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Summary: Revolves around Hurt of the Past and the Love of another. It's Rogue's tragic past that creates such a turnbuckle of horror and agony. ** lovely words non?* * This should explain all considering I'm too lazy to put it into my other story. Just so you know, Spike belongs to me. Did I say it'll explain all, it'll just explain how Spike and Rogue were living up to the point they met the Xmen. There we go, that's better.

Well, here we go babes!! Enjoy. Unfortunately, I don't know how I can fit Romy goodness into this story, considering it's her past and all, but heaven knows I'll try. *goads herself on* Knowing me, this'll probably be a one shot. Warning: Contains teen suicide or what describes teen suicide. And no, I'm not depressed. . . Given the circumstances, you would be sad too.

On with the Story. . .

Tragic Remembrances

Chapter 1: Succubus

" Some kind of eminence. .

Some kind of reason. . .

Why I can find a way, to be in my

Life. . "

~ MushroomHead~

Emerald eyes flickered sadly as they gazed at the forlorned pools of blood around her feet. Small breezes caught upon the sallow white strands of hair, gently blowing them around her pallid face. Shivers of icy coolness shot through her spine, causing for her to shudder. Rubbing her skeletal arms with her callused hands, she attempted to draw in warmth. The clothes, that had at one time covered her entire body, was nothing but the tattered remains of a broken past.

Her legs ached with weariness as she continued to trudge through the smoldering piles of decayed corpses. The scent of burnt flesh charred the inner concaves of her petite nose. Her shoulders felt so numb that it made her fingers tingle.

' Marie. . '

The soft voice echoed through out the metallic corridor, reflecting off the walls. Marie lifted her head slightly to take in the gentle calling.

' It's your fault. . . '

It hadn't been the first time she had heard this. They all had told her it to be true. God, she couldn't even deny it. Her hands were still stained with the crimson red streaks of blood.

Biting down, she bit harshly upon her lower lip, drawing blood. She moaned softly to herself as the copper taste flooded her sensations.

' It's your fault. . '

Marie glanced around frantically, her eyes casting gazes at the shadowed corners of the hallway. Nothing. . . It was nothing. .

Shuffling her feet faster, she continued down the sullen hallway. Her eyes occasionally glancing up to catch a glimpse of figure which would disappear as fast it had appeared.

' You don't deserve to exist. . . '

' You're a freak. . . '

' Disgusting. . . '

' Filthy. . . . '

Their voices bounced off the blackened walls that she had held so firmly in her mind. Throbbing numbness shot through her head. Marie blinked quickly as her body lurched forward.

She only half felt as her body hit the hardwood floor. All she knew was that the floorboards were so cold against her face.

' You should die. . . '

Marie shook involuntarily as the venomous words leaked into her mind.

" No. . . " she moaned aloud. . " Not yet. . . "

Marie hauled herself up from the floor. Her knees cracked lightly but still loud enough to echo throughout the extensive metallic hallway.

She allowed for her emerald eyes to catch sight of a door on the other end, not more than five feet away from her.

Lunging her body forward, she collapsed into the door. The door swung open with a quick jerk and Marie found herself falling onto broken shards of glass.

The room was dark and silent given the exception of the sound of the rain pounding against the roof and the lightning cracking across the sky.

Yanking herself off the floor, she heaved herself towards the shattered window.

' You should die. . . '

' Repent for your sins. . '

' Kill yourself. . '

The voices grew louder with each passing moment. Hopeless that it may have been, she had always believed that she could rid herself of them. But no, she was wrong. Glancing back out at the night sky, she felt as her faith in humanity disappear in the passing breeze.

' Die. . '

Laughter bubbling up deep in her chest, her head tilted to the side.

" Nothing left, nope. . . Nothing left. . . " she whispered.

Marie bent down slowly, her bare hand running across the vinyl floorboards. It wasn't until she felt a prickling heat creep up on her spine did she snap out of her reverie. Whipping around, she stared out into the darkness. Nothing was there. . .

Nothing would ever be there. . . Her blind hope was nothing but a waste of time. It was. . . Nothing.

Marie pulled her gaze back down to the floor, her eyes staring down at the broken shards of glass at her bare feet. Leaning down, she carelessly plucked out a small piece, about the size of a hand held mirror.

Biting down upon her lip, she placed the glass against her skin. With a quick jerk, she shoved it deep into her flesh.

Her vision swooned slightly causing for her to stumble but she didn't falter in her quest. She continued to pull the glass through her skin. A long line of ripped flesh appeared on her seemingly flawless skin, blood pooled up around the wound, running down her arm. Red dots flashed behind her eyelids as the pain intensified with each thrust she made into her skin. She could feel as the muscles in her wrist began to tear away, leaving only a deadened sensation of paralysis to linger behind.

