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How to Get Your Guy Back in Ten Days

Chapter One: The Meeting of Souls

Kurama was down in the doldrums.

His spirits had never been this low. He was feeling beyond melancholic. He was depressed.

He had never been this depressed in his entire life, both as a youko and as a ningen.

He sighed and slowly let the wine he was drinking swirl.

If only he had never learned to love. If only he had remained as cold and heartless as Youko Kurama had. If only he did not love Hiei as much as he did. If only he had picked someone else. If only…

But it had to be that fire demon. It just had to be him.

Kurama wanted to laugh sarcastically. As Youko Kurama, countless demons have laid down everything just to get his attention. As Minamino Shuuichi, he even has his own fans club that contains legions of girls and some boys.

All he had to do was pick.

But then he had to fall for the most insensitive youkai in all the three worlds.

And now where was he?

In a very classy bar inside a very classy hotel drinking very expensive wine by himself.

Yes. By himself. 

How pathetic can he get?

But he couldn't help it.

It was his birthday and yet Hiei – cold and insensitive Hiei  - hadn't even bothered to greet him. It was as if all those years of being friends and knowing almost everything about each other and hanging around his house were nothing. It was as if Kurama was never important to him.

The redhead wanted to cry. Of all the occasions to forget, Hiei had to forget this one.

Where were his family and his other friends you may ask?

His mother and stepfather were on a business trip in London. Little Shu-chan (who wasn't really little anymore) was in a boarding school and was preparing for an important exam. Yuusuke was busy with the Ramen shop because Keiko was in the most critical time of her pregnancy. Yukina, Shizuru, Kuwabara and Genkai had sent cards earlier that week. Botan dropped by last night and said that Koenma was sending his greetings as well.

They had all sent their greetings. They had remembered.

He did not.

Kurama drank the wine in his glass to the last drop. How many did he have already? Two? Probably even three. But he didn't feel the least bit drunk. Youkos have high tolerance when it comes to alcoholic drinks. [1]

So why in the world did he still drink if he knew he wouldn't get drunk enough to forget even for one night?

Because he thought, he just thought, maybe this once, he'd get really drunk.

But as of – he glanced at his watch – nine in the evening, he was still sober.

Tough luck on getting drunk.

Fuchoin Kazuki was upset.

Why did Jubei have to cancel at the very last minute? Why didn't he cancel yesterday? If he did, Kazuki would've made up an excuse to not attend Madoka's concert. After all, all their invited friends were there on a date.

Ginji was with Ban. Emishi was with Natsumi. Hevn was with a new boyfriend. Himiko was with Akabane. Shido was there to watch his girlfriend play of course.

He was supposed to be with Jubei even if in the Kakei Ryu master did not know it was a date. Ok. He had the slightest inclination that it was one but Kazuki had assured him that it was just a 'friendly' date. Double emphasis on friendly. Ouch.

Anyway, that was the plan. But then he called his cellphone that evening – the moment the gang stepped inside the hotel – to say he couldn't make it.

How Kazuki hated that day.

After that phone call, he excused himself from the group saying that he would just catch up. He said he needed to do something.

Yeah. Like grabbing a drink or two in the hotel bar.

Ginji was sensing something wrong, Kazuki knew. But he just smiled and said that he was fine. He would join them momentarily.

He made sure they were already out of sight before entering the bar. He almost sank in the chair he sat on. He ordered a Martini.

Ahh… That really feels good, he thought as the liquid lowly made its way down his throat.

He glanced to his side and saw a beautiful redhead beside him drinking some expensive looking wine. The redhead looked depressed beyond words. He looked like he was too depressed and it made Kazuki feel that the way he was feeling was nothing compared to what the man beside him felt.

Suddenly feeling that the man beside him needed someone to talk to, Kazuki tapped his shoulder lightly.

"Anou… Daijoubu desu ka?"

The redhead turned his head and Kazuki found himself gazing at the most tantalizing pair of sad green eyes he had ever seen.

Someone tapped his shoulder. Why did someone have to tap his shoulder? Why now that he didn't feel talking to anyone?

He was about to brush that person off when he heard him speak. The person's voice was soft and was soothing making him turn his head and let his eyes meet the eyes of the one beside him.

The person was a man and his eyes almost widened at the beauty of the sight he was given.

Kurama was speechless.

Something about the redhead made him want to reach out. Maybe it was the sadness in those green orbs. Maybe it was the way the way his bangs framed that beautiful face. Maybe it was both. Whatever it was, it made Kazuki want to reach out.

Something about the brown haired man beside him made him want to pour his heart out. Was it how soft his voice was? Was it how those brown eyes emanated overwhelming kindness? He didn't know and he decided he didn't care.

"Daijoubu ja nai," he said softly, tearing his eyes from the beauty beside him.

"Oh…" He paused. "Can I be of any help?" He was hesitant. "Iie… perhaps I'm being a busy body and you would want to be alone and…"

Kurama shook his ahead. "The last thing I want to be is to be alone. Please stay."

The same goes here, Kazuki wanted to say.

There was silence for a while.

"It's my birthday," the redhead started.

The Fuchoin Ryu master smiled. "Happy Birthday then."

The redhead drank the wine in his glass straight. "Hn. Thanks. If only it was truly happy."

Kazuki's smile faded. He wished he knew something to ease the sadness of the person beside him. He didn't know why he wanted to do that to a complete stranger but wanted to do it nonetheless.

Maybe the alcohol was finally doing things to his mind. He was talking to a complete stranger! He was telling a stranger his feelings! He was pouring his heart out to someone he had only known for like – he checked his watch again – less than five minutes! He didn't even know his name!

And yet, Kurama knew he didn't mind.

What was really surprising was the fact that he wanted the man beside him to stay.


Kazuki turned to the direction of the bar's entrance and saw Mido Ban looking quite pissed off.

"What the hell are you doing there? Ginji has been worried sick about you. Madoka-chan's concert is going to start in less than ten minutes!"

The concert! I almost forgot it!

"Looks like your friend is calling you already."

Kazuki glanced at his companion. Truth be told, he didn't want to go to the concert now that he was left without a date. He cringed at the thought of spending a night with – he mentally counted – five couples and having no Jubei beside him.

But he had promised Madoka he would be there to hear the violin piece she composed for the gang.

"Oi! What's taking you so long?"

His eyes lit up. That was the answer!

Itomaki? His name is a 'bundle of strings'? Kurama mentally shook his head. Nah. Maybe it's just a nickname of some sort…

'Yeah. Like kitsune no baka. That's a nice nickname.' He thought then stopped himself before his thoughts could travel back to the source of his misery.

The kitsune sighed inwardly. It wasn't actually Hiei's fault that he was miserable on this day of all days. It was his. It was his decision to expect something therefore making himself hope. In making himself hope, he had become vulnerable to being hurt.

"Anou…" the voice of the one called Itomaki brought him out of his inner struggle.  "Would you like to attend a violin concert with me?"

Kurama blinked. Maybe he had heard him wrong.

It had been said that Music can soothe the aching soul. And that was what Kazuki had in mind.

Maybe together, Music can soothe both our aching hearts and souls.

"My friend cancelled and I have an extra ticket. The performer is a friend of mine too. Maybe her music can make your birthday nicer, na?"

He was smiling at him again and Kurama found it hard to say no.

The kitsune allowed himself to return the smile given to him. "That would be awfully nice of you."

Kazuki's smile widened.

"By the way, I'm Fuchoin Kazuki," he said, extending a hand.

The redhead shook it. "Minamino Shuuichi. Nice meeting you."

- Owari



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