Family Man

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Very much not mine. No spoilers or pairings


She was beyond beautiful, a true shining gem among women.

Or at least, that's what Roy Mustang was telling her.

"An angel come down from on high," he told her, a charming smile playing over his lips. The woman, Mary something or other, giggled and played with her hair flirtatiously and he moved in closer. "Dearest angel, I realise that I am totally unworthy, but perhaps I could interest you in an evening of dinner and dancing?"

A smile played around her mouth and Roy relaxed, resisting the urge to smirk, confident in his plans for the rest of the evening. He was in a supremely good mood at the moment. It had been a good day. There were no emergencies, he'd met a woman who was beautiful AND willing, he'd managed to elude Hawkeye and duck out on all his paperwork, and he'd spent the previous hour enjoyably teasing the Fullmetal Alchemist about his height.

Possibly it would have been better for him if he'd left the last two parts out of his day.

"Oh Daaaad..."

Roy stiffened as someone tugged at his sleeve, and looked down.

Golden eyes gleamed up at him in evil amusement. "Come onnn..." Edward Elric whined at him, his hair loose around his shoulders as he tried his best to look small and cute and even younger than his fifteen years. "You PROMISED you'd check my homework for me!"

Roy snapped his head up quickly. "Please ignore him," he told whatever-her- name-was. "He's just a poor deluded child. I give him money from time to time out of charity. Feeble-minded you know."

Mary or whoever looked almost convinced.

"Come ON Dad," Ed continued to tug at Roy's arm. He glanced behind him and grinned. "Mom's waiting for you."

Roy started to reach for his gloves when he looked in the direction of Ed's glance to see Hawkeye approaching him, a grim expression on her face. Mary looked at the blonde woman striding towards them with a proprietal expression on her face, and the blonde child clinging to Roy and huffed.

"Men!" She snarled, and stalked off angrily.

Ed let go of Roy and jumped back just as Hawkeye arrived. "Taisa," she said abruptly. "There are a number of reports that require your urgent attention."

"You... he..." Roy spluttered as Ed continued to back away.

"Well, good luck with that!" Ed cheered as he strategically withdrew. "I'll see you in a couple of weeks, okay?" Turning, he ran to where his brother was waiting by the door and the two boys quickly dashed out. Roy was still staring after them when Ed poked his head back in the doorway.

"Say Pops, can I borrow the car?"

The flame blast nearly took his braid off, but Ed maintained that it was more than worth a few burns to see THAT expression on Mustang's face.