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Mighty Pirates

"Want to hear how I defeated the evil ghost pirate LeChuck?"

"No thanks, mate."

The young man leaned forward across the dirty table, his face open and honest. Something about him reminded Jack of Will. It was probably the way his face was shining with naïveté. "But it's a great story! It's got ghost pirates, talking skulls, mysterious voodoo ladies, cursed treasure, a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, and more monkeys than you can shake a banana at. What more could you want?"

"A rest from all that curse nonsense." Jack signalled to the serving wench.

"It's got me in it! Me, the most fearsome pirate in the Tri-Island area!"

Jack squinted at him. "Who did you say you were?"

"I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate, and dashing husband of the lovely Elaine Marley."

"Well, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow of the lethal and beautiful Black Pearl and her infamous crew – and you're interfering with me shore leave." Indeed, he had just struck up a conversation with a most interesting lass when the stranger had come up and started babbling about something called "insult arm wrestling", scaring the girl away.

"No way!" Guybrush exclaimed. "Captain Jack Sparrow? The one who escaped from a desert island by building a boat out of coconut shells?"

Mollified by the upstart's properly awestruck expression, Jack acknowledged that he was that man.

"That's amazing! Tell me more. Escaping inescapable islands is a professional interest of mine."

The serving girl came to the table with Jack's rum and Guybrush's grog. When she had gone, Jack smiled at the blond pirate and began his tale.

"It all began more than ten years ago, not long after I first became captain of the Pearl. I heard tell of some ancient Aztec gold, hidden on an island that cannot be found, except by those who already know where it is."

"I've been to one of those," Guybrush commented.

"This gold had been placed under a terrible curse by the Aztecs' bloodthirsty gods, who had decreed –"

At the word bloodthirsty, Guybrush had started to look slightly queasy. "Is this going to be scary?" he inquired. "I get nightmares sometimes."

Jack sighed. Some pirates just couldn't appreciate a good story.