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Decisions and Consequences
Chapter 2
The Darkest Day

It's a hero's job to protect

It's a hero's job to be fearless

But in the end, a hero is still human

Today was the day the Middleton Mad Dogs were playing the Lemurs and Kim had come back to her locker after changing into her cheerleading uniform. As she turned the dial on her combination locker, Ron, wearing his own male cheerleading outfit rushes to his locker next to Kim's. Kim opened the door of her locker and rolled her eyes looking at Ron stumble with his. "Ron, chill, we have 20 minutes before the bus leaves," she said.

Ron finally opens his locker and dives in head first. "No time to relax KP," he said. "We're looking at an hour, hour half drive and I can't survive without my handheld gaming buddy!" Ron squealed cheerfully as he pulled himself out of his locker with a handheld gaming system. "Boo-ya! Now the Mad Dog is ready!" he declared, Rufus in his pant pocket squeaking in agreement.

Kim laughed lightly, mostly to herself and turned to terminal in her locker to talk to Wade on the big screen. "Hey Wade, anything new for me?" she asked.

"Hey Kim!" Wade smiled on the digital screen and checked the messages for any new missions for Kim. "Well, I have one but it's a little strange. Seems someone robbed a tank of some experimental chemical gas from an extermination company. The strange thing is, the chemical gas becomes inert after a few hours so by midnight, it won't be anything more than just purple smoke."

Kim raised her eyebrow in slight confusion. "So in other words, this mission would be over before it starts?"

Wade shrugged. "Basically; this thing has no leads, no evidence, no where to start. Before you even find out who might have this gas, it'll be harmless. I'll keep an eye out, see what I can find but you go do what you have to do Kim."

Kim smiled. "Thanks Wade, I can't flake out on this game." She shut off the terminal and flung her backpack over her shoulder. "Come on, 'Mad Dog', let's go."

Ron smiled and put his Mad Dog helmet on. "Right behind you KP!"

The sun begins to set as the cheerleaders line up to enter the bus, Barkin checking off the names of those who enter the bus from his list. "Alright, Possible, Stoppable, you're the last two on my list so get on the bus now!" Barkin shouted.

Ron took off his Mad Dog head and leaned to Kim. "He really needs to take a vacation." Kim chuckled to herself and the two began their way into the bus. "Hey Mr. B, it looks like we'll be spending some quality time together."

A vein popped up in Barkin's neck. "Stoppable . . . bus . . . NOW!" Ron yelped and jumped into the air before running into the bus.

Kim shook her head and took the empty seat next to the freaked Ron. "Ron, you need to stop pushing Barkin's buttons. You know he doesn't like to get touchy-feely," she said.

Barkin came in and looked into the rows of seats filled with girls in skimpy outfits and one boy in purple sweater. "Ok ladies and . . . Stoppable, I don't want any trouble. This means no horseplay, no shenanigans, and no pestering me or the bus driver to stop to use the restroom, Stoppable that means you," he said before Ron could say anything. Before the bus driver could rev up the engine, Brick stormed through the sliding bus door before it closed. "Mr. Flag, this isn't the players bus this is the cheerleading bus!"

Brick just gave an empty headed smile. "I was late and they rolled off without me Mr. B," the jock said. "So I guess I'd bum a ride on the pep bus."

Barkin groaned and pointed toward the seats so Brick to sit in any seat he could find. Bonnie flashed a quick grin and patted the seat next to her to lure Brick over to her. While Bonnie tried to work what twisted and perverse form of charm she had on Brick, Kim answered the Kimmunicator as it rang. "What up Wade?" she asked.

Wade looked straight into the screen with a concerned face. "I found out some really disturbing stuff on that gas that was stolen. It turns out that it's meant to be powerful enough to kill any insect but when exposed to humans, it creates serious medical conditions."

Kim raised an eyebrow. "Serious how?"

Wade checked his print out. "Exposure to the gas can create rashes, boils, burns, and in some cases skin and muscle deterioration. Breathing in the gas is even worse, causing vomiting, diarrhea, cancer of the throat, lungs, heart disease, and eventually death, depending on how much is breathed in."

Kim's face paled hearing that. "Death, from just breathing in a gas?"

"Don't worry Kim, its 8:30 now so the gas will become inert in 3 and a half hours. So unless whoever stole does a live broadcast of what their going to do with the gas, there's very little chance you can find it in time. Just enjoy being a regular teen for one night."

Kim closes her eyes, let out a deep breath, and smiled to Wade. "Thanks Wade, I'll do that."

