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Silent Love

By the ever-so-late: Artemis

"What are you so happy about? I thought for sure that you'd be mad that Kikyo got away without any punishment." Sango waved a hand in front of Kagome's spaced out eyes.

"Hm. ISS isn't so bad…besides, I got a few good hits in. That's enough for me. A slut usually relies on her looks, right?" She responded with a small smile. Her eyes finally focused on the sidewalk in front of them and widened at all the people she saw waiting there. "Oh…shit…" She had forgotten about her over protective brother. "Souta…"

He stood with his arms crossed over his chest and a mean-mugged scowl on his face, his friends loitering behind him. She sighed in defeat and went to meet her doom with heavy feet.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He said in lieu of a greeting for his dear little sister. "Why would you get in a fight with our cousin? She's family!" He shouted the last part, almost in her face.

She scoffed in disbelief. "Excuse me? You, who is part of a gang and gets into knife fights and tries to kill people, is yelling at me for beating the shit out of family?" She could feel her face beginning to turn red. "Hypocrite much? She was rude and hateful and deserved every scratch and bruise she got!" She pushed pass her surprised sibling, slinging her book bag around to hit him in the chest.

"Kagome! Get back here!" Souta yelled after her. "I'm not done with you yet!" Kagome looked back and stuck out her tongue then ran to get as far away from him as possible.

"Wait! Kagome!" Sango called, huffing a little to catch up to her friend. They had actually run quite a distance at this point.

She stopped on a street corner once she knew she had taken enough turns to get not only away from Souta, but to get her own self lost as well. She leaned against the stop sign there and slid down to the concrete, brooding.

"He didn't even ask me what happened!" She bit out angrily. "He acted like it was all my fault and that Kikyo hadn't said anything to make me snap. As if I would attack someone for no reason! When haven I ever done anything like that?" A hot tear rolled down her cheek. "I'm his sister, and he knows how she is! She's evil…and horrible! Why is it suddenly a big deal that I had finally taken a stand?"

"Kagome, I'm sure he was just shocked! You've never acted like this before." Sango kneeled down across from her. "He probably didn't know how to handle the situation and only knew how to act out against you. He's a guy…he doesn't know the confusing world of us girls."

"I'm not a little girl anymore." She muttered.

"Do you realize that he may already know that?" Sango planted herself on the concrete. "It's probably scaring the shit out of him, too. Now bring back the happy girl who walked out of school with me today."

Kagome let out a short laugh. "You're right, I should let him bother me. This day is going to end perfect!" She yelled, finally feeling the rush that kissing Sesshomaru had given her once more.

"Good girl." Sango said with a smile, picking herself off the ground. "Now, let's figure out how to get home. I don't recognize this neighborhood.

Kagome joined her friend and looked at the street signs. "Hm. I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She turned and started walking back the way she thought she had come from, but nothing became familiar after an hour of picking random turns like she had the first time.

"Maybe we should ask someone?" Sango suggested.

"Who? We haven't seen anyone else in the last hour and a half!"

"Well…we could always knock on someone's door."

Kagome stopped in front of a nice looking two-story house. It looked clean and pretty…not something she would expect a serial killer to live in, but then again…they were usually the most normal people around. Maybe they'd be lucky and get to keep their body parts intact if they begged a little bit. "This one?"

Sango shrugged and walked up to the door with Kagome trailing behind her…it was easier to get away if someone was in front of you anyways. It only took the first time knocking before the door was thrown open and loud music began blaring through the doorway.

"That was unexpected…"Kagome said once she saw the house was crammed with people. It looked so quiet from the outside.

"What's up, cuties? Come on in!" The man who had answered the door gave them elevator eyes and then grinned. "Nice costumes, but you didn't have to dress up for this party." He placed a hand to the side of his mouth and whispered loudly. "It's casual Friday."

"Um, actually we're lost…and it's Monday." Sango responded, this dark haired guy was beginning to weird her out. He turned his amethyst eyes to the crowd behind him and then back to her.

"Don't say that out loud, the kids may hear. Besides, this is best place to end up at if you're lost!" He pulled her in the entrance way by her arm. "Come in, come in! It's supposed to start raining soon."

