1Ch 23: Epilogue:

Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh.

This is it. The final chapter. I have to say, I enjoyed writing this story and will sorely miss it when I'm done. I loved this the most because this was my way to venture out into unknown waters. Meaning it was my first story. I am proud to present to you, on my 15th birthday, the piece de resistance the end of the story, "Opposites Attract."


An excerpt from Mokuba Kaiba's journal:


Dear Journal,

Today is Seto's 18th birthday. He's extremely happy. So is Amber. So am I. Wanna know why? Seto proposed to Amber! They're getting married in the spring. I'm Seto's best man. Well, duh of course I am, I am the best! Ha ha ha! Just Kidding!

I've been thinking about this past year and I wonder...was this all a coincidence? My brother says it is but Yami said once that everything happens for a reason. Was my brother and Amber's meeting, him finding out about her abuse, the two getting kidnaped, and now them getting married, was it all set-up. Sometimes I think that life is mapped out somehow, or just ours, meaning mine and Seto's. I think that there's a force out there messing up with my life, but not God, but like, my parents. How else do you explain our whole life story? Even if I don't know all that, I do know that Seto and I will be happy, just like we were in the orphanage, and we now have a new edition to our happiness, Amber.

I guess it's true what they say...opposites really do attract!

Mokuba Kaiba

This is the end of that story.