What is Buttercup's Plan?

by Tonifranz

(A Sequel to "The Date")

This is a sequel to "The Date." It seems that a lot of the readers were disappointed that Buttercup wasn't able to carry out her plan because Brick was able to outwit her. Well, I decided to make a story where she was able to carry out her plan.

Short Summary: Buttercup decided to "punish" Brick and Blossom for supposedly interfering with their siblings lives by making them take a little of their own medicine. She was able to have Bubbles help her, but what of the boys?

Long Summary: This tale happens directly after The Date, where Blossom attempts again to arrange something for Boomer and Bubbles, with Brick, but Brick would not bite. It would be the last straw for Buttercup, who decided to implement her plan to teach the redheads a lesson! Would Buttercup this time succeed in getting the best out of the two brilliant redheads? What of Boomer and Butch? And will she escape revenge?

Disclaimer: I don't own the Powerpuff Girls or their characters. The Powerpuff Girls are owned by Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network. I only own my own characters, the most prominent of which is Dr Edwards.

Chapter 6

Brick and Blossom's Forced Date

The City of Townsville…

William Bricker Edwards Jr. arrived at their house at exactly six. He was immediately greeted his two brothers who were on the living room sitting on a couch watching T.V., with a tied-up and gagged Bubbles sitting between them.

"See, I told you he'll be alright!" Butch said to Boomer.

"Yeah, I guess so," Boomer replied. "Did you have fun, Brick?"

"Oh shut up!" Brick snapped. "Don't ever ask me what had happened this afternoon ever again!"

"But where the hell did Buttercup keep you when Butch and I tried a rescue attempt?"

"Buttercup hid Blossom and me in the tree house!" Brick said. "Why didn't you idiots look at the goddamned tree house?"

"He, he, we didn't think she would hide you there," Boomer lamely explained.

"Yeah, but why didn't you make any sound," Butch countered, "that might alert us?"

"I tried, but Buttercup gagged me so tightly that I could barely hear my loudest screams," Brick shot back.

"Mmmpphphhhh!" Bubbles shouted, trying to get attention.

"Oh, and it's six. Give Bubbles back to the Utoniums before the Professor gets home and raises hell," Brick ordered.

"I'm on it," Boomer said. "By the way Brick, how long were you tied up?"

"I don't know, maybe ten hours or so? My wrists are still sore from the ropes," Brick commented. "Why?"

"Oh nothing," Boomer said. Boomer then picked up Bubbles and flew her towards her home without ever untying or ungagging her.

While flying, Boomer stopped in mid-air. "Bubbles, since Brick was tied-up ten hours long, it's only fair that you'd be tied up that long too. Since you were only tied-up three hours, I'm going to ask you to go to our house tomorrow morning, on, let's say about ten, so we can have avenge Brick!"

Bubbles didn't nod nor shake her head, but tried saying something. Boomer then removed the gag.

"Thanks. As to what you're saying, I don't know," Bubbles said.

"Aw come on, I know you enjoy our games, but even if you don't, you did it to Brick too, so it's only fair that you'd do it," Boomer asserted.

"Well Boomie, I did enjoy it, but isn't seven hours too much?" asked the blond puff.

"Hey, you and Buttercup kept Brick for ten hours! You should be able to take what you dish out on others!" Boomer replied. "Besides, it would make you think twice before plotting again against me and my brothers."

"Well, OK, but don't be too rough, Boomie," Bubbles warned. "But don't you think you should get Buttercup too?"

"I think that could be arranged," he said "As for Buttercup, we'll let Brick take care of her! As my brother, I'll get revenge on Buttercup's sister! It's only fair, after all!"

"Whatever you say, Boomie," Bubbles said while giggling. "This is just like the movies!"

"Okay, let's get you home," Boomer said as he zoomed towards home.

He knocked on the door when he arrived. Buttercup answered the door. Boomer simply gave Bubbles on Buttercup's arms and flew home without saying a word.

