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f0fs28 cf0 OMG I love you all so much screams wahoo and jumps around squeezes all the readers, reviewers, co-authors, and gives reviewers & co-authors some gil, looks regretful and stanches some from co-authors and runs like hell to get away from the faster one while yelling Ok i am now all better i think. i am so sorry for my slowness in this i typed 1/4 of ch.6 but then forgot to save it!! clumsy me!! smacks wrist and i must read stories and i'm to damn lazy to work on my own and again i apologizes for my horrible diseases of laziness and the dreaded writer's block (so if you have any ideas for me contact me please and should i have a lemon or wait on it??) -In fake Indian accent- A thousand pardons for my bad deeds.}