Theme: All dialogue

Bad Dreams

By Kayden Eidyak

"Mama, I had another bad dream."

"Another one? What about this time?"

"Pirates. There were chasing me all over and waving their swords at me."

"Oh, you poor thing. But you know, not all pirates are mean."


"Yes. In fact, your daddy's best friend is a pirate and a good man…uh, most of the time. But he would never chase little boys around with a sword."

"Are you sure?"


"Is he your friend too?"

"Well, most of the time. Now go to bed, little one."

"Awww, do I have to?"

"Of course you do."

"Goodnight, mama."

"Goodnight, darling."

- - -

Theme: Luck

Word Count: 100

To Be Lucky or Not to be Lucky. That is the Question.

By Kayden Eidyak

It's Ana's boat! I'm in luck. She'll not mind if I…*slap!*

Well, maybe she will. Definitely unlucky.

The Pearl! They're going to blow up my cell! Or not…

"My sympathies friend. You've no manner of luck at all."

Don't I know it.

Bootstrap's son? Yes! My lucky day!

He just whacked me on the head with an oar! Nevermind. Not my lucky day.

Stuck on an island. Unlucky. Rescued. Lucky. Stuck again. Unlucky. Stuck with Elizabeth. Lucky. Rescued…not so lucky.

Staring at noose. Not lucky. The whelp saves the day! That's lucky!

Falling off the cliff…

You get the idea.

- - -

Theme: Faith

Word Count: 100


By Kayden Eidyak

He vaguely remembered. As though it was part of some past life. He'd been through enough to cover three lifetimes. Wasn't surprising he couldn't remember much. Though, he remembered the long, boring hours he sat while listening to someone drone on and on about someone they were to have faith in. The church had drawn his attention for some reason and he stood and stared at the cross that sat atop the small building. Faith in God. That was it. He smirked and walked away. He'd keep his faith reserved for those he knew and saw, thank you very much.

- - -

Theme: Hope

Word Count: 136

Hope Prevails

By Kayden Eidyak

In the coming light

A Sparrow took flight.

To seek a treasure

Beyond all measure.

Long he sought

And tarried not,

For a chest of gold

In stories told.

A game was played,

The crew betrayed.

Left alone,

No place was home.

One last shot,

It's all he's got.

Ten years yearning,

Revenge was burning.

A by-chance duel

With a blacksmith fool,

Put lives in motion

That were nobody's notion.

Sail to the cave,

The fair lady to save.

A battle of wits between two ships,

One on of which gets blown to bits.

Marooned once more,

Rescued by the Commodore.

Return again to the cove,

To fight amongst the golden trove.

A clash between two deathless souls,

Each one with two separate goals.

A resounding boom,

Of echoing doom.

Return the token,

The curse is broken.

Darkness fails,

Hope prevails.

- - -

Theme: Jack

Word Count: 100


By Kayden Eidyak

He was old. Too old. It was time. He hated it more than anything, but it was time. Time. It had taken its toll. His hair now grey and too thin to hold the heavier items it had once carried. Fingers too gnarled and painful from countless nights in the pouring, frigid rain. His sight had dimmed and could scarcely see his compass, and his ears, well they were not what they had once been either. Though his cocky grin was the same. For over seventy years he had toiled upon this beautiful ship, and now it was definitely time.

- - -

Theme: Ship Name Generator

Word Count: 200

The Black Sadness

By Kayden Eidyak

Jack watched his mother's body being lowered into the ground next to his father's own grave. The hand of some distant relation - a great aunt, he thought, or perhaps a cousin some times removed - was rested on his shoulder. He clutched his hat to his chest and fought for control of his emotions. What would his father think if he saw him crying here in front of all these people?

"Come, Jack," the woman said. "You will live with me now."

Jack stared up at the woman's stern face, tightly twisted hair, and crisp black dress.

She took his arm in a claw-like hand and began leading him a way. Jack twisted around, hoping for one last glimpse of his mother's pale face.

"Jack, turn around straight and behave yourself," his aunt reprimanded.

His mother not five minutes into the ground and this person was already scolding him, he thought with a scowl.

Well, not if he had anything to say about it.

He turned sharply and jerked out of her grasp.

"Goodbye, aunt," he said, folding his hand in a prayer-like manner and bowing slightly to her, before running towards the harbor for all he was worth.

- - -

Theme: Crossover - Disney's Peter Pan

Word Count: 153

An Insane Drabble-Length Crossover Biz Made Us All Write

By Kayden Eidyak

Jack and Co. were sailing along when the ship began floating into the air. Higher and higher they went, up to a star. Eventually, they landed on said star.

"Welcome to Neverland!" a little boy dressed up in a raccoon suit said.

"Say what?" Jack said.


A figure dressed in green came swooping down from overhead.

"Where?!" said Jack, wildly looking around for said pirates.

"You!" said the figure in green, landing before Jack.

"Me?" asked Jack. "Where am I, anyway?"

"Neverland," said Raccoon Boy again.

"Where's that, though?"

"The second star to the right…" sang Raccoon Boy.

"Enough!" said the figure in green.

The raccoon boy was quiet.

"Who are you!" demanded TFIG.

"Captain Jack Sparrow, who are you?"

"I'm Peter Pan."

"How do I get back?"

"Pixie dust!"

"Say what?"

"Tinkle, tinkle," said Tinkerbell.

And the Black Pearl began to float away once more, never to return to said star.