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"Katharine, I demand you climb up that latter and get that hen this instant. I can't with my knees and your sisters and brothers out for the evening. They aren't like you. They are social. You wouldn't have to climb it if you had gone to the festival like all the other young ladies," mother rambled as she got the latter out and put it next to the second level of their 19th centaury barn were the hen had run too. Kitty know it was a bad sign when her mother used her real name instead of her cuter nickname.

"But mom you know I have a fear of heights," Kitty complained knowing it would do little good and sighed.

"Yes, and that's just too bad," she said point for her to go up the later.

Kitty sighed and got on to the later. She didn't know how she was moving. She just kept going trying not to look down. Finally she reached the top. She wasn't feeling to bad as of yet. She felt proud. She looked down, and didn't feel so well. Suddenly she couldn't hold onto the step. Her hands slipped through it. Then another and another. She could feel herself falling. She closed her eyes and pretended it was all a dream but she knew it wasn't. She landed hard on the dirt floor that was covered in sawdust.

"Witch!!! Witch!!! Arthur you were right Kitty is a witch!!!" her mother screamed. She ran off to get her husband, Arthur. Her knee caught on a rock and she fell. She turned back to her daughter as thought blaming her for the fall, but then continued running. Kitty got up wiping her butt off. Nothing like this had ever happened before. She looked at and grabbed the latter. She was solid once more.

"She went right through the bars I tell ya. Like a ghost or what not," her mother was saying to her father as she drug him to the barn. He looked her up and down and shook her head.

"I knew she was different. Never wanting to play with the other children. Always dreaming. But I never thought this of all things. I thought I saw her doing something with smoke I should have thought more one it. My own flesh and blood I can't believe it. Katherine come here this moment," he demanded. She got up and went over to him. He slammed his fist into the side of her head and knocked her out.

The next time she saw the light of day she was in a church. It came streaming in from the multicolored window pains. She blinked, and realized she was tied up. She looked over to see her parents and all the priest from near by villages. She heard her name being whispered all over the place. She looked round everyone was looking at her with disgust or pity.

One of the priest came over to her. He picked her head up and pointed for one of the priest to untie her. He stood straight up and towered over her. She could tell he was the high priest due to his robes looking so different then the others. She gulped this couldn't be good.

"You Katherine Pride of the Small Land Province have been declared a witch!" he said point a in finger at her, "You are to be punished on the crimes of composing with the devil, endangering the lives of our fellow villages and performing witchcraft that is forbidden! Do you have anything to say in defense of yourself?"

"I'm not a witch. I swear it. I've never done anything like that please don't burn me," Kitty cried horrified. She didn't know what was going on why she had fallen from the latter like that, but she knew she wasn't a witch of all things. She wanted to cry, laugh, scream anything that would rid of her momentary nightmare.

"You are also a liar now. It would have been better had you kept your mouth shut. Now we will decide your fate," he said walking back to his fellow priests. They whispered among themselves. She cried tears hitting her restrained hands. She looked up at them and felt like screaming demanding for her freedom, but she knew nothing good would come for it.

One of the priest went over and gave her father a few coins. She thought she heard the word dowry. She flinched, this was horrible time to be thinking about marriage. A different priest came over and he was younger with a nasty look in his eyes. He pulled up her dress and petticoats uncovering her. He pushed her legs apart with his hand as she scream. She tried using her hands to push him away but nothing worked. Finally he dropped her skirt and went over and she heard him say loudly.

"She's still pure the devil has yet to take that away," he said and spit in her direction.

She shivered. What could they want with that kinda information? What plans did they have for her? Between her legs was sore for the priest roughness. Her parents nodded and left. The same priest that had so rudely examined her come back to her. She winced wondering what he had planed for her now. He took her by the hair and made her stand. She felt some of her brunette locks being pulled out.

"Stand up," he demanded even thought her feet were tied awkwardly. She got perched on her feet somehow.

"You, Katharine Pride, are going to the West Side Caste," the head priest told her. The other priest picked her up and the other six started chanting.

"You can't mean the haunted one!" she asked in a begging tone.

"Yes. It is haunted by a demon we allow to come to the West Side Village to feast on the food left out. Instead of our very own flesh. He is getting older or so we suppose and we are sure sooner or later he will ask for one like you," the high priest said as they got in to the wagon.

"Some like who?" she demanded as the priest tossed her into the wagon like a bag of meat.

"A virgin bride of course. We thought it only fitting a witch should be the demon's bride," he said getting the horses to start running. They traveled for a few hours then got to the caste.

She was shaking, this couldn't be. She had heard stories of the demon of the West Side Caste. He was cruel and ate the flesh of men. He had the form of a demon with the tail of the devil, fur coat of a beast and the fangs of a evil spirit. She was terrified. She was supposed to be home right now making her bed ready for the night. Her sibling would be home soon, and they work talk about the events of the festival, and how she should have been there. Instead she was being banished to the most feared place in land due to an accident she didn't understand.

The wagon stopped. They pulled her out of the wagon. She yelped at the sudden jerks and pulls as they dragged her towards the gates. She struggled but all six of them were too many and too strong for her to resist. She lay slack as they put her by the gates. One of priest got out a bible. He started to read it. The familiar passages rang in her head. They were the same ones read at her eldest brothers marriage.

"You can't do this I can't be married to a demon. This can't be happening," she screamed at the horror of the idea. The priest finished and put a ring on her finger.

"I now pronounce you demon and witch, or man and wife as some may say," he said then one of them quickly opened the gate and through her inside the gate. She glared out at them still crying. They closed and locked the gates.

"Demon we have given you a pure virgin bride. We hope this pleases you," one of the priest called up to the caste windows, he looked back at her and said, "If you ever try to un away we'll kill your, if you ever do any of your stupid witchy tricks we'll kill ya. Now go to your husbands bed and make him happy!" He checked gate's lock and walked off. They got into their wagon and rode off. Kitty looked over at the caste then down the road.

She sunk down into the ground. She cried. It was such a dreadful fate was something she never dreamed would happen to her. She would never be happy again now. She would never get the chance to marry a real man and have a real family. She turned and looked up at the caste. The 3 tall towers gigantic stone structures seems colder then the wind outside so she sat down in the show that was still left over from the winter frost. She curled up in a ball and curled herself to sleep. She hoped she would die in her sleep before she had to face the creatures the priest had destined she would spend the rest of her life with.