Hi, I'm ba-ack. Sorry it's taken so long, hope you didn't give up on me-story's not over yet. So, I can't be bothered to do a long summary so here's a v. short recap:- Tru saw Dawn ask for help after jumping to save the world in 'The Gift'. She re did the day and changed things just enough to make Buffy jump instead of Dawn. In the meantime she learnt all about the Slayer thing and all about Buffy so when Buffy died Tru had massive guilt and flew back home believing herself a murderer and cursing her calling. At the morgue a vamp attacked and the last thing that happened…he called her slayer.


Tru just stared for a moment, frozen as still as an ice sculpture then she exploded.

"How many damn times? I'm not Faith! She's the only slayer and I'm not her. The Slayer's dead and I could never deserve her title. Don't you dare even say that word to me." The vampire just stood there during Tru's rant, smiling it's fanged smile at her.

"So. The slayer's dead is she? And I've picked up the new one. Isn't it just my lucky day? Gain immortality, kill the slayer. Death is good." With that the vampire sprung at Tru who rolled to the side, surprising herself with the speed of her reaction. He turned and continued to advance on Tru who backed rapidly away, grabbing two sharp implements from the autopsy table as she passed. The vampire's evil grin widened. "Trying to make it sport? Those aren't going to help too much."

"Oh yeah." Tru shot back and jumped forwards, stabbing the vampire's chest with a skewer-like tool. She stood back and smiled slightly but her grin faded as the grotesque face in front of her curled into a smirk.

"There aint much wood in a place like this honey."

As he finished speaking the vampire, standing with his back to the door, crumbled into dust before he even realised what had happened. Behind him Davis was revealed standing with a crossbow now pointing at Tru but obviously aimed at the figure that had stood in front of her previously. For a moment they looked at each other then Davis coughed embarrassedly and looked away.

"Um. I'll be in my office." he muttered and turned to leave but Tru was having none of that.

"Uh uh. You have some explanations to give Davis. How did you know what to do?"

"You had better sit down." Davis said looking reluctant. Tru did so, waiting unusually patiently for him to speak. "Tru, in every generation there is a chosen one. One girl in all the world with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, to fight the demons and stop the spread of darkness. She is"

"The slayer." Tru finished. "But what's that to do with…" Her eyes widened as she realised what Davis was about to say.

"You." He said and then proceeded to confirm her expectations. "Tru you are the slayer." Tru exploded out of her chair.

"What did you say?"

"The slayer. Tru she's"

"Buffy." Tru interrupted. "And Faith. Not me. I'm not being the slayer."

"Tru it's not something you can choose…How do you know?"

"Know?" Tru repeated almost hysterically. "Know. Davis I saw the Slayer die. I …I killed her because of one stupid calling. She's dead because I got called on to do one lifesaving job Davis and I failed even that one how on earth can I have a second calling? I can't even handle one."

"I think I missed something here." Davis said extremely confused.

"You know when I asked about a girl falling from a tower? Yeah well that was the slayer's sister only she turned out to be a big ball of energy held hostage by a hellgoddess. She died to stop the world from ending but I messed that up didn't I. I changed things so that Buffy, the actual vampire slayer , the girl who killed her soul mate and saved 100s of people died for the second time instead. I killed a girl who already died to save the world Davis, I'm nothing compared to her."

"Tru I've seen slayers at work, I've watched them train and do their job and it's a tough one but I've seen what you do and it's every bit as impressive, you have the power to be the greatest slayer who ever walked. With two callings think how many people you can save."

"That's just it Davis. I can't. It doesn't work like that. I can't take it any more, I try and try and try to save them but sometimes there's nothing I can do yet the world seems to put me through it anyway. I'll be sent back a day to save someone and they die anyway or someone else does. I can't see more people die Davis but I wont be able to save them."

"Tru you don't have a choice. It's your destiny. Being the slayer, it's not something you can just turn your back on. It's your destiny."

"It's a death sentence. They told me, in Sunnydale. When one slayer dies the next is called, sometimes it takes less than a day but it always happens eventually, even to Buffy, even to the longest surviving Slayer ever, death comes and I brought it. Davis I killed the Slayer, I can't be one."

"You can't not be one." Davis said softly.

"Yes I can." Tru said it with such conviction that despite himself Davis almost believed her. Then he came to his senses.

"You can't deny who you are."

"I can when there's someone else who can be who I'm supposed to be."

"There's no one else Tru. That's how this works. One slayer per generation, one is called when the previous one dies."

"Usually. This time it's different. This time there's Faith."

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Davis stared at Tru for a moment in confusion. "The renegade slayer? Tru not only is she in jail and for good reason but she made it very obvious she does not want to work with authority."

"The watchers' council authority? I'm not sure I'd want to either after what they did to Buffy. I mean they might technically be the good guys but they sure don't act like it"

"Tru I'm not condoning everything the council does but Buffy will have painted them in a very black way, they don't see eye to eye with her."