"About time you arrived!" Buttercup said. "Sorry for getting you in trouble, but my revenge on Blossom is more important!" She then untied Bubbles.

"It's okay, it's was fun, but what did you do to Brick and Blossom? Brick looked upset when he got home," Bubbles observed.

"Well he should be after what I've done to them," Buttercup asserted. "Now they really have learned their lesson!"

Buttercup then told Bubbles what she did, but didn't tell Bubbles she took pictures of them. After all, it was her secret, and she had no intention of humiliating them too harshly—since she didn't want to destroy their relationship by going too far.

Soon, Bubbles was on the floor laughing. "Oh that was the funniest thing I heard since we accidentally cut off Blossom's hair!" (The Mane Event)

"Yeah, yeah, very funny," Blossom, who had joined her sisters, said. 'But I'm glad she didn't tell them about those horrible pictures.'

"But do you think the Professor will allow you to go out at eight?" Bubbles asked. "After all, we do have a curfew at eight."

"Yeah Buttercup, how'd you convince the Professor to let me out at eight?" Blossom said in a mocking voice.

"Ah, but the Professor and Dr. Edwards adjusted the curfew to ten a few weeks ago because of the crime situation," Buttercup said. "Remember when big time gangsters adjusted their schedule so it'd be past our bedtime when they'd commit crimes, so the Professor adjusted it to adapt?"

"Oh yeah," Blossom said. 'I was hoping she won't remember that! Oh well!'

"Well, since you've obviously learned your lesson, and I had half my revenge, we'll keep all of this a little secret. Tell the Professor that we'll have some official meeting with the boys tonight," Buttercup instructed.

"Oh swell, you thought of everything!" Blossom reacted. "I'm impressed you actually made a plan! Not that it would work of course!"

"Well, go ahead and tell Brick about it!" Buttercup urged.


Meanwhile, later at eight, the Edwards had just finished eating dinner—by ordering from outside—again.

"Dad, Blossom said she and her sisters wanted to meet me alone," Brick asked. "Can I go out?"

"Why alone? And why would she bring her sisters along?" asked Butch. "It doesn't make any sense for you to go alone and for Blossom to go with her sisters."

"Well, who knows how that crazy ugly girl thinks?" Brick said.

"Unless, it's a trap!"

"Nah, they wouldn't attempt anything beyond six," Brick replied. "Besides, if it was a trap, I'd know. Dad, can I go?"

"Just go home on or before ten, okay?" his father instructed.

"Okay Dad," Brick said.

"And Brick, after that, don't read a book until five in the morning," Dr. Edwards said with a smile.

"How did you—?"

"Let's just say I know more than you thought I knew, and no, your brothers did not tell me about it! Enjoy your date!" he teased, which drew snickers from Butch and Boomer.

"Dad, I am only going to say this once. I AM NOT GOING TO A DATE WITH THOSE THREE GIRLS!" Brick shouted, with a red face, before leaving.

He then secretly went to his room by the window and changed into the formal clothes that he had agreed he would wear. He slip into a white shirt, red tie, blue pants and coat. He also wore a great gray coat reaching up to his knees and a fedora hat. He also had a scarf wrapped around his neck, and had gloves on his hands. It was very cold outside as winter approached and the cold autumn gales blew hard against him as he flew to the place where Blossom said they'd meet.



"Now that we got the Professor's permission, let's get to the room so we can get you dressed up," Buttercup said as she, Bubbles and Blossom went to their room. Blossom had a frown on her face, Bubbles was giggling while Buttercup was grinning, rubbing her hands in anticipation.