Just as the pulls of darkness began to etch their way into the pockets of her vision, she felt two arms swoop around her waist and hoist her into the air. The glass shard fell from her hand and landed upon the floor with a clatter.

" What do y' t'ink y' be doin?" spoke a soft voice.

The scent of spices wafted around her body filling her with warmth. The cut on her wrist immediately began to re seal itself. She opened her eyes and stared up at the one who held her so near.

" Micheal. . "

He stared down at her, his eyes flickering with blatant concern.

" Mon soeur. . . What exactly were y' plannin t' do?" ( Mon Soeur: My sister)

Marie shrugged darkly, her eyes staring back down at the hard wood floor. A deep sigh echoed behind her, filled with a mixture of agony and frustration. Yet Marie refused to look up at him.

" What are we gonna do now, Micheal?. . " she whispered.

Micheal glanced up, his emerald eyes sparkling dully as a lightning flash erupted outside the window.

" We have t' leave 'ere. "

Marie nodded her head.

" We gon' have t' change our names, won't we?" she asked lightly.

Micheal grunted in reply, his mind elsewhere.

" Most likely, mon soeur. . . Most likely. "

Marie shuffled slightly.

" Where are we goin' t' go Micheal?"

Micheal shrugged.

" Anywhere is better den here. . . "

Marie leaned upon the windows edge.

" What about the ot'ers?"

Micheal stared up at her, his eyes reflecting blankly.

" Dey 'ave already left, besides Aspen. Aurora's goin' t' live wit her birt' mot'er. But dey not leavin' till later. Dey said dey would wait fo' us, first. "

Marie flinched when she heard the word " birth". Micheal took notice of it but said nothing, instead he stared out at the rain falling down in puddles through the cracked roof.

" What should we call ourselves?" he asked softly, not really expecting an answer.

Marie glanced over at him.

" Whatever ya wish sugah. . "

Micheal frowned slightly.

" That's a big help."

Marie smirked slightly, but the action caused for her split lip to open wider.

" No problem, ask me anytime if ya need more. "

Micheal rolled his eyes in irritation.

" If dat wasn't de most rogueish advice if ah ever heard it. . "

Marie shifted slightly.

" That's the kind of person ah am. . Like it or leave it. . "

Micheal didn't respond. Merely stared at her as if he had suddenly reached a revelation.

" That's it. " he declared.

Marie glanced around before staring back at Micheal.

" What's it?"

" Your name. "

Marie stared back at him vacantly.

" What about my name?"

Micheal rolled his eyes.

" What, do y' have de brain of a five year old? Ah'm talking about y' new name. "

Marie stuck out her tongue at him.

" Shut up, ya have no room t' talk, Mr. I-wore-diapers-until-I-was-eight. "

Micheal growled at her.

" Those weren't diapers, dey were pull ups. . "

Marie rolled her eyes.

" Yeah, and ah'm the Queen of England. Anyways, what was it you were talking about my name?"

Micheal cut back his retort.

" Oh, oh yeah. . Y' name should be de Rogue. "

Marie frowned.

" Mah name already was Rogue. Dat was mah creation number. "

Spike nodded his head furiously. (a/n: picture a male Rogue nodding)

" Exactly. Ah was t'inkin dat we use de names we were assigned when we were nutin' but we lads."

Marie cocked an eyebrow.

" Wee lads? Ah be thinking y' been hanging around Aspen too much. "

Micheal scoffed lightly.

" Ferme le Bouche chienne. " ( Shut up bitch.)

Marie laughed aloud, her melodic voice echoing around the room.

" N'ah ah. . Naughty words. . "

Micheal mock laughed at her, his eyes flickering with disdain. Marie smiled at him.

" Den ah guess ah should be calling ya Spike from now on, eh?"

Micheal nodded his head lightly.

" Guess so. . "

Marie took a final glance out the window before returning her attention back to Micheal.

" Ah guess we had better get goin. . "

Micheal nodded at her.

" Y' ready den?"

Marie shrugged and began to head out of the room.

" Best t' get it over with. "

Micheal smiled slightly and followed next to her.

" Guess it's best t' say goodbye now. "

Marie nodded her head.

" Goodbye t' de old and hello t' the new. "

Micheal placed a hand on his shoulder.

" Do y' t'ink de world is ready t' handle de new an' improved Rogue and Spike?"

Marie smirked.

" Dey had better be. . "

With this, both of them trudged back down the cold hallway. Leaving behind the chaos and destruction that would further affect their lives in ways they couldn't possibly fathom.

