Okay, loveys.
My deepest apologies, first off. Some of you were waiting for this, and I'm terribly sorry, both for making you wait and for disappointing you.

I'm considering taking this story down, and/or possibly rewriting. Heck, I may just take it down and trash it, as it sucks.
There are better Pullings romances for you to waste your time on, I'm sure. My writing "talents" and deranged brain have gone AWOL on me; I've been able to come up with very little. I love you all, and you all get hugs and kisses.

Hannah seems to be a beloved character, I don't think I'll make her go poof yet. But I am considerin shutting this fat arse story down, as it is retarded and neglected.
If you've protests, suggestions, agreements, or any other....blah, just review.

hugs and kisses