Buttercup rummaged through a large trunk containing various party dresses that they wore during parties and formal occasions in the past. She finally pulled out a dress that looks like less like a formal party dress for a child than a costume from a Renaissance fair or a Civil War Reenactment civilian dress, or that worn a hundred forty years ago. It is similar to the one Bubbles wore on her earlier forced date, the difference is that where the hem went to Bubbles's shin, Blossom's dress went to the floor. It is light pink, with a large ribbon tied at the waist at the back, and much tighter and confining, and it was puffed up by several petticoats and a hoopskirt. It is buttoned to the neck, and had long sleeves up to her wrists, at least for a six year old Powerpuff like Blossom

"What do you think?" Buttercup asked.

"I am not wearing that! I am going out with Brick, not going to a costume party or going time-traveling to the past or going trick or treating you know!" Blossom indignantly said.

"Well, you can do that, or, I can give the pictures to the local paper! I'm sure they'll love putting the pictures on the front page," Buttercup threatened.

"Okay, you win! But that doesn't mean I'll like it!" Blossom said.

"Well, you're not supposed to like it. After all, this is your punishment!" Buttercup replied. "Don't worry, it'll be only two hours, as opposed to Bubbles' date, which was all day."

So Blossom went and wore the dress Buttercup selected for her. It was tight and confining, and she repeatedly tripped when she accidentally stepped on the front of her long dress when she walked.

"Dang! I couldn't even walk on this thing!" Blossom complained. "And it's too darned tight and heavy! I could move more when I was tied up and gagged."

"You must be careful when you walk, silly," Bubbles, who owned the dress, explained. "And when you walk up a stairs, you must lift the front of your dress."

After a few attempts, Blossom finally got the hang of it, but didn't like how it confined her movements. Sure, she was more girlish than Buttercup, but not as much as Bubbles, and she was also practical. She quickly remedied it by simply flying. They quickly finished by giving Blossom a thick jacket, a bonnet, a muff, and a scarf to protect Blossom from the cold.

Bubbles and Buttercup quickly donned thick sweatshirts and bonnets and gloves and scarves before the three sisters went out to meet Brick.

They met at a small patch of grass—covered at darkness at this hour of night—midway between their houses.

Brick, at the sight of Blossom, quickly dropped to the ground and started laughing. "Ha, is there a costume party? Wait, maybe she thinks we're in the Middle Ages, or in the Renaissance, or maybe in the Civil War! What are you, auditioning for the position of fairy godmother? Ha, look at the grand leader of the Ruff-Puff Alliance!"

The criticism got under Blossom's skin. She brushed it off, but she could not retaliate by poking fun at Brick's costume because Brick's outfit, though formal, was only a mini replica of the clothes Dr. Edwards always wore at work, and he also wore the same clothes he and his brothers wore when their father takes them out to dinner on some fancy restaurant.

"What are your sisters doing here?" asked Brick when he finally stopped laughing.

"Well, we wouldn't want the Professor to think you two are dating so we joined in," Bubbles said. "But don't worry, we won't tag along!"

"Unless you want everyone to know about you two being alone in the night wearing such clothes," Buttercup said. She then snapped a picture of the two.

"Hey!" Buttercup and Brick protested.

"Ah, don't worry, I'll give it to you after the date," Buttercup said.

"Okay, so where do you think we should go?" asked Brick.

"Why ask me? Unlike you, I don't dictate everything that you should do in a date, and I don't tell where you should go, unlike you and Blossom when you forced Bubbles and Boomer—"

Bubbles interrupted Buttercup. "Um, Buttercup, Blossom and Brick didn't tell us where to go and what to do in that date!"

"Geez Bubbles, do you always have to ruin my moralizing?" Buttercup said in exasperation as both leaders snickered. "I don't care where you two lovebirds go! Just go and come back at ten."

"If you want, we'll go back at eight-thirty," Blossom suggested.

"No, don't come back before ten!" Buttercup replied. "But don't come back late too!"

"We get it," Blossom replied.

Brick frowned, but agreed. "Whatever."

"Well, see you Blossom at ten!" Bubbles said as she and Buttercup left the two.


"What now?" asked Brick as they were left alone in the dark.

"How about we plot revenge?" Blossom suggested.

