Slytheirns. Lovely.

by Shadow Rise

Silver Tongue

What was her problem? She was acting like the spoiled brat she was as a child.

Draco just didn't see what made her want to piss him off so badly all the time. She knew exactly how much he cared for Ginevra. She knew enough about him to know how protective and dangerous he could be when something or some one he cared for was concerned. So what was wrong with her?

What had really pissed him off, though, was that a lot of the stuff she had said had reminded him of how he used to be. How he used to "love" Pansy and everything like that.

Now he was desperately trying to convince himself that it wasn't like that with Ginny, that he really did love her and he wasn't just having another relationship that would end up like him and Parkinson. But, that would only happen if he didn't hold onto her.

And Draco was fully ready to hold on to Ginevra M. Weasley with all his person.

"Ginny?" he called quietly, opening the prefect's bathroom door.

She always came in here in the mornings for the privacy.

The redhead stood from her place where she sat on the seat of the bay window. "Draco? What are you doing here?"

Draco wrapped his arms around her, picking her up off the floor and kissing her with a fiery passion. The petite girl looked up at him in amusement as he set her on her feet, but didn't let go.

"What's all this about?" she giggled, a smile gracing her features.

He pressed a kiss to her lips again. "I love you, Gin, I want you to know that." he said, "I really do love you, baby girl."

She cupped his face in her hands and pecked his lips quickly.

"I love you, too, Draco."