Blood Stains

Chap 8

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Numbuh 4 rushed out of is room, wrapper in hand. He looked down on the floor and saw a small pink package wrapped in plastic. ''Ello now, whot have we 'ere...?'

He picked it up and unwrapped it. "Whot's this...?" He then took a small piece of plastic and there was some sticky stuff. "OH! I get it!" He stuck it on his shirt. "It's a sticker!" He then put his chin in the air and walked proudly down the hall.

"WHAT DID YA JUST ASK ME!?!?!?!" Screeched a shrill voice. Numbuh 1 backed up. He wasn't liking the responses he was getting from ANY of the girls he had asked. 'So... maybe I should ask a guy...'

"Um... never mind, 86. Numbuh 1, over and out." And with that he shut off the communicator. And just in time. Heaven knows what may have of occurred if he was still on the line when 86 decided to do with him...

Numbuh 1 ran into the other room, grabbed 2 and 4, then ran down the ladder, and then entered his house. "DAD!!!"

A deep, English voice cleared his throat and replied. "Nigel, is that you? Well, come over here so I can see you. No sense yelling through the entire house! You know how much it bothers you're mother!!!"

Just then, a plump, but still lovely woman walked through the doorway.


And then she stomped back into the kitchen. Mr. Uno grumbled under his breath. "Must've been SOMONE'S time of the month!!!"

So Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2 and 4 all walked into the living room to find Mr. Uno sitting on a recliner with his feet kicked up on a stool and a paper in hand.

"Well, Nigel old boy, you brought you're 2 friends over!"

The three boys were quite surprised at how he could go from upset to just fine in a motter of seconds. But he's been with her for a long time now, and he's gotten used to just ignoring it and letting her blow off her steam like a good husband.

"Um... yeah, Dad. But listen, we have a question..."

Mr. Uno lit up the whole room with his smile. I mean, Numbuh 1 was glad he wore his sunglasses. 'Poor Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 4...'

"But uh... we were wondering... What's a period, PMS, Maxi and stuff?"

Mr. Uno smiled again. "Well, so you kids wanna learn about puberty, huh?"

The three boys stood around and switched the weight from foot to foot. Numbuh 2 gasped.

"Oh my gosh! I forgot the recorder back at the tree house! Numbuh 4, go back up and grab it!"

Numbuh 4 frowned "Why 'em I always the one who hasta' go en' get it!?!"

Numbuh 1 counted to 3, and then shouted... more like squeaked "JUST GO GET IT!!!"

With that, Numbuh 4 ran out the door and headed back up to the tree house.

Numbuh 3 stepped out of her room to grab some snacks from the kitchen when Numbuh 4 ran into her. "Woah!"

Numbuh 4 stood up and helped Numbuh 3 up. "Sorry Kuki... uh... erm... Numbuh 3!"

She smiled "It's okey! Hmmmm... wait a minute..." She took a step towards Numbuh 4 and he began to sweat. She leaned forward and he closed his eyes. 'Well, I didn't plan on getting my first kiss for awhile now, but oh-well!'

"You've grown taller!" Numbuh 3 shouted as If it was the most amazing thing in the world. Numbuh 4 jumped back and began to blush deeper. "Uh... um... yeah... I guess so..."

She smiled and nodded, then began to head back to Numbuh 5's room. But then she turned around and jumped. "Uh... what's on you're shirt...?"

Numbuh 4 looked down at the pad stuck to his shirt. "Oh! That's my sticker! Like it?"

Numbuh 3 turned pale. "Nu...Nu...NUMBUH 5!!!!!!!!!!"

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