"Well, we can't make any revenge attempts until we get hold of those pictures," Brick said. "No, I don't think we should discuss plots now."

"I guess you're right," Blossom said. "But where should we go? I suggest somewhere no one, and I mean no one, would see us. I'll die if someone sees me wearing this—with you to boot! I shudder of what people might think."

"The feeling's mutual, o great leader," Brick said. "I don't want people to see me alone at night wearing formal clothes with an ugly girl like you!"

"I'm not ugly, Brick, you prick! But anyway, so where do you think we should go?"

"Well, let's go to the forest at my Dad's property. It's surrounded by barbed wire fences so no intruder could go there," Brick suggested.

"But what the heck do we do there?" asked Blossom.

"I dunno? Play tag or hide and seek?" Brick suggested. "Of course, we should play on foot, as we might be discovered by Dad or my brothers who might be looking at the window if we flew."

"No, I can't play that with this dress on," Blossom said.

"That's a dress? All the while I thought you were wearing a circus tent borrowed from PT Barnum or Ringling!" Brick teased.

"All the more reason not to play those games," Blossom said, deflecting Brick's teasing to turn it to her advantage. "I propose we just slowly walk through the woods."

"Nah! You're just saying that because you know you don't want to be defeated by a master of tag and hide and seek like me!"

"Ha, that's where you're wrong. Master indeed! I was playing those games while you and your brothers were just snips, snails and puppy dog's tail! And I can play it on foot better than anyone else. Besides, anything you could do, I can do too, and do it better to boot!"

"Well, I can beat you at those games with both hands tied behind my back," Brick boasted.

"Want to take up the challenge," Blossom suggested.

"No," Brick quipped. "I'm not stupid. Just because we were tied up literally this morning doesn't mean I'm serious."

"Well, I can beat you with any handicap placed on me except ropes," Blossom shrewdly said. Whatever happened, she doesn't want to give Brick a pretext to tie her up.

"Then you won't object playing hide and seek with tag wearing that!" Brick challenged. "Or are you chicken?"

"Ha, we'll see who'll have the last laugh! Okay, let's go. Winner will be the one who's not 'it' at ten."

"And nobody would be allowed to fly, or hover. They must run or walk on their foot. Anybody who flies would immediately lose! You can use super speed, but no one would use any other super power!"

"Agreed!" Blossom said in a confident manner.

Brick smiled. 'Ha, she won't be able to do much running wearing that dress!'

They then quietly but quickly flew to Dr. Edwards' forest. The rules were simple. At the beginning, you would close your eyes and count to sixty. Then, you'd find the other fellow, like hide and seek. But once you found him, you must catch him by chasing him. Only when you catch would the roles be reversed, with the one who's "it" giving the other one time to hide for one minute. That night, Brick gave Blossom a flashlight he had hidden in his coat, while he kept his on.

"Who'll be it?" asked Brick.

"Well, we'll just use the old rock paper scissors technique."

Brick agreed. On their first try, both chose rock. On the second, Blossom chose scissors, while Brick chose paper, so Brick was it.

Brick counted to sixty, while Blossom ran. Blossom tripped on the first move on her dress. She quickly got up, and picked up the front of the dress in her hands. Amazingly, she was able to run very fast if she kept on clear paths, but it proved impossible to move on thick forage or on bushes as her dress got in the way.

Brick was finally finished counting to sixty and began looking for her counterpart. However, despite his advantages, he was unable to find her for fifteen minutes. Finally, he found her in a crater made by the fight when they were still enemies with branches covering the top. Needless to say, Blossom couldn't climb out fast enough because of the large dress, and Brick, after helping her out, hid, while Blossom counted.

Brick hid in the branches of a tree that he could easily climb only a few yards from where Blossom counted. Blossom found him in four minutes. But catching him was a different matter, since she couldn't climb the tree—again because of her dress.