"They tried to kill her Davis. They are arrogant, bureaucratic…" Tru trailed off. "Oh damn it, you're a watcher aren't you?"

"Of sorts." Davis muttered.

"Geez." Tru exclaimed, annoyed for a moment at her runaway mouth. Then her face twisted into mild confusion. "Hold up, I thought all watchers were British?"

"Common misconception." Davis explained. "The council is in England, and most are English as the title stretches through the family line and many of the watchers from generations ago moved to be close to HQ, bringing their families with. I came to America when I was very young as my mother did not want me to join the council."

"So what happened? And how are you a watcher of sorts?" Tru asked and Davis sighed.

"I became a watcher despite my mother's wishes, a full one, yours in fact. The council knew you were a potential slayer though as you got older it seemed unlikely you would ever be called. Since I was in America they made me your watcher although I didn't relish the job and didn't pay it much attention. I did however have to keep track of you and so I lived near you and reported back to the council every now and then. After your mother saved my life I began to take a bit more interest and I found myself quite involved in your life. A few years ago the council decided you were very unlikely to ever become the slayer, said you were too old; slayers are rarely called after about 18. I disagreed, I thought that since there was another form of power in your blood it was more probable that you would be called. The Council didn't like my suggestion and they fired me, technically. I continued to act as your watcher from my own conscience, finding out about the possibility of your other calling at the same time. I pulled a few strings with the council and they sort of keep me up to date on big events but I'm no longer invited to the watchers' retreats. Instead I took this job and waited for our paths to cross. Now I have to assume my full role, as your watcher."

"Davis you are never going to be my watcher because I am never going to be the slayer." Tru insisted. "How can I do it? Tell me how I possibly can?"

"Tru very few Slayers' have ever welcomed their calling, it comes with great responsibility"

"and an expiration date" Tru muttered though inaudibly

"But you have it easier than some, you have met your predecessor. Most slayers do not get to do that." Tru's expression grew more exasperated.

"Davis I met her for a day and I killed her. I don't think that helps, I don't think that qualifies me to even try on her shoes, let alone stand in them and walk around in them. Buffy wasn't a slayer, she was the slayer. Everything I heard about her, everything I saw her do raised her above normal people. I think her murderer is about as far from her successor as anyone on Earth."

"You are not a murderer Tru. You fulfilled what fate had planned and you saved a life."

"In place of another, Davis I don't have the right to pick and choose. I have no authority to decide who lives and dies."

"And you didn't. You helped the one who asked you for it. You fulfilled another's wish. Tru as the Slayer you will see more people die, you can't feel you killed each of them because you saved others and not them. Buffy will have seen people die, she saw her sister slayer die. Faith will have seen people die, she really did kill someone." Tru interrupted.

"And she's being punished for it, but there's no punishment for me. I may as well have pushed her, the moment I tried to find Dawn Buffy's life was over." Davis reached out awkwardly you comfort Tru who was crying again but withdrew his arm stiffly as an idea came to him.

"Tru maybe you should talk to Faith, find out about all this. Ask her about the calling."

"About killing." Tru shot sulkily at him.

"No." Davis replied seriously. "About slaying, about Buffy. Maybe she can explain to you that you gave Buffy the opportunity to do what her destiny entailed, you allowed her to save her sister."

So somehow, she wasn't sure how, the next morning, after sleeping badly, Tru found herself bound for LA. Still torn up inside Tru couldn't distract herself with books or magazines on the way to the airport, all she saw on the pages was Buffy's body lying unmarked but unmoving on the rubble strewn ground. As she made her way through airport checkpoints and the crowds of people bustling around her Tru found it hard to believe that for so many people the world today was exactly the same as it had been yesterday, and the day before. The flight was worse, she kept watching the windows, waiting for electricity to light up the sky which should be dark. She prepared herself to see a dragon obscure the rising sun but there was no such scene. The sky was blue, the sun unimpaired and the plane was not called to early landing. So Tru once more descended from the plane and made her way through throngs of people. With a small hold-all over her shoulder Tru hailed a cab and sat nervously fidgeting as she sped towards the prison. At one point she saw a flash of familiar red hair and automatically turned to look but the cab was travelling too fast for her to see Willow's despairing form.

At the prison gates Tru slowly climbed out of the taxi and made her way through all the security checks. She sat, looking shiftily around her, in a small booth with a sheet of reinforced glass in front of her and a telephone set to her right. She waited no more than a few minutes before someone sat down on the other side of the glass and Tru's eyes widened at the mirror image across from her. She saw Faith's mouth form the words "Holy st" and knew that she was saying something to the same effect though she couldn't hear herself above the rushing in her ears, let alone Faith from across the glass. After what felt like eternity Tru picked up the intercom receiver and Faith did likewise. The first thing Tru heard was a sharp voice asking,

"Who are you and what the fk is gong on?" Tru took a deep breath.

"I'm Tru." She said, certain only of that. Faith let out some kind of derisive noise. "The girl called Faith thinks my name's funny." Tru commented and Faith sobered.

