True Scars Never Heal

Chapter 7: My Knight in Shining Collared Shirts

Radio Free Roscoe

"Travis" I said shakily as his blue eyes started opening, he wasn't really asleep, as it was only 10 in the morning but he had dozed off for a bit.

"Lily" he said standing up, scooting his chair by my bed, and grasping a hold of the needle free hand that I had. "How are you feeling?" he asked obviousle concerned.

"I'm alright, but what happened?" I asked.

"Well in Mr. Depals class, you missed your seat and started to shake on the floor, your face became very pale, and you complained about being freezing cold, so I picked you up and ran you to the nurse's office, which I will probably get in trouble for later, and she called an ambulance, but then you stopped breathing and we had a hard time keeping you alive when the ambulance got there, then you were put in a room on this floor, and I accompanied you, then you woke up spotted me sitting on that horribly uncomfortable chair and I came over here and you then asked me what had happened" he said smiling at the end. "Recall any of that?"

"Just the parts I was awake to hear" I said laughing slightly.

"Lily I'm worried" Travis started, "I mean, I took the pills away from you in the first place, then you go back to taking them until you reach 20 a day, Lily if I hadn't of realized anything was wrong, you might not be here, right now" he said turning his head towards me. My eyes met his and we just looked at each other in this moment of pure intense passion, I wanted to just kiss him, and make him feel the way I have felt for him for so long, but I couldn't. A part of me was worried about Ray's reaction, and another was just too worried about pure and utter rejection.

"That's why I'm glad, someone actually cared about me" I said," Ray was probably to busy with other things to notice the crap I looked like, and I'm glad someone wasn't too busy to notice."

"I'm always busy noticing you Lily" he said. WAIT, does that mean he is always looking at me?

"What?" I asked like a total blonde, I just wanted to make sure he felt the same about me before I made my move.

"Lily you're the only girl I notice, whether it's when you are walking, whether it's when you are Shady Lane on RFR, especially when I know you're hurting and I can't take the pain out of it, but what I really want to know Lily, is do you ever notice me?" he asked, I was thinking there was never a time I didn't notice him, but I may sound like a stalker if I said that.

"Travis" I said smiling, "You are the only boy I notice too" I said hugging him.

"What? But you and Ray were together" he asked surprised, I let go of him slightly fomr the hug.

"That doesn't mean I stopped looking at you" I said. Before I knew what was going on, my eyes were closed and my mouth was pressed firmly against his, my needle-ful hand was on the back of his neck and my needle-less hand was around his back, both if his hand were cupped around my waist.

"Now this drug I could get addicted to" I said speaking of our 3rd kiss since we had met (we had kissed twice in the underground).

"Now what drug would that be" he said as his face turned half concerned/angered and half intrigued.

I leaned in and whispered in his ear "Ecstasy, which is what is going on between you and me"

Travis smiled and agreed, "Sheer and utter ecstasy I can live with that" he said smiling at me and his lips meeting with mine again, this time I felt like I was away from the world, but not ODed this time. Travis made me feel as lite as air with our "ecstasy drug" it wasn't really the real E, but it felt like it. We could be together and we could float away from the world, which we both needed right now, Ray would end up hating Travis, since he still had feelings for me, but he would just have to get over it. I let go from his kiss and was wowed.

"Ecstasy, just for you and for me" I said

"You feel like your floating too eh? Travis remarked.

"Ya, and you make me feel that way." I said

"Same to you, Lily, you make me feel free."

I kissed him again, this time I knew, it was right, we were lifted off the grounds again in that ecstasy feeling, and we knew this would work. It had to. We would make this work. And in the end, using our "ecstasy" made me feel better, and I guess it isn't true, that when ever someone says "true scars never heal you know!" they are wrong. Because my scars have healed, and I give all thanks to Travis.

End of True Scars Never Heal