A world so cold it freezes your brain

Emerald eyes gazed at the sight before her. A group of kids, each with their own story and personality, smiling blissfully at her. And she, she was to be one of them, finally. This secret place where only the four of them hung out was now to be five and that thought was rather wonderful. How many years had passed since Jeremy had finally found the answer to materalization. Surely longer than a year. Everyone was older now, more wiser. These thoughts saddened her. They were different while she was the same, not having the proper mentality to mature in the ways they did. Sure, she could mature physically but mentally, she was the same old Aelita.

The boy she had known was now an older teenager, in his last year at the boarding school. Would he still protect Lyoko from Xana?

" Aelita. It's been so long, I didn't think I could actually do this " he grinned, glasses falling down the bridge of his nose. Maybe he was the same old computer geek Jeremy. Even though the years were kind to him, no longer the shortest person, he was tall and lanky from lack of sports and exercise.

" Hey, we have your social security and birth certificate ready. You'll be in all of Od's classes " now the shortest of the group, a Gothic looking teen said. When had she grown her ebony locks longer?

Od was an Odd one and he gave a goofy smile, hands behind his rather obnoxiously tall hair " I'm failing so don't expect any help. "

" It's hard to believe that this is all ending. I mean, Aelita's finally here and I have nothing to say " Jeremy gave a soft sigh, pushing his glasses back of his face only to have them fall down again. He cast Yumi a weary look before turning back to his other friends " Ulrick couldn't make it. Date with Sissy and all.. "

" I assumed he disliked her? " Aelita held onto the edge of the small elevator that led down into the factory. Earth's gravity was much different from the cyber world. Still, she knew all about her friend's affairs due to Jeremy's constant talkings.

" Actually, he was rather happy to be going out with her.. "

" That's a lie and a half! I'll tell you the truth, Aelita- " But Od was cut off by Yumi's harsh glare.

" Od, silence. Aelita, it's great to finally have you in our world but I have other things to attend too " she stepped out of the elevator when the door opened and headed out alone. Without another word, Jeremy followed her with his hands stuffed in his pockets, not even looking back.

Confused, Aelita turned to the only one left with her " Od, what's going on? " everything had fallen apart with these kids. What happened to the group of kids who constantly saved the world and Lyoko?

" Everything's over, Aelita. Everyone's too busy with their own affairs now to care about Lyoko. It's strange because I don't know when it happened, yeah. Netherless, let us find your dorm so we can get you settled. I'm still here! "

Something strange was happening. Something was up, Aelita could feel it as she lay in her bed, listening to the others chatter about random things. They all tried so hard to act like nothing happened, yet it was so apparent something was wrong with them. It's hard to imagine that even surrounded by friends, she felt so alone.

" Stop it! " she suddenly said in her sweet, soft voice. Sitting up, she could feel all the confused stares on her " Stop it. What happened? When did you go wrong? "

" Friendship dosn't last forever, Aelita " Jeremy whispered, eyes glued to the much interesting floor.

" And people don't wait around forever " Yumi piped up, eyes fixed on the brunette who was silent through the whole conversation.

Daggers were flying and Od stepped in. He was the role as peace maker, Aelita assumed " If you guys could just talk this out.. "

" No! He knew how I felt " Ulrick finally said, eyes narrowing at Jeremy " Everyone did. "

No longer the kid who could easily be pushed around, he raised his eyes to glare right back " Everyone but the person who needed to know the most. You lost her Ulrick, now deal with it. She's mine. "

" Who's whose? " Aelita suddenly felt sick. She didn't want to hear the answer to this..

" Yumi's my fiance "

A rush of cold water chilled her new human bones. Her life had been a lie. Turning to the door, she felt something very wrong with her. Her throat tightened, her eyes watered. Would she throw up the candies Od had given her just this afternoon? As she ran, she could hear the footsteps of someone following her but she didn't stop. She had to get away.

" Aelita? "

She stopped and turned, expecting to see Jeremy with an explanation but instead, saw Od with a pitying look " Oh..hey..Od. "

" Aelita, I know what you're thinking. I didn't expect it myself " he gave a faint smile " I always thought the computer geek would end up with his computer princess while Yumi and Ulrick finally got around to admitting their feelings. Like many things human, emotions can make you do strange things. "

" Jeremy was my teacher, Od. I always thought he felt human emotions for me, the ones I wanted to feel for him. I know I'm not as pretty as Yumi but is that it? "

" You were a false reality to him, that's it.. "

Was that all she was? A false reality?

Classes, Aelita decided, were rather boring. She had anticipated this day for so long and now, when she could finally achieve her goals, she didn't want too. Always thinking she would tackle these obstacles with her friends, they would have such a great time together. Not that they didn't try anymore but she could see through their facade. Only Od's help seemed genuine.

He gave her a cheesey grin from the across the room, his pencil sticking out from his hair where he had placed it earlier. Lectures bored him and he was grateful when it was over.

" Oh man, that class is boring. Who needs calculus? "

" Numbers used to be interesting.. " Aelita replied stiffly.

" Hey! New girl " a rather shrill voice called out. A girl with a overly large forehead and dark hair was waving to her " I need to ask you a question. "

Od groaned, smacking his hand over his head " That's Sissy. Watch out, she's a rude one. "

Sissy appeared with two boys at each side, her arms crossed over a mature chest " Is your hair naturally that color or did you dye it? "

" Atleast hers dosn't look like it's been caught where the sun dosn't shine " Od snickered at his lame joke.

Lame or not, it ticked the girl off and she rounded on him " Shut up, creep. "

Apologizing profusely to the girl at his side, Od tried to explain Sissy's status in this world in one word " Bitch. "

" What is that? " the word clearly sparked Aelita's curiosity and she stopped walking to stare longily at the couples walking by. A world she wanted to belong in. With Jeremy.

" Someone who is..uh..someone you dislike because they're mean? "

" Yumi? "

Od laughed at this and shook his head " No, not Yumi. She's not mean. Well, maybe to you she is but you'll get over it. With emotions, the human heart has the amazing power to heal too. "

Will you help me get over this horrible feeling, Od? She thought, staring at the blond boy with an almost childish wonder.