However, Brick started to gloat, and in the process, lost his balance, and because the rules forbid using any superpower but super speed, fell to the ground, where Blossom was able to catch him.

Brick was it. It took him twelve minutes to find the red-headed girl, who hid in a large patch of grass surrounded by ten foot tall hedgerows. When she saw him, she ran, but forgot to pull up her dress and tripped. She was easily caught.

Blossom took four minutes to find as Brick sneezed while she walked past the old hollow tree trunk he was hiding in. A chase ensued, by which Blossom was able to keep up. After three minutes of super speed running, Brick tripped on a rock and was caught by Blossom.

Brick again climbed a tree near Blossom, and once again, was found within a minute. He dared Blossom to climb it to catch him, knowing she couldn't because of her dress. But he clumsily stepped on a branch too weak to support his weight. It broke, and he fell, and was caught by Blossom.

It was Brick's turn to be "it". It took nearly thirty minutes for Brick to find Blossom as she hid in the same tall hedgerows she hid before. Brick assumed she wouldn't be stupid enough to hide in a place where she had been caught before, so he looked at it last after a futile search of half an hour of the entire forest including the mountain.

Of course, a chase ensued. An exhausted Brick had difficulty catching a well rested Blossom, but when she tried to run though some thick vegetation where she had to use both her hands clearing the branches before her. As she did, she dropped the hem of her dress to the ground, and once again tripped, and was caught.

Brick, still exhausted, hid in a grass covered crater, and covered himself with dried leaves and branches to hide himself. He soon fell asleep, and the strong Autumn winds blew away his cover. After ten minutes, Blossom found him, asleep. Needless to say, he was caught.

Brick was now well rested, but it took twenty minutes to discover Blossom in a clearing fifty yards from where he counted, hiding in the dark shadows of the remaining trees that have yet to shed its leaves.

But by the time, it was past ten, and according to the rules, she won the game.

"Ha, I won, you lost," Blossom gloated, jumping up and down in joy, teasing Brick, but with one hand on her dress so she wouldn't trip again. "That proves that I am superior to you! Bow to me, inferior one! Even wearing this confining and tight dress, I still beat you on your own grounds, nonetheless!"

"That was just a fluke!" Brick said. "Next time, I won't be easily beaten."

"Next time, I'll be wearing much more comfortable clothes than this, and I would beat you even more!" Blossom gloated. "Just admit it, Brick! Girls are better than boys at everything! Girls are better than boys! And I'm better than you, Brick! Girls are better than boys! And I'm better than you Brick! Girls are better than boys!"

And she kept repeating and repeating and repeating it until it sounded like a broken record, but it annoyed the hell out of Brick, who lost a supposedly easy game. Blossom was too proud to be a gracious winner to Brick, and Brick was too proud to be a good loser to Blossom. But somehow, it didn't damage their relationship.

"Aw shut up!" Brick snapped. "Anyway, let's go to your home so we can get those pictures—and we can plot against Buttercup."

"Thanks for reminding me of that, Brick" Blossom said. "Oh it would be sweet."

"Anyway, don't tell your sisters about this. We're supposed to go on a date, not play hide and seek and tag in my woods. She might not give us the pictures if she finds out."

"Aw!" Blossom, who planned on gloating to her sisters on her victory, said. "Oh well, I suppose you're right."

They flew home. Buttercup was watching TV in the living room, while Bubbles was asleep.

Both looked like very dirty. Blossom's dress was still covered with dried leaves, and her hair has some small twigs, plus the fact that the light pink color has turned to gray and brown and black. But fortunately, it was still intact, with nothing torn from it.

Brick's hat had some twigs. His scarf has some dirt in it. His coat was very dirty. He removed his coat and scarf to show a clean blue suit, shirt and tie to the Utoniums.

"What happened to you two?" asked a bewildered Buttercup.

"Nevermind that, the date is over, now give us those pictures," Blossom demanded.

"Okay, here it is," Buttercup said, giving it to Blossom. Both she and Brick scanned it, and burned the offending materials.