( A/N: Ten points for anyone who can figure out how old these two are right now. And to help ya out, both Rogue and Spike are twins. Plus it also helps if you read Hurt of the Past and the Love of another. It pretty much tells you in the beginning. . Aren't ah a stinker? * * * ) ~ RoguesHeart: The Romy Lover~


" Lovely day today is. . "

Aspen trounced around in the beautiful garden of lilies that Aurora had so kindly placed in the back yard, stating that they needed atmosphere.

Warm breezes floated through the air, lifting up the long strands of blond hair that had fell loosely from Aspen's pony tail. The sky had taken on the same tinge as Aspen's endless sapphire orbs that were called eyes.

They shone brightly as he continued to saunter through the garden. He had always been one for summer days. They always seemed to have a calming affect on his fragile nature. Nowadays, he would do anything just to escape the rough and tumble existence of his life so he could spend some time alone, basking with the flowers.

Aspen Riley wasn't what most would call a man's man. Unlike his half brother, Spike, he preferred the elegance of the items around him. This of course had proposed a minor problem considering that after the incident at the T.M.A. (explained in The Hurt.. . . ) all of them had to group together in order to survive. Rogue and Spike had made a healthy, if not illegal, living as professional thieves and hitmen, working for such aliases as Mystique and Trask, and even sometimes the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto.

He, on the other hand, worked fulltime as a bartender at the Swelling Ham. Though some may people might consider his job to be a godsend, it wasn't. It wasn't exactly enjoyable to break up bar fights and drag slobbering, puking, and sometimes half dead men out of the pub on a regular basis. Plus, he didn't even drink, he was on what most people would call " Straight Edge" .

Aurora worked as a Traiteur . Which was what New Orleans residents would call the Earth Healer. She could cure almost anyone who had came to her, ranging from the common cold to cancer. When it ever came to be that she couldn't heal the person, which was a rare occurrence in itself, she would always perform rituals that would make their passing more easy for them and their families.

They currently lived in Aurora's mother's house. She had passed away naught but a year ago from leukemia. Aurora was striken with a bout of depression but after a few weeks meditation she had slowly come to terms with it. When he had confronted her on the topic, she merely said that she had spoke with their mother and everything was put to rest.

" We're back!!"

Aspen turned around and glanced over at the two Southerners that he had grown to love over the years.

" ' Ello now, how's work?"

Rogue sighed deep in her throat and slumped down upon a white patio chair.

" Oh the usual. . . A interrogation here, an assassination attempt there. . "

Aspen cocked his eyebrow warily.

" Attempt? You mean you didn't? . . . "

Spike shook his head at Aspen. Running his fingers through his auburn hair, Spike flopped down upon the grass.

" An inside connection had somehow leaked information t' our target and he escaped, Scott free. . "

Aspen glanced back and forth between the two. Both of them looked so forlorned, as if this was the end of the world.

" Calm down you two, there'll be other jobs. "

Rogue snorted in an undignified manner.

" Yeah, there will be other jobs, but none that would have paid as well as this one. . "

Aspen started to retort for a moment but ceased, knowing their condition. . Neither of them would listen to reason.

" Well, let's just enjoy the day. . . "

Rogue smirked lightly.

" Aww. . . Our little Aspen has grown up t' be a hippie. "

Aspen rolled his eyes.

" Call it what you will. . . "

Spike laughed despite himself.

" Changing subjects, What we gon' have fo' dinner?"

Aspen stared at him blankly.

" Dinner? Spike it's only lunch time. . "

Spike stared up at the sun. (a/n: yeah that is kinda dangerous)

" Really? . . . " he spoke absentmindedly.

Rogue shook her head at him.

" And why are we related?. . "

Spike smirked at her, flashing his pearly whites.

" Y' know y' love me. . "

Rogue rolled her eyes.

" Uh, only like a brother, cuz any ot'er way would be a sin. . And a crime. . "

Spike laughed at her.

" What ever gave y' dat impression? Is it mah dashing good looks?"

Spike leaned up close to her, batting his eyes in mock flirtation. Rogue pushed him away in an annoyed fashion.

" Back away pervert. . "

Spike laughed humorously and pulled away. Glancing down at his watch, he nearly jumped out of his pants.

" Merde!! "

Rogue and Aspen stared at him.

" What?" the said in unison.

Spike pulled himself up from the floor.

" Ah'm late fo mah date wit' Natalia. . "

Rogue rolled her eyes.

" No surprise there, y' never had any sense of time. . "

Spike stuck out his tongue at her, then rushed out of the house.

Rogue shook her head and leaned back in the patio chair.

" One day, he'll become time conscious. . . "

Aspen scoffed lightly.

" Feh, hell will freeze over first. . "

Rogue laughed aloud.

" Probably already did. . "

Both Rogue and Aspen smirked at each other.

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