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Story: "The Distance" is set four years after "You Had Me From Hello" The war has started, Hermione is left at home with her husband and child while her two friends Ron and Harry have gone to face the war head on.


Thunder and Lightening had always frightened Hermione as a child. It seemed to her as if it was a fight between sight and sound that she was about to get caught up in. With each rippling thunder she would crumple into her bed secretly hoping the light would win. With her duvet over her head, she would shake until the war was over.

Now, as an adult it mesmerised her. She sat at the window watching the forked lightening shoot across the sky, rain tumbling down the pain of glass. The grounds below the tower illuminated. How tempting the forbidden forest looked by the silver light. The air within the bedroom was icy, the fire on the far wall had died out hours before, typical of a mid-October night. Hermione pulled her hip length hair over her shoulder and played with it instinctively. Her silk covered knees pressed into her chest, trying to keep herself warm.

Her husband, Severus Snape was sprawled across the bed that was dressed in green and silver. Sleeping peacefully; that was, until a ripple of thunder could be heard, closer than the previous. Hermione couldn't help but laugh as Severus fell to the floor after running out of bed space when he rolled over onto his back.

"Bugger." He cursed mid-laugh. The stone floor was cold on his back. "Bloody bugger!" He jumped straight back into bed. He suddenly realised he hadn't woken his wife, she was sitting watching him from the window. A perfect smile upon her face. "To bed with you Mrs Snape!" He pulled down the duvet, inviting her inside. She sighed and gave in climbing into the warm and inviting bed. Her cold body sent a refreshing shiver down his spine. "Bloody hell you're cold." He covered her with his warm body, rubbing his warm feet over hers. He never wore pyjamas, he always wore boxers and a t-shirt. How very muggle for a pureblood Hermione thought lovingly. His body moved with ease over her silken covered body. "What were you doing up? It's three am!"

It wasn't until she was lying down that she realised how tired she was. She hadn't been sleeping to well the last few weeks.

"The thunder woke me." She watched the fork reappear in the sky. The storm still had to pass the castle. She was lying of course. She hadn't even tried to go asleep. How could she? He knew what was wrong. He always did. That's what she loved about him.

"Thinking about Harry and the war?" Severus asked kissing Hermione's neck softly, her back was nestled into his chest. She fitted perfectly. She was perfect. Hermione nodded hesitantly after a moments thought. She knew she couldn't hide anything from him. She also knew he wouldn't get angry as long as she was honest. "Wishing you were there?"

"You know I'm not one to shy away from a fight." Hermione whispered over the cackle of thunder. "It's not that I'm not happy being here, I wouldn't want anything to spoil what we have, it's just that- I feel like- like- a coward!"

"Hermione, my sweet." He turned her around to face him, his leg pulling her further in to him. "The war will come here soon enough. Voldermort is only in France recruiting death eaters from the school. You are doing your bit here. My witch, you are teaching those children how defend themselves. You are not a coward and you will get your moment to shine." He kissed her nose as she nodded. Of course he was right, she thought as another, louder and more dangerous rumble was heard directly above them. A scream was heard and within a second a small figure came from the open door and scrambled under the duvet. The third cold body pulled man and wife apart with a noise that was half way between a giggle and a whimper. A raven head poked out the top between Hermione and Severus. A four year old girl who was also afraid of the thunder and lightening had come to seek refuge in her parents bed.

"Andromeda?" Hermione hugged the little girl who shrieked at yet another burst of thunder. "Sweetie. It's ok!" Hermione pulled the girl into her. Severus' two girls smiled at him. Andromeda was asleep again in an instant ignoring the fading thunder. Hermione smoothed the little girls matted hair and removed the girls thumb from her mouth. "Why on earth do I want to go and fight Severus?" She questioned him putting her hand to his cheek. He nuzzled it. "I could never do anything to jeopardize what I have here."

"You don't regret any-"

"Nothing! I just wish our child wasn't cooped up in the castle grounds. I want it over and done with." Hermione explained as Severus climbed over both mother and child so he could hug both of them. "She has no idea what a beautiful world is waiting outside for her. Severus, all she knows is war and hatred."

"No." He disagreed, kissing his wife's neck. "She knows love, and courage. She sees it everyday. In you. I see it everyday, in you. Now hush... We have school in the morning." The both drifted off into deep slumber.


Severus was awoken by the profound swearing of his wife. It was seven o'clock and she was up running a bath for their daughter who was now in his arms, sucking her thumb. How long had Hermione been up? As gently as he could he removed his arms from the sleeping angel and went in search around the bed for his slippers.

Stumbling into the bathroom, his short hair dishevelled he found her crying quietly into the bath. cradling her scalded hand. She had been testing the heat of the water for her daughter. He rushed to her side, wetting a cloth with cold water.

"My