Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice;
it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
- William Jennings Bryan


Just like every morning, Jin Kyousuke arrived in the campus with a scowl that was meant to drive everyone away. He disliked mingling with people, most especially those he didn't know yet forced their way to him because of his popularity and stature as a Gear Master. Although he wasn't very much of a chick-magnet compared to his best friend, the campus heartthrob Marume Kuroudo, a handful of annoying, Gear-Fighting-ignorant girls found his appearance as well as his intellect rather cute. He was a boy small for his age, dark eyes framed with round spectacles and untidy black hair always hidden under a not-very-fashionable red bandanna. He still didn't understand what was so cute about the way he looked.

It only took him one glance at his wristwatch to conclude that his best friend was going to be late – again. But saving the blonde's skin had always been his job, right from the time they forged a relationship as best of friends, so he headed towards his locker to do just that. After punching the appropriate number code that opened the cubbyhole, he took out two discs and shoved them inside his pocket. They had been given an assignment in their Information Technology class, and as always, he made two: one for him, and one for Kuroudo. After all, while his best friend was remarkable in sports, kendo for instance, he was not very good when it came to computer wizardry like programming.

Kuroudo never knew of his double tasking, of course. The blonde had always believed that it was out of his own efforts that he earned A's in their assignments and projects, not realizing that Kyousuke would replace his disc with his own whenever their works were due. Their IT teacher always asked them to submit their creations by column, and with Kyousuke sitting in front of his best friend, switching Kuroudo's homework with the one he had made for him was no problem at all.

He shut his locker and turned around to leave, only to come face-to-face with three familiar-looking boys. Great, he thought, rolling his eyes. Towering in front of him were the idiots he had come to loathe during the grand rivalry between the Tobita Club and the Manganji Team, which only recently came to an end at the World Cup Championships. Despite that fact, he still disliked the three to a great extent, being the senseless fools they were.

"Hey, Gear Master," the one named Ryouichi Ebata greeted. He was the scrawny, hot-tempered advertiser of the Manganji Team who happened to enjoy kissing their captain Manganji Takeshi's feet. The last time he charged into the Tobita Club to bring honor to his team, he ended up humiliating himself by proving how much of a loser he was, having been defeated by Marino Kouya, the other team's captain, and the current World Champion. It was obvious, judging from the sarcastic tone of his voice, that he didn't like Kyousuke either, or anyone else from the Tobita Club, for that matter. "How about if we have that extra disc of yours? We're friends, aren't we?"

"I'm telling you, this isn't a good idea, Ebata," Fujiruna Momita whispered nervously. He was the plump, rather sentimental follower of Takeshi who the latter had asked to return to the Tobita Club, where they both originally were from, but since his boss hadn't stepped foot in his old clubhouse yet, he hadn't done so either. With Marino Yuhya, the World Champion's deceased older brother and the first captain of the said team, out of the picture, his loyalty lay on the person he believed to be the rightful successor. And that was Takeshi.

"Shut up, Momita!" Hitotsu Gomano, the last member of the trio, hissed, glaring at his companion, who happened to look a look tougher than he was, as he was lanky compared to the other. He, like Momita, believed that Takeshi was the rightful heir to Yuhya's position as the captain of the Tobita Club, and so followed him in his fallout and his then second ascension as the star of the Manganji Team.

Ebata threw another glare at both of them before he turned back to the spectacled student and grinned as if nothing happened at all. "As I was saying, Jin, I'd like to have that extra disc. I promise that if you'll hand that over, we won't bother you for one full month. And even if Takeshi does choose to return to your dear little club within thirty days, we won't dare go near your clubhouse. All that privilege and comfort for that disc. What do you say?"

A humorless laugh, which the young genius was known for, left him, and then he forced his way through their formation, totally ignoring them and their silly request. He wasn't going to fall for the idiots' tricks, nor would he take their stupid compromises seriously. And he didn't care if they were going to bother him, because the only time they would be able to when he was alone – and he wouldn't be alone anymore, as his comrades at the Tobita Club who the idiots were so afraid of were going to show up anytime soon. And the most they could do was annoy him. It wasn't much of a problem at all.

He felt a hand grip his shoulder firmly, and Ebata, who had refused to give up, spun him around for them to come face-to-face once more. He looked into the other's seething features and laughed humorlessly once more. "You don't get it, do you?" he asked, a mischievous gleam in his dark-hued eyes. Those words provoked the bigger boy to lift him by his shirt, but he only continued to taunt him and his friends. "Go on, go on. Go on with what you're doing. I don't care. It would be a delight to see you flunk this subject and take it all over again during the summer."

"Why you-"

"And even if I'd give you the disc, you still wouldn't be able to pass. Why? Because you're nothing but a bunch of idiots, mindlessly following Takeshi's orders and kissing his feet while you're at it. You think you're so great, being his cronies and being able to stand by his side while the television cameras zoom in on him, but in reality, you're zeros, do you hear me? You're just three big-headed losers who can't even win a Gear Fighting match against a no-"

He wasn't able to continue. Unable to take his insults any longer, Ebata punched him as hard as he could on the face, knocking him halfway across the corridor. The impact sent the smaller boy sprawling on the floor, his eyeglasses flying a good distance away. He had barely recovered from the head-splitting blow when he felt himself being lifted from the floor once more, and then pain jolted through his body as his opponent slammed him into the row of lockers at the opposite end, not holding anything back.

He lifted his head to look at what was going on, and all he saw was a blur. Then, he felt another excruciating blow on his face. As Ebata's fist rammed into his face over and over, his other senses began to join his sight, failing him. Soon, he could no longer hear Gomano and Momita's protests, or the cheering of the crowd… nor could he taste the blood that was trickling from his mouth, or feel his opponent's punches, as his entire body plunged deeper and deeper into the state of numbness.

No! His mind was screaming. You have to fight!

And then the strangest thing happened. He felt something heavy leave him, though he couldn't tell what that something was, and not another blow struck his face afterwards. The observing students, some of them chanting and cheering for his demise at the bully's hands, suddenly fell silent, almost as if they were no longer there. He willed his eyes to open, gathering his remaining strength for that move, and what met his gaze was Ebata's shocked, terrified one from the opposite end of the corridor. He didn't know how the other boy could have ended there, but by looking at his posture and the expression on his face, he knew that he had somehow managed to knock him towards the other row of lockers – and rather painfully, at that.

He felt the last ounce of his strength dissipate into thin air, leaving him, and despite the fact that he didn't want to release his hold on his consciousness, he decided to give in anyway and allowed his eyes to flutter close as he slowly retreated into the realm of nothingness. There was no way he could fight back now; his will to fight alone was unfortunately insufficient. Before the darkness completely enveloped him and took him into its world, however, he vaguely but recognizably saw the three idiots run away from the battlefield with some other frightened students, while the disbelief-filled crowd parted, permitting a blonde-haired young man who was calling out his name to make his way through…

Author's Notes: Well, there you have it; the introductory installment of my CGT/DBZ crossover. I hope you liked it. Anyway, first off I would like to publicly thank Miss Lous for patiently helping me with this project, even if she hasn't seen a single CGT episode. She's not only assisting in the brainstorming side, she's making the lovely artwork for this, too. Yay!

Second, I only made up the last names of Momita and Gomano. I might've missed it, but I don't remember their last names being mentioned in the series. And, as you might've notice or will notice as the story progresses, I'm writing their names as they're supposed to be. That means you'll see 'Ririka' instead of 'Lilika', and some others. If I commit mistakes in terms of the names, please do let me know.

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