze for a moment, the battle below was halted and the Scoobies stared in horror at the top of the tower where Dawn dangled fifty metres from certain death and all the while the pulsing light of the portal grew.

"Dawn." Buffy cried desperation in her voice as she struggled to hold onto her sister.  "Please, climb up, you don't have to.  Dawn you don't have to.  Please Dawn, I love you." 

"I love you Buffy."  Dawn sobbed, terrified.

On the ground the small crowd watched, not knowing how to express the multitude of emotions in their hearts, as Buffy hauled Dawn to the edge of the tower again. For a moment it seemed both girls were safe then the watchers' hearts, still pulsing with fear, love and confusion, reached their mouths as a figure plummeted to the ground.

Tru hailed a yellow cab just outside the tiny aerodrome.

"Where can you get me for a twenty?" She asked the driver.

"Sunnydale." Was the reply.  "S'the nearest town.  Hop in."  So Tru found herself, not in the beautiful surroundings of a golden beach but driving through an area of California that looked like a nuclear war zone.  The pools of light had faded and dawn had begun to break as her plane touched down but the sun had only served to illuminate the cracks in the roads and the buildings along them.  There were many sites of destruction but one in particular caught Tru's eye.  A small crowd of people was walking away from a tower that looked as if it might fall over at any moment.  An older man was carrying a limp figure and Tru could tell that the person was not limp with exhaustion.  As the taxi drove away from the small group Tru twisted her head to look back at them.  Just before their faces became obscured by distance she saw the limp figure's head snap towards her, she saw for an instant a beautiful face, deathly pale, and even though she couldn't hear the words spoken she knew the plea the moving lips were making.

"Help Me" 

Please let me know if this is worth continuing 'cos I'm seriously too busy to continue if no one's gonna read it.