For Granted

Summary: Jack becomes blind and realizes everything he's taken for granted.

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate.

"Come on Daniel, let's get going." Col. Jack O'Neill told his archeologist through the walkie-talkie.

Jack gave Major Samantha Carter a wry smile. "He was very excited about those ruins, Sir."

"We may have to go get him." Teal'c said.

Jack sighed. He never should have let Daniel go discovering without one of them. It didn't matter that they were within earshot of him. "Oh Danny..." Jack said through the communicator.

"Just a minute Jack." Dr. Daniel Jackson answered.

Jack nodded. He knew what was next. "I'll get him Sir." Sam volunteered.

"No, it's my turn Carter." Without another word Jack walked towards the ruins where Daniel had last been seen. As Jack walked he began to whistle. Nothing particular, mostly just so Daniel knew he was coming. When he reached the shade of the ruins Jack lowered his glasses. He looked around the rocks and buildings trying to find Daniel. He could use the walkie- talkie again of course, but that would ruin the look of surprise on Daniel's face when Jack scared him. Jack walked around a corner and smiled when he saw Daniel, his back to him. Using his best sneak tactics, Jack crept up on Daniel and was just about to scream when he turned around.

"Hey Jack."

Jack sighed heavily. "I was trying to scare you."

Daniel gave him a short apologetic smile. He hated to ruin Jack's fun. Especially when it was at his expense. Daniel gestured to the symbols he'd been studying. "I think this is talking about a curse."

Jack raised his eyebrows in question. "A curse?"

Daniel began to get excited as he had an audience. Jack immediately regretted showing any interest in the ruins. "Yes, it's a curse on anyone who enters this room. Apparently it was some sacred room for only the high priests."

"Sounds familiar." Jack said, despite himself.

Daniel, impressed, turned to look at Jack for a moment before returning his gaze to the symbols. He began to trace his hand along the symbols. "It says that anyone leaving the room will be without sight."

"And you let me come in here?" Jack asked, with a faint hint of apprehension.

Daniel shrugged. "It probably was the guards duty to blind anyone who had seen the inside of the room."

Jack looked around the room. "And there's no guards..."

"So there's no danger." Daniel reasoned.