Koibito Niha Narenai Kedo by Yami no Nokutan (formally SailorLita18)
Title means 'Becoming Sweethearts Cannot Happen.'

This story has been updated and fixed as of April 26, 2014.

A lot will be added and changed in the story. The original seemed rather dry and dull-ish.

Summary: This is my first attempt at a Sailor Moon & Gundam Wing crossover. Kino Makoto and her older brother Maxwell Duo were separated when they were young. What evil is after Makoto? Will her love life be destroyed by this evil? Can Yuy Heero save Makoto before it's too late?

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon nor do I own Gundam Wing.

The Start.

A loud bang caused the figure on the bed to open their tired emerald hues. The lithe figure was a young woman, no more than the mere age of 18. She went to the window and noticed it was the wind. It caused her trash cans to tip over outside. She sighed and turned away from the window. Tears began to fill her eyes, as she remembered the argument she had earlier that day. She has finally admitted her feelings to the man she loved, only for him to deny her. She felt the dull ache of depression deep in her chest, trying to erase the feeling of rejection. She glanced at her clock. It read 3:47am.

She let out a shaky sigh and went to lay in bed. She closed her eyes, knowing that her tears began to fall. She sniffled softly, trying to bury her face into the pillows. The young teen felt as thought she was unworthy of being loved. Sure, her friends loved her, but was that enough? She often thought that it wasn't. She wanted a man in her life. All of her friends didn't want her to get hurt and love him, but she fell unusually hard for this man. He was somewhat arrogant and he didn't really seem to care for her or her feelings. That is what she had come to believe.

She felt herself growing tired from the day's events. She tried to sleep, but once she had her eyes closed his very image filled her mind. His chestnut hair which was always messy, his tone and lean figure. He was undoubtedly fit, positively handsome, and those prussian blue eyes that seemed to be gazing at her with wonder. She often wondered why she thought of him so often if all he ever did was be rude and cold towards her. She felt herself sigh softly. She allowed sleep to sweep over her. Her last conscious thought was how much she loved this young man.


The young man glared towards the window when he heard a loud bang. 'No doubt the wind.' He wearily glanced at the digital beside him. The numbers 3:47am glared back at him harshly. The young man let out a soft growl, running a hand through his messy chestnut tresses. He found himself wide awake and unable to sleep. His thoughts were on a certain young woman. Her rosy, luscious lips, her cherry cheeks, her chocolate curls, and those divine emerald hues. The young woman had admitted how she felt for him and his heart fluttered.

Then he made the mistake of rejecting her. He wondered why he did so. He had only wanted to hear her angelic voice, but he had shocked himself, realizing his rejection to her. The tears that filled her eyes felt like a punch in the gut to him. He had made her cry. That was not his intention in the least. He then came to realize that he was often rude to her. He didn't know how to show her how he felt without hurting her.

'Dash it all,' He made a fist. 'I...I know how I feel for her, so why can't I just be happy? Is it because she knows not of my past? Am I afraid of them hurting her?' He had no idea what it was that he was afraid of.

He finally laid down on his bed, with his hands behind his head. He closed his eyes allowing his body to rest. A smile crossed his lips, as she saw her. Her very image made him smile and he felt like any other ordinary teenage boy. He fell in love with a girl, a girl who could potentially make him happy. He would do anything in his power in the future to prevent any harm to came to her. He knew he loved her, that he was certain of. He wasn't sure exactly how, but he was going to prove to her he was the one.

When I first started this story ten years ago, I had no idea how much my writing would have changed. All of these chapters will be edited and updated for better reading. I believe this is the only reversion I will have for this story. I am not into the whole 'romance' genre anymore and I do not want to ruin this story by a complete reversion of how I feel for it now.

Originally started on April 29th, 2004.
Rewritten on April 26th, 2014.

~Yami no Nokutan (originally SailorLita18)