"And the other half? These were only half the pictures you agreed to give us!" Brick said.

"But I'd never said I'd give all immediatelyafter the date," Buttercup explained. "Let me explain. I will give one picture to each of you every week if both of you don't act as if you own us. Now, if you two behave and really learned your lesson, I won't show the pictures. But if you do not, you know the answer."

In truth, Buttercup had no intention of showing the pictures ever to anybody, however much the behavior of Blossom and Brick irritated her, since she didn't want them to hate her for it. But it was a good bluff.

"Well, okay then," Blossom conceded, her revenge plans falling to pieces. "You win!"

"Just don't show those damn pictures," Brick threatened.

"I won't," Buttercup said.


Brick angrily went home, his plans for revenge now dead. This day, he was defeated by two girls, Blossom, in the game they fought, and Buttercup.

"Gee, what happened?" asked Boomer, who was reading a book when Brick arrived.

"Don't even ask!" Brick said as he went to the shower and changed.

The next day, Bubbles, like she agreed with Boomer, went into the boys' house and was tied-up and gagged for seven hours, though otherwise, under the scrutiny of Brick and Boomer, they treated her gently. It was the only revenge Brick ever had on Bubbles and Buttercup for kidnapping him.

Anyway, Blossom and Brick never attempted anything on Buttercup as long as she had those pictures. By the time she had given the last of it three months later, all parties concerned had forgotten about it as there were more important things to think about.

And that was the end of the sequence of bizarre events that started when Bubbles asked the Professor if he could take her to the amusement park and the professor said he couldn't.

The End

Author's Note:

To all readers of Allies and Rivals, I have something to say. As you know, the events that happened in The Date and What is Buttercup's Plan? occurred during October and November. And as you know, there was a three month gap between Chapters 21 and 22, between September, when they finally defeated Ckracknow, and December, when Brick challenged Blossom for the leadership. The reason I didn't say it's a continuation is that I don't want to spoil the end of Ckracknow for readers. And now that I've finished it, I can say it.

Most probably, you have already figured this out.

I'd like to say that depending on my schedule, I'll write one more story that occurred during the timeline I mentioned above. It will take place on the final weeks of November, just before Brick challenged Blossom for the leadership. Like the above fics, this isn't serious like Allies and Rivals, more like pranks and tricks and things they do as kids. But I assure you, there would be no romance whatsoever. After finishing the next story, I'll see what other stories about the six kids I can make within the timeline I created for Allies and Rivals.

To DL23400, I agree, super blackmail!

To heather, not only Buttercup, but all of them are crazy!

To libertygirl0115, well, they weren't able to do anything, that's for sure.

To Ud the Imp,not really. Buttercup originally wanted to force Brick and Blossom to a date, and she succeeded. And overall, she won!

To Hairy Gregory, yup, those two boys didn't really have a sense of urgency, and in effect, were just playing with the girls. No, they didn't learn their lesson, but Buttercup made sure she won't be the target of revenge plots while keeping her promise as well.

To BrYtt BRatt,well, they never did learn their lesson, but they can't touch Buttercup either.

And she outfoxed Brick and Blossom too.

To Kats09280416,ha, you seen the date, but not the plan, since they can never do it while Buttercup has the pictures.

To Akum,yup!

To eve,well, they were just having fun, and at the end of they're still sisters who love and care for each other and would never deliberately hurt them, but they also like to play pranks and tricks on each other. And I don't hate Blossom either, though she is bossy and arrogant in the series.

All those things that happened in the above are not serious at all, even though it may seem serious. It's just playing to them, trying to get the best of each other. The serious stuff happens when they are attacked by a villain, and when there is a genuine crisis, and they unite and are very closer together. But in times of peace like this one, a little tension wouldn't hurt at all, and would be a lot of fun!

To Dooly,well, if Blossom and Brick did enjoy it, they won't say anything about it.