But while Kim and Wade talked, the busses sudden jerked, making most of the cheerleaders shriek and Bonnie falling over Brick while she was flirting with him. The bus came to a stop and Barkin walked down the aisle to address the situation. "Ok people, listen up. Apparently we drove over some glass or sharp rocks and all four tires are gashed. Fortunately there seem to be a service station a few feet from here so everyone off the bus; this is now your only chance for a restroom break for the trip."

Soon everyone was off the bus and heading toward the service station. It was an old building, nothing but a tiny side off with no lights on and a garage with it's sliding metal door open and a light on inside. "I guess the guy running this place is inside, I bet he can tell me where the snack machine is," Ron said to Kim.

Kim shook her head. "Where do you put it all?" she asked.

Ron smirked and walked ahead faster. "My peppy, upbeat attitude needs a lot of fuel, KP." As Kim entered through the garage entrance of the service station, she noted that Brick, Bonnie, Ron, Mr. Barkin, and Tara were all in there with her but they were not accompanied by any attendant. "Hello, anyone in here? Mascot in desperate need of some snackage here!" Ron called out.

Bonnie gritted her teeth and damn near hissed at Ron. "Would you shut up you annoying spaz!" she growled at him.

Barkin looked carefully around the garage. "This . . . is odd. Hello, is anyone in here? Our bus has gotten a few flat tired, we need assistance!"

Suddenly the metal door of the garage began to close on its own. But while everyone else was watching the door close, Kim saw something stranger; a strange gas was being pumped in through the vents. As the gas began to pour in more thoroughly, Kim felt her face go pale; the gas was purple, just like the gas which was stolen from the extermination company Wade told her. She knew as a hero, it was her duty to spring into action and make sure everyone in that garage was put somewhere safe. But she couldn't even move; the thought of breathing in even a tiny bit of the gas paralyzed her. Soon Ron turned to see what Kim was looking at and he too saw the gas. "KP, we got a big problem here!" he cried out.

Despite everything she stood for, the bravery she thought she had, when she finally regained the ability to move, she used it to slide out the garage before the door closed completely. Once outside, her mind couldn't think straight, the word run echoed violently inside her head and she complied by running as fast as she can away from the garage, away from that poison gas. Bonnie ran to the metal door and pounded at it with both fists. "Kim Possible, either get back here or open this door!"

Ron blinked in surprise of what just happened but shook it off, thinking Kim was just outside looking for a way to stop the gas. He's trust to her was so absolute, he never once considered what she was really doing at that moment a possibility. "Don't worry; Kim's probably got it under control. So now it's time for Ron and Rufus to strut their stuff," he said, taking Rufus out of his pocket. "Ok Rufus, you find a way to open the door, I'll stop the gas." Rufus saluted before he ran toward the door and Ron took his sweater off. "Ok everyone, hit the wall, I'm going in!"

As everyone ran to one side of the room, Ron quickly climbed up to the vents while holding his breath. Once he was almost face to face with the vent, he took his sweater and stuffed it into the opening, blocking the gasses path. "I can't believe it," Bonnie said from below. "The spaz actually did it."

Ron tried to shimmy his way back down but he lost his balance for a moment and he instinctively gasped, breathing in the purple gas. The gas's effects hit him hard and fast, making Ron pass out and fall down hard on his back. Barkin ran to the unconscious Stoppable and threw him up over his shoulder. Fortunately for the trapped few, Rufus had found the door's controls and had it opened the moment the pressure of the gas shot Ron's sweater out of the vent. They all ran out to safety. "Everyone, back to the bus!" Barkin ordered. Though there was some panicked screaming, pushing and shoving, they all made it back on the bus, even Rufus who hitched a ride in Brick's letterman jacket when he wasn't looking

Once things calmed down, Tara was the first to talk. "Hey, where's Kim?" she asked. Everyone looked around but Kim Possible was nowhere to be found. "This doesn't make sense, Kim's always around when we need help."

Bonnie stepped up to that remark. "Possible ran, pure and simple. She didn't care about our safety; she was too busy saving her own ass to even care about us!"

Bonnie's rant was cut short as Ron coughed his way into consciousness and lifted his head. "Kim . . . wouldn't do . . . that," he said weakly.

Barkin knew something was wrong and laid Ron down. "Someone call 911, this man needs medical attention, stat!"

Little did they knew, that after this night, Ron's life would never be as carefree as it used to be. And Kim, as she ran each step toward the pitch black horizon, was losing control of her life. She was no longer a hero, she was no longer a friend, she was not even Kim Possible anymore. She didn't know what was going to happen to her next and neither did the figure hidden in the shadows holding a remote control to both the service station's garage door and ventilation system. "She ran . . . maybe this will work out better for me then just killing her."

(Ok, that's chapter 2, next one will cover the lives of Ron and Kim during the ten years before Ron's death. I might not update quiet as fast as I'd like to since I'm having computer trouble.)