"Right. So Tru what the hell are you doing here."

"I…"Tru started then paused.

"Spit it out." Faith prompted.

"I came to ask you about being the Slayer." Tru said, looking faith squarely in the eye. She saw a flicker of worry cross them and the thought flicked past her of just how strange this must seem to Faith who knew none of the events of the last two days.

"What do you know?" Faith asked leaning forwards and whispering.

"It's a long story." Tru sighed.

"Cut it short." Faith snapped, looking intimidating even from behind a screen.

"I've been called as the slayer." Tru muttered, breaking eye contact.

"That's impossible, you can't, not unless-" Faith's eyes widened further than when she saw Tru. "No. B. No."

"Yes." Tru breathed.

"When?" faith gasped then answered her own question. "Yesterday, early morning, sun was just coming up." She seemed to go into a deep internal reflection, talking to herself. "That's what it was. The pain, oh G-d." She screwed up her face in pain and put her hand to her forehead. "I felt it, sht I felt her dying. G-d B, I'm so sorry." Suddenly she looked up. "How did it happen?"

Tru swallowed, hard. She opened her mouth to answer but no sound came out. Faith continued to stare at her with a frightening passion and something inside of Tru couldn't take it any more. "I killed her." She sobbed in a choked whisper. It's my fault, I killed her." Faith stood up, a look of intense fury on her face. "I didn't mean to though, I swear I didn't mean to." A guard shouted from a short distance away and Faith sat down again, her eyes cold and empty.

"There's no way. You couldn't kill her. She survived apocalypses, there's no way you could kill her." Absolute denial seemed to be Faith's only way of taking this news.

"It was an accident. I meant to help, I wanted to save Dawn."

"Because B couldn't? Listen up, she had her crew, her Scooby gang, trust me she didn't need an outsider interfering."

"I know." Tru whispered. "But you don't know the whole story. Dawn would have died."

"I don't give a damn who would have died," Faith yelled in a whisper. "Buffy Summers would not die at your hands, she'd go out in a fight and a damned important one at that."

"It was important." Tru protested. "It would have been the end of the world."

"No it wouldn't." Faith said shaking her head, driven beyond rationale by the ideas she was being faced by. "Buffy would have saved the world."

"No. Dawn would have saved the world, Buffy saved it this time, that's how she died. I stopped Dawn dying to save the world, I didn't know Buffy would die instead."

"People always die in battle Tru. Sometimes they are meant to."

"Dawn wasn't meant to. She wouldn't have asked for help."

"What?" Faith asked, confused.

"Nothing, just Dawn was not meant to die."

"Neither was Buffy. There was no way. The world isn't ready for her to die. She can't be dead."

"She is." Tru exclaimed, driven to exasperation. "I hate it and I wish she wasn't but she is. I saw her that day, I changed everything, I made her realise how she could save Dawn and the world, she wouldn't have done it if I hadn't gone there. It's my fault she jumped but I swear I didn't know she was going to, I swear I tied to stop her." Tru was burbling faster and faster, descending into tears as Faith's face grew stonier.

"Get out." She said in a low, dangerous voice. Tru's chest constricted, she had thought Faith, more than anyone else, might have given her a chance. "Get out." Faith repeated.

"Please," Tru begged, "Please give me a chance, I need your help.

"I'm not helping Buffy's killer."

"You're a killer too." Tru retorted then gasped, she hadn't meant to be so blunt. It seemed to shock Faith too.

"You know nothing about that. You have no idea what it's like to be a Slayer."

"That's why I'm here." Tru exclaimed with a combination of desperation and exasperation. "Tell me, I need to know."

"You don't need to know." Faith replied, ice in her eyes. "You can never be the Slayer. I crapped up, I know it and even though it barely tips the balance I'm here now. You should be here too, but you're lucky as hell you're not because you wouldn't last long. You killed the Slayer and now you have the balls to come here and ask for my help! Get the hell out of here, and stay away from me." Tru gave Faith one more look, pleading for some sympathy, some understanding but the Slayer's face was icy. Tru fought not to let a tear out as she realized that Davis was wrong. Faith had confirmed Tru's fears, she was a murderer, she had murdered Buffy Summers and she would never be the Slayer.

As Tru walked away Faith watched her with an apprehensive feeling. She had no doubt that she was right not to help the person who had supposedly killed Buffy but a strange feeling in her gut told her that there was something about Tru she hadn't let on. For an instant she considered calling after her but a guard began to lead her away. So Faith justified her actions with the anger she felt for the person she believed to have killed her sister slayer and swallowed hard to try and stop the tears that she would not shed for anyone else, but could not stop them falling for Buffy.

Tru blinked in the bright California sun and stood in the prison forecourt wondering aimlessly where to go. All she knew was she had to get away from Faith, away from Davis and most of all away from Sunnydale. So Tru headed to the airport and traded in her return ticket for a single to New York, in the Big Apple she could hide away and be no one, be unnoticed and most importantly run away from her new calling.

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