A Sphere Hunter's Tears

b A Change In The Tide

Three years after the death of Sin, a beautiful 20 year woman with short ash brown hair and a long pony tail lay in her bed with tears in her eyes. Her best friends knew the reason for her tears. Paine and Rikku sat in the lounge like area near the beds." I hope Yunie stops missing him," Rikku whispered to Paine." I'm not sure she will ever stop, or at least try and mask the thoughts that cause her so much emotional pain," Panie whispered back to Rikku.

Yuna turned to her friends and got up out of bed slowly. Tears still in her eyes, sparkling like stars as they roll slowly down her cheeks. Her friends looking at her with comforting eyes. She walked over to her friends.

" I miss Tidus! Where is he? I have to find him," Yuna cried out as she fell into the couch." Yuna it's ok don't worry we will find him, I know it!" said Rikku who was jumping around trying to cheer her cousin up from her depressed state." Rikku can you calm down??" Paine questioned as she tried to comfort Yuna." Okay, Rikku can you bring us to Besaid Island?" Paine asked Rikku. Just as Paine finish her question she head a quick" Yep, Yep, to Besaid on the double" Rikku yelled back as she jumped over the railing down to the floor and ran full speed down the hall to the elevator.

After Paine watched Rikku speed off she noticed Yuna was asleep with the glittering tears still in her emerald and aquamarine eyes. Then Paine felt a memory come back of her mother. She remembered when her mother told her what some eye colors meant about the person. She new hers meant her own characteristic was 'strength' , Rikku's characteristic was 'caring', and Yuna's 'love'. Paine was so lost in thought she didn't notice Yuna had woken up and was looking out the window.

" Yuna?" Paine said as she looked at Yuna and trying to read her mind.

" Paine," Yuna paused," I miss him so much, I just want to see him, feel his strong, muscular arms around me, kiss him, thank him, just one more time." p p Yuna paused again,"That's all I want, and to tell him that I love him! " As Yuna finished the three arrived in Besaid. Rikku came back to the cabin and excitedly said," Time to visit Wakka and Lulu," she paused an said, " Then can we hit the beach?? Huh Huh?? Pleeeease can we??" Rikku said as she jumped up and down in hopeful excitement. Yuna looked at Paine questioningly. " Your choice Yuna," Paine said with a 'I don't care as long as Rikku doesn't choose my swimsuit!!' voice.

On Besaid Island Beach

"Wakka!! Lulu!!" Rikku yelled running like there was no tomorrow kicking the sand up, followed by Yuna in giggling fit, followed by Paine walking, shaking her head. As the sand cleared from the crystal clear blue sky Paine found Yuna rolling in the sand still in a fit of laughter. Paine reached a hand down to Yuna." Thanks," Yuna said, as she stood up to dust herself off. Yuna and Paine jogged to join up with the Wakka, Lulu, and the heavily panting Rikku.

"Lulu, Wakka, it is so nice to see you! How are you?," Yuna said with a friendly sparkling smile. "We doin' ok here,ya?"Wakka said as he glanced quickly at Lulu." The baby is fine to," Lulu paused,"And Wakka still can not choose a name for Little Wakka." Yuna and Rikku looked at Lulu with confused faces. "I call him that cause I got sick of calling him baby." "Ohh" said Rikku and Yuna simultaneously.

A loud noise shook the small island. "W-What was that??" Rikku screamed in terror along with Yuna. "What in the name of-" Paine was cut off by Yuna crying," Did you hear that??" All the others quickly shook their heads no. Then the group looked up and saw the dark gray steamy sky above them. But Yuna didn't, she could easily bet anything on what she saw. Catching her breath, Yuna ran after what she saw. "Yunie?!?!, Wait up!!" Rikku yelped, as the blond Al Bhed ran full speed after her cousin. The others followed her.

The group caught a quick glance of Yuna entering Besaid Temple." What the hell happening?? Ok, first dark clouds with a storm and Yunie gone crazy," just as Rikku finished a strong wind came in with a loud and familiar whistle. "And wind is another problem!!"Rikku yelled trying to speak over the wind. " Ok, its time to go help Yuna, what ever she's doing we must find out and make sure that she's all right," Paine said in concerned tone while talking over the wind.

As Rikku ran she felt the wind against her bare stomach and her long legs and as wind grew stronger Rikku couldn't walk and almost got picked up and flung around by the wind. But just in time Paine,Lulu and Wakka grabbed her and pulled her down." Thanks!!" Rikku yelled to Paine, Lulu and Wakka. They nodded.

" Dig your hands in to the ground so you don't get pulled up!!" yelled Wakka. "Lulu can't you do a spell?" asked Paine. " I'll try it, responded Lulu. Lulu cast shell and protect on the group as the rest of the Aurachs team joined Rikku,Paine,Lulu, and Wakka.

"What's goin' on?" asked a very confused Jassu. "Yunie has gone crazy!!" Rikku replied."Oh," the team said still a little confused."She is in the temple"Lulu said. The wind stoped, and the group ran in to the temple with Rikku just a few feet in front of Paine.

"Stop!" Paine said loudly and took a quick breath,"Rikku, Lulu, Wakka, your coming with me! The rest of you split up in groups and guard the stairs, door, and the two rooms on the side!" They all nodded their heads and got ready to go. "Let's go!"said paine as she ran up the stairs toward the center of the temple. Rikku,Lulu, and Wakka followed Paine.

Yuna heard here friends calling her, but she knew what she saw or at least she tought she knew. But she did know that her heart would not let her leave, not untill she knew for sure what she saw if it was...