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Decisions and Consequences
Chapter 1
A Hero's Burial

The rain poured down as the coffin was lowered slowly to its final resting place. Tough most of the mourners have not kept in touch with each other, let alone with the deceased, for almost a decade, they were all devastated, some have broken into sobbing while others could only look away from the open grave in fear of what the rush of emotion might do to them. But no matter how much they cried, no matter how much they wished it weren't true, they were all there; at the grave of Ronald Stoppable, his headstone read "beloved friend and hero." Everyone there would remember him as a hero; Tara, Bonnie, Brick, the whole cheerleading squad; these are the people Ron sacrificed himself to save, they now have to watch their hero be buried. Even Bonnie, once thought as heartless, broke down to her knees crying as the coffin hit the bottom of the plot. Monique and Zita, though they did not witness Ron's selfless act of sacrifice, they needed no convincing that it was true when they first heard it 10 years ago. Now they too bare witness to Ron's final hour.

Monique stood there silently above the opened earth as the others mourned in their own way. That was until the mourners made way for an unknown guest. Monique turned to see someone hidden under a trench coat and an oversized hat. This person, obviously dressed to keep from being identified, stood at the foot of the grave as everyone who came before had their eyes fixed on the figure. Producing a white rose from its pocket, this unknown guest cast it down the hole so it lay on the coffin, a final gift from this mysterious mourner. But Monique quickly knew who this was and it filled her with a rage she never felt before, a rage so great, she threw aside all inhibition and attacked the figure, making the oversized hat fly off its head. "How can you show your face to this funeral?" Monique asked in anger.

With her hat off, the woman combed her short red hair back with one hand. This was a shock to everyone for two reasons; 1, they remembered her hair being very long and full of body, not short and dry as it is now. And 2, this woman had disappeared form Middleton the day Ron's life turned to a living hell. "Relax Monique, I only came to pay my last respects," she said.

Monique clenched her fists and her eyes welled with tears. "Respect? You're the reason Ron suffered 10 years in the hospital. You're the reason why he's dead. What respect do you have?"

The red head didn't seem effected by Monique's outrage but merely looked at her with her sharp green eyes. "He's my best friend, that's all the reason I need." She then turned her back to the grave and walked away.

Monique tried to rush after her in rage but was held back by the others mourners. In their grasp, Monique cursed at the woman. "It's your fault Kim! Ron's dead because you ran away! You turned your back on everyone! You're the one who should be dead! This was supposed to be your grave Possible!"

Kim continued to walk away until she returned to the black car that drove her there, the driver side window rolled down and a raven haired woman looking at her with concerned eyes. "Was it hard for you?" she asked Kim.

Kim, after just being attacked by her ex-girlfriend and watching her former side kick and best friend be put into the earth, answered with the stone face she has worn for quite a while. "Shego, I made my decisions and I have to live with the consequences. Ron's death is just one of those consequences. Besides, I found out long ago I really can't do anything and stopping death is one of those things." She walked around and slid into the passenger seat.

As they drove away from the cemetery, Kim started to recall the fateful day this all happened. The day Kim and Ron's life were flipped upside down.

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