Title: Delicate Treasures

Author: Stardrops

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG 13 + (For slash and occasional swearing, precautions only)

Disclaimer: As you've probably all guessed, no, I don't own Harry Potter or anything you recognize from J.K. Rowling's books, I simply use her ideas to create mild amusement for fanfiction addicts such as myself. Don't bother suing, you wont get anything worthwhile.

Chapter One: The Dream

Dusk was falling, and the light was dimming in the Potter's garden as the dark clouds indicating a storm began to float slowly towards their abode. James and Sirius were playing a game of Quidditch in the fading light, laughing and paying each other out frequently. Sirius had been staying at the Potter's house for the summer, as his own revolted him with his sadistic parents and mollycoddled, mindless git of a brother.

James's parents never asked many questions about Sirius's home, but they often exchanged dark glances whenever the subject came up, and always offered Sirius the chance to stay whenever holidays arrived. Sirius was grateful for not having to return, and more grateful still for not having to explain the issues he had with his family.

"Jeez, we better get inside," James said as the first of the lighter raindrops hit his head.

Sirius nodded happily. The smells of Mrs Potter's cooking had been seeping through the kitchen window for some time, and Sirius's empty stomach was growling in anticipation for the delectable dinner he knew was coming.

Landing softly on the ground, the pair dismounted their brooms and headed for the door. The rain began to fall slightly harder, and James noticed a little muddy patch on the ground from when his father had watered the garden earlier. He couldn't resist, and had to give Sirius a small but well placed shove.

Sirius slipped and fell, mud covering his upper body. He gasped and sat up. "You bastard!" he yelled playfully, and kicked the back of James's knee in, causing his friend's legs to buckle beneath him and crumple to the soggy ground. James giggled and picked up a handful of mud. Sirius looked slightly apprehensive.

"What exactly are you intending to do with that?" he asked James uneasily. There was a glint in James's eye that he didn't like.

James's smile grew wider and he blinked playfully. "Why don't you find out first hand?"

Sirius's expression changed quickly to one of horror and he struggled to get up and run as far away as he could. "You wouldn't – Argh!" A handful of mud was slopped down his neck and slid down his shirt onto his stomach. The cold was a bit startling, and Sirius immediately retaliated. James copped a handful in his ear. Soon mud was flying, and the rain was falling so hard that they were soaked as well as grubby. The sound of Mrs Potter's voice came through the back door.

"You boys get in here this minute! You'll catch colds if you stay out there much longer! And don't you dare walk any further than the verandah, you'll muddy the floor. Honestly! I thought you two were supposed to have grown up!" There was a playful tone in her scolding, it was clear she was not at all chagrined.

The voice of Mr Potter flowed in as well. "They're teenage boys, dear, they'll never grow up."

James and Sirius grinned at each other and waltzed in to the verandah. Mrs Potter tsked at them as she handed them towels to dry off momentarily, but they simply flashed their most innocent smiles her way.

"Now you boys get upstairs and shower. No throwing soap suds at each other either!"

James rolled his eyes. "Well, you're no fun."

Mrs Potter shoved him lightheartedly from behind. "Get going, you cheeky boy!"

Sirius and James headed up the stairs, leaving a trail of muddy footprints in their wake. The sounds of a playfight came from the hallway before the boys parted to enter their separate bathrooms on opposite sides of the hall.

As soon as they were showered and dried, they came downstairs to a hot, fragrant meal of roast beef, baked potatoes and vegetables. The aroma could have drawn the two from miles away.

"Wow, that smells awesome, Mrs P!" Sirius exclaimed as he sat down to eat. He and James soon had swimming pools of gravy on their plates. Within minutes, however, the meals had vanished and the boys were leaning back in their chairs contentedly. Mrs Potter shook her head in disbelief.

"Why do I bother spending so much time cooking, when I could make pasta in ten minutes and you'd waffle it down all the same?"

James got up and put his arms around his mother. "Because you love to spoil us."

She snorted. "Enjoy it while it lasts." Sirius grinned cheekily and took his plate to the sink.

                                                                                    *          *          *

Later that night, the boys were in James's room on the twin beds. Sirius was lying on his stomach, flipping through a book on Quidditch while James pondered ways to get Lily to fall at his feet this term.

"I feel like I've tried everything!" James moaned.

"You can't have," Sirius said absently. "She would have fallen into your arms long ago if you'd tried everything."

James glared at him. "Well that isn't exactly helpful. What else can I do?"

Sirius closed the book and looked thoughtfully at his friend. "You have to just act like yourself, mate. You start behaving like a downright moron whenever she's around, and that is not the biggest turn-on for a girl like Lily."

James looked offended. "What do you mean, I act like a moron?"

Sirius grinned mischievously. "More than usual, I mean."

James threw a pillow and a withering look his way. "So I change when I'm around her?"

"Big time."

James rolled over onto his back. "Well. This lays some interesting facts into the light."

Sirius yawned. "Whatever, man. I'm dead." He flipped off the light on his bedside table and pulled the covers over him. James followed suit.

"Maybe if I………"

"James, I swear to god. Shut the hell up."

                                                                                    *          *          *

All was quiet in the James's room, only interrupted by the occasional little snore from James. Sirius, however, was silently lost in the pleasures of sleep. He was lost in the waves of a beautiful dream, oblivious to the world outside as he smiled in his sleep.

                                                                                    *          *          *

He was sitting on a beautiful, deserted beach with his friend, Remus Lupin. It was just the two of them in the fading light, with the shadows of palm trees creeping slowly across the sand as the reflections of the sunlight on the water lowered on the horizon until all that was left was a golden hued sunset.

Sirius looked at Remus, who was smiling at the magnificent view in front of them. Sirius admired the innocent expression that was the face of one of his best friends. The beautifully soulful brown eyes that showed every emotion he ever felt were shining happily as he relaxed on the sand. Sirius turned back to look at the sparkling sea, watching the reflections break slightly in the gently rippling water.

Remus reached for Sirius's hand and held it tightly in his own, their fingers interlaced. Sirius felt a strange warmth flow through his heart, and rested his head on Remus's shoulder. He felt Remus's hand come up to stroke his face gently and he smiled.

Everything in the world felt right at the moment in time, and Sirius was perfectly content to stay that way with Remus forever and ever.

                                                                                    *          *          *

Sirius awoke with a smile on his face. He loved having romantic dreams, especially when they concerned himself with Remus. He liked Remus a lot. He wasn't sure if it was love, but he'd liked him for a while now.

It was hard to remember when he'd stopped feeling friendship and grown towards romantic feelings for the younger boy, but he was hesitant when it came to sharing these feelings with anyone other than himself. He'd not even told James, and James was like a brother to him.

His stomach was a little unsettled, though, as the next day he would be seeing Remus and Peter again. It was the third last day of the holidays, and they were doing all their school supply shopping together. He always got nervous before seeing Remus, but when they were together, everything was fine. Remus had a calming effect on people, one of his many admirable qualities.

Sirius smiled once again, and turned onto his side again, drifting off into the waves of pleasant dreams.