You Have All of Me

Hermione: An Auror chasing after Draco: A Deatheater on the run When placed together, they do not mix. Of course "My only love sprung from my only hate."

Hello everyone. I hate to interrupt you when you could possibly be in story reading mode, but I thought I would say hi and I appreciate you reading this fic more than I'm sure I could say. I've really never done anything Harry Potter before so bare with me. I'll also admit I haven't read the 5th book (only because I can't find a way to get it without buying it which I'm cheap). Um . . . I'm not good at summaries so I apologize for the extremely crappy one lol.

If you didn't get it, basically Draco is a Deatheater on the run as I said and Hermione is the Auror who just happens to always be chasing after him. Hermione is still with Viktor Krum (I heard they broke up or something but in this story they didn't). It's been three years. Well, the story basically explains itself. And yes. . . Draco and Hermione will get together after they get over themselves.


I could hear his footsteps behind mine, destroying the fall leaves on the ground. I maneuvered between the trees and for a moment an image of a doe flashed before my eyes. 'Be like a doe,' I thought wearily. The opening was just ahead I could sense it.

I never thought he would have me on the run, but here we were playing duck and goose. I felt emotionless. After the first wave of nauseatingly strong hatred disappeared, I was left with no emotion towards him at all. I would kill him. Just let me get to the opening. That was all I needed.

My blood was pounding in my ears, and I vaguely wondered why his footsteps were in tune with my heartbeat. I pushed through the trees and began my run up the steep plateau of rock in front of me. He was right behind me, but he was still in the trees. I reached the top before I realized I had. There was full moon next to me, but dark clouds moved to cover it. When they moved past the moon, I saw him running after me, out of the trees.

I drew my sword, and my heart beat faster in anticipation. The magical marks engraved in the sword seemed to light up. I closed my eyes for a moment before raising the sword above my head and diving straight at him. With once swift movement, he cast a spell at me that pushed me backwards into the rocks behind me. They cut into my back. I threw myself at him once again, and this time he moved out of the way and struck me from behind. This whole sword thing really wasn't working for me. 'Damn it Dumbledore!' I cursed in my mind.

I turned as quickly as I could on my heel to find his face was not an inch away from mine. I was stunned. His grey eyes were clouded over with exhaustion, but he bore a whole in me; his silver blond hair fell into his eyes; his lips were open as he forced oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of his lungs. Then he smirked, and I remembered where we were and what was going on.

I raised the sword, but not quickly enough. He pinned me roughly to the ground, one hand holding the wrist my sword was in, and the other aiding his weight in holding me down. I tried to writhe underneath him and not let go of the sword, but he pushed against the tendons in my wrist; and I felt my hand open without my consent. "Malfoy," I growled, trying to find the hilt of my sword, draw my wand, and strangle him all at the same time.

Draco smirked. "Granger." Then he did something I hadn't expected. He leaned down and forced his lips on mine in a kiss that burned through ever nerve in my body. He parted my lips with his tongue and forced it inside to massage against my own. I let out a moan into his mouth. Why wasn't I able to control my body?! He pulled back with a grin. "Thanks mudblood," and he disapperated.

"What?!" I sat up quickly and noticed 1. Dumbledore's phoenix sword was gone, 2. My wand was missing from my pocket, and 3. My skin was still on fire from the kiss. I screamed out and fell back with a thud on the grass. He kissed me. I scrunched my face up. I liked it. I relaxed my face and counted to 10 before disapperating in front my home.

I had to be the worst bloody Auror there possibly was. 'I should quit,' I thought miserably as I trudged inside. 'Dumbledore doesn't need an Auror can't even control her own body.' I sighed heavily and walked into the living room where Viktor was lounging on the couch, reading some book. He saw the look my face and frowned.

"Is something vrong, Hermione?" He asked carefully.

I glared daggers at him. "Everything is just FINE! Bloody wonderful! I can't bloody do my bloody job because I can't bloody control my bloody body!" Here I was throwing a temper tantrum like Ron used to.

Viktor smiled. "Vhat is dis about?"

"Nothing," I pouted. "Everything." I sighed and drug my feet over to him, sitting myself in his lap. "I just-I don't think I'm made for this Auror stuff. I just don't seem to be controlling certain situations that was I should, and I'm . . ." I trailed off as Viktor massaged my shoulders. I closed my eyes and smiled. "Thanks," I whispered. He kissed my neck gently as his hands moved down to my lower back. I don't know why, but I felt myself tensing up and feeling uncomfortable. I felt bad for Viktor. Sweet lad, really. It had been three years of us dating, and I still felt uncomfortable with the prospect of sex between us. God, I hadn't even let him touch me or see me naked or even in my bra and underwear.

"Viktor, don't," I said when I felt his calloused hands moving under my shirt. He pulled them away and laid back on the couch. I climbed off him and went to my room. 'Great. I'm the worst bloody Auror, my boyfriend is annoyed with our no-sex relationship, and I-this burning hasn't left me.'

My lips felt numb in a good way. I bit my lower lip and leaned against the wall, remembering that good feeling of his weight on top of me; and that good feeling of his lips on my mine; and that good feeling of his tongue rubbing against mine. Viktor had never kissed me like that. Draco had kissed me like he meant it.

I frowned. 'Meant what?'


Draco strolled down the long corridor to his room, idly fingering her wand in his one hand and the leather hilt of her sword in the other. 'My- my Miss Granger, how you've grown,' He thought with a smile. He had left school when Voldermort came into power again. His father had pressed him to join (apparently Voldermort's supporters were far and few). The last time he had seen Granger was frizzy hair, buck teeth, and geeky, goodie-two shoes personality. His nose wrinkled at the three year old memory.

Now look at her. 'She was sexy.' She had been in that in all black, and her hair had been pulled away from her face into a bun. Those eyes had looked so beautiful in the moonlight. And her body. He smiled as her moan echoed through his brain. Was she still with that stupid excuse for a Quidditch player? He chuckled to himself. If he could get her to moan with one lousy kiss, that didn't say much for Krum. Of course he was always talented in the ways of the woman. Both a curse and a blessing.

Draco sighed and turned left into his room at the very end of the hall. He laid the wand on his desk and turned on his lights with a murmur of 'Lumos'. He then turned his attention to the sword in his hand. 'Nicely made, light-weight.' He fingered the tip of the sword as he thought. Unfortunately, his thoughts returned to that woman. He swung the sword in front of him as though to cut the thought of her in half. He jabbed forward and then examined the sword once more as he paced. He swung it idly as his side.

Maybe he would let her live a little longer than their next encounter. Some aspects seemed promising about her. He smirked.


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