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A flash a light and then a great buzzing sound clashed across the nation. What it was, nobody knew. Spectatours all ran out of their homes and places of work to gather around in the crowded streets. Some symbol was appearing in the sky. One rather silly woman gasped and fell to her knees " It's a sign from above! " Another, a man in robes, clutched the necklace that hung down his front " It's a omen.. "

Meanwhile, at a boarding school just south of this area, a group of teenagers gathered in front of the main building. A silent boy gazed up at sign, instantly reconizing it. He turned shrewd eyes to his companions " Xana's up to something. " " What could it be? " Yumi asked, leaning against a tree, a little aways from the others. Her eyes locked with the blond boy's for a moment and a spark ignited. Nobody else noticed it. Except a pretty short girl with strawberry coloured hair. She felt saddened " How are we to get rid of him once and for all, Jeremy? " even to herself, it sounded high pitched and skittish. She immidently recoiled. " I..don't know. But we'll wait. We'll wait until he does something. " " Is that wise? " Od spoke slowly, his eyes glancing up at the symbol " I mean, really only Aelita has the ability to disable the towers..and she's here with us now. " The foursome all exchanged nervous glances. They had been expecting this topic to pop up for a while now. Jeremy was still not sure if he could send Aelita back to Lyoko sucessfully since she wasn't an actual human but more of a pixel. Nobody's perfect.

Maybe if she could keep telling herself that, she'd believe it, Od thought gloomily. Of course she was perfect! To him, that is. He watched Aelita attempt to what they called it ' throw herself ' at Jeremy and she didn't even know she was doing it. Poor girl. Some laughter caught the lad's attention and he turned his head to see a pair walking up a hill. The girl was still taller than Ulrick but still kinda pretty although Od just didn't see it, ( NEITHER DO I! SISSY'S HIDEOUS! ) her forehead was too large and she was just too tall.. " I'm so happy we're finally together Ulrick! " her high pitched voice broke even the toughest glass. " Uh..yeah " Ulrick answered, eyes darting to the sky where moments before, Lyoko had marked. The sign was gone now and Od wasn't sure if he caught it or not. Throwing himself at the two, Od stumbled over a tree brance and appeared in front of them. He waved his hand even though he was inches from their face " Why, hello there, you two wounderful people, you! " Sissy's eyes narrowed " What do YOU want? " He gave a cheesy grin " To steal you away from this loon..com'ere and give Od a kiss! " " Ulrick?! " she rounded on him, mouth agape. " He's being an idiot. What do you want, Od? " A look of anger cascaded Od's face and he turned around, arms crossed hard over his chest " You've become rude, yeah. " " I've become rude? Look, I don't want to hang out with you anymore or anyone for that matter! " and Ulrick stormed away with Sissy trailing like a lost soul behind. He should feel angry, he should kick something! But all Od did was shrug. He never liked Ulrick much anyway.

And then there was one. Od shoveled the candies into his mouth as he stared wild eyed at the screen before him. Normally, he didn't come to the factoury alone or even attempt to touch Jeremy's precious computer! But once he did and it turned out swimmingly, he noted, proudly. He had work to do and setting the candies down, he began typing away at the keys on the keyboard. Years of watching Jeremy do the same thing had made him atleast, not a total computer illiterate. " Od, you are a genius " he snickered to himself, stretching his arms above his head, cracking his hands. Yes, he was a genius. Atleast, for now. Much to his surprise the door opened and someone walked in briskly. Or something. He quickly ducked behind a spare piece of computer equipment to see Yumi stomp in, her combat boots hitting hard against the paved floor. Behind her, the computer expert in his nerdy gloury came after, pushing his glasses up the brudge of his nose. " I feel so terrible about Aelita " said Yumi, eyes downcast to the floor. The ' Asian ' girl had become very pretty over the years, exceeding Sissy's own beauty and popularity by kilos. " I know. This has become one big mess. But we started it and now we have to finish it " replied Jeremy swiftly, his eyes giving off a chilly aura that made Od shiver. Yumi simply shrugged " I have class. Thanks for helping me for the past few weeks, Jeremy " as she brushed past him, she gave a small smile before exiting the room completely. The factoury was the only place Jeremy knew none of the others came into without a mission from Lyoko. Sighing, he caught a glimpse around the room, taking in the complicated computer and his favourite swirving chair. He also caught sight of something yellow " What in Lyoko is that? " he mumbled to himself, taking steps in long strides to the pointed object. It was Od's hair or the tip. The boy laughed, embarassed " Uh..hey Jeremy. " " What are you doing here? " slightly worried, he helped his friend up. " What was the deal with that conversation? " Jeremy fumbled with his glasses. He was never quite good at lying " Uh..what conversation? " A laughter rang out from his friend " Some computer genius! The one with Yumi, you dolt. You know..the love of your life, yadda yadda. " " Od " he said quietly " Yumi isn't my fiance. Hell, she dosn't even love me. " Completely shocked, Od's mouth dropped, making him look rather silly " What?! "

Aelita caught sight of Ulrick as he came out of the biology room. She wanted to wave joyously to her friend but the expression plastered on his face told her not too. He looked so stricken that she lowered her hand to pounder. " Ulrick? " the same girl from before ran after him, her long ebony locks trailing behind in a frenzy. She was so beautiful that it made Aelita sad. She would never be that beautiful and Jeremy would never like her. " Sissy " Ulrick answered, automaticly it seemed. In a monotone, he said " Please leave me be. " " Why are you so hung up on Yumi? " Aelita expected to hear a rage and jealously in Sissy's voice but instead heard a curiousity that couldn't have been part of her mood swings. And she had alot of them! A topic he did not want to answer. He shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking away. " Why is he so hung up on Yumi? " she repeated to herself softly. Easily, Aelita could see why. Yumi posessed an inner warmth around her that glowed from the inside and out, instantly causing everyone who passed her to look twice. Sissy was pretty as well but her good looks was the only good thing about her, " Hey newgirl " Sissy greeted as she passed. " Are you and Ulrick in the courting process? " she asked sincerely. " The what? Oh. We're not really dating.. " for a moment, she cast a wistful glance at the direction in which the handsome boy left " But! That's about to change. I'm so pretty and popular, how can he resist me! " By the time she left, Aelita was rubbing the back of her head with her hand " What a strange one.. "

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