Kagome followed in, irritated but curious. Souta went to these kinds of house parties all the time but never allowed her to come along. She still wanted to get home, but they'd already been wandering around for close to two hours.

"Wait!" Sango called out as she was being lead away from her friend. "Wait, we just wanted to know the way back to the Sun Shrine!" She couldn't see Kagome anymore, and she didn't notice the guy leading her stop abruptly.

"Did you say Sun Shrine?"

She turned away from her search to look at him briefly. He looked like he was on the verge of scowling at her, a shocking change from his overly friendly attitude just seconds before.

"Yeah, why?"

The man just bit his lower lip as his eyebrows pulled together. He ran one of his hands through his shaggy hair. "Are you Kagome?" He finally asked, glaring a hole into the middle of her forehead, she guessed he was no longer willing to meet her eyes.

She shook her head slowly. "No…I'm Sango. Kagome is my friend who I can't seem to find right now." The overwhelming urge to find said girl and run became known almost painfully in her gut. "Are we in some kind of trouble?"

"Well, let's just say you're both in the wrong neighborhood." Sango's eyes went wide as comprehension dawned on her. He smiled and stuck out his hand with a crooked smirk. "I'm Miroku, by the way."

Kagome had to squeeze between the bodies until she found a wall. She almost laughed at the familiarity of the situation. All she needed was a hyperactive blonde to jump on her back and make the scene complete.

Maybe parties just weren't her thing.

"Hey, babes. You look awful familiar…" The slurred voice caught her attention and she turned to see a boy looking at her with squinted, drunken eyes. His face was framed by silver hair and she blinked in astonishment. He looked very familiar to her as well. Sesshomaru's brother didn't have a face you forgot easily, only a name.

"Nope, sorry." She turned away quickly. If this guy was here, then that meant she was definitely in the wrong place with the name Higurashi. She needed to find Sango and run.

The light thought that she could see Sesshomaru crept into her brain, but safety was more important than romance at that moment.

She began pushing through the crowd once more, making her way to a back corner that was semi covered in a thin layer of smoke. There were a few girls her age standing around a table where cards were being thrown down.

Kagome hid her face when she spotted her cousin and Ayame. She only giggled a little bit at the raccoon look Kikyo had going for her.

One of the guys playing won and, even though she looked pretty bad, Kikyo clapped and sat down on the silver-haired boy's lap. Kagome's breath caught as she watched her cousin rub on Sesshomaru with no shame. He looked like he rolled his eyes, but then smiled and high-fived the dark-haired man next to him.

He pulled out a cigarette and was just lighting it when he looked up and caught eyes with her. She sobbed out a breath as her eyes went teary and his widened exponentially.

She turned around and pushed her way back through the crowd just as he started pushing Kikyo away from him. His heart was beating fast inside his black tank top covered chest. What was she doing there?

"No…" he muttered to himself, and then called out louder, "Wait!" He threw his lit cigarette in the ashtray and hurriedly began pushing blindly through the sea of bodies.

Kagome had already made it to the other side of the room, finally spotting her friend who looked a little worried.

"Sango, we need to get out of here." She choked out, grabbing onto her friend's arm.

Sango almost gasped when she looked at Kagome. Tears were running down her face even as she tried her best to wipe them away.

"Yeah, let's go." She agreed, just as eager to get out of enemy territory as the other one seemed to be.

"I'll give you guys a ride, if you want."

Kagome shook her head before Sango could answer.

"Uh, no thanks, Miroku. I think we can get back on our own." She smiled. "Thanks for the directions." He smiled widely back and grabbed her hand, placing a small kiss on the back of it.

"It was my pleasure, Ms. Sango."

She could feel her face get a little hotter as Kagome tugged her towards the door and away from the guy. It was time to be serious now.

"What's wrong?" She finally asked once they had reached the walkway outside the front door. The air was a bit cooler than it had been before and she could hear thunder almost directly above them.

"Don't worry about it. Let's just go to my house and hang out, okay?" She smiled weakly and began walking along the sidewalk in front of the house she wanted to get far away from. Just then, the skies opened up and rain began pouring over their heads. Kagome stopped, clenched her teeth, and yelled as she threw her book bag over her shoulder and onto the sidewalk.

"Kagome?" Sango asked quietly as her best friend went from being said to extremely irate.

"Why do I even freakin' care?" the girl screamed. "So what if he kissed me? That doesn't mean anything to anyone anymore, right? It was obviously nothing to him!" She paced by her bag, kicking the thing every pass or two. She pulled the hair that had plastered itself to her face behind her ears angrily. "Why would he do that? He knows I got into a fight with her over him just today! They're all the same! I swear! Souta even does this to his little flings!" She stomped on a puddle while Sango just watched in awe as her friend lost her cool for the second time that afternoon. "Ugh!" Kagome finally stopped and picked up her bag, walking away once more, Sango following in a more subdued way.

"Kagome! Wait!"

The girl didn't stop walking, only faltering in her step the moment she heard her name and then picking up the pace. Sango looked behind them and saw none other than Sagisu himself chasing after them, getting soaked without a jacket. He caught up to them quickly and placed his hand on both of Kagome's shoulders, forcing her to stop.

She looked back at him over one of her shoulders. He could see the fire in her eyes, and oddly enough, it was really turning him on.

"Please…just talk to me." His face betrayed no emotions, but his voice held something that got under her skin. She nodded once for him to continue. "Why'd you walk away?"

"Probably because you had a whore on your lap and didn't seem to mind so much! Sounds pretty damn reasonable to walk away to me." She forced out through gritted teeth, the urge to yell was causing her throat to hurt.

"I don't like her. But I do have to keep up appearances." He explained calmly. "Besides, it's not exactly like I can let everyone know what's going on between us."

"What is going on between us? Because I'm obviously confused." She glared, her voice was beginning to go hoarse.

"Ownership. Possession. Whatever you wish to call it." He pressed his lips against hers to silence her outraged gasp and the tirade he knew would follow, and only once she had gone soft on him did he pull away. "You are mine now. But not everyone can know it."

"Does that mean you're mine?"

He nodded slowly with her face cupped between his hands.

"Then we need to lay down some ground rules." She pulled away from him and cocked her hip to the side, placing a fist on it. One of his eyebrows pulled up in a way she found extremely sexy and he gave her another slow nod. "Alright, I don't want o see anymore girls draped on you like that. If we're together, then I should be the only one doing that, your reputation be damned." A smirk began forming on his face at the thought. "I want you at school everyday so I can see you. Once a day is all I need, and then I'll be happy. And I don't want to see any girls there either." He rolled his eyes, but nodded again anyways.

"It's my turn." She nodded for him to continue again. "No other guys around you, I'm not into sharing in any sense. I want you to sneak away every Saturday and meet me." She smiled at the demands…they were cute. "And, no getting involved when it comes to your brother and I." She lost her smile and began shaking her head. "Kagome, if we want this to work at all, then we have to keep acting as if everything is the same. Besides your friend over there, nobody is to know. Leave things between your brother and I alone."

She stubbornly set her jaw and looked at his shoulder that proudly displayed a jagged scar. "Promise me you won't kill him?" He kissed her once again with a grin on his face, a rare sight that only very few people got to enjoy, and she had already had that pleasure before.

"I promise." He wrapped his arms around her waist and twirled her around.

"You know, I think I like you, Sagisu."

"I think I like you, too, Higurashi."

Okay, so I started this chapter a total of ten times before I found something that suited what I thought was missing. The relationship had NOT been established…only that there was some kind of connection formed between them with that kiss. I realized it when I was rereading everything and came to the conclusion that a kiss means nothing without the words and feelings and intentions behind it. That's how my husband and I started out, we kissed one day, started dating the next.

Now, as to why this took soooo long for me to write…after I posted the last time, I actually fell in love. One of my best friends and I finally realized that we had these extreme feelings for each other, and if you've ever been that into someone…you know how it is. We were attached at the hip. And I'm happy to say that we still are. We've been together for over two years and in June we will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I finally found the time to write just recently since he went off to Georgia to finish his military training and won't be back until the end of May or beginning of June. He's been gone since January, so the only distractions I really have right now are paying bills and going to college (which I'm in my second semester now) I really should be studying for a Psych exam I have tomorrow morning, but I was just really excited that I finally started finishing this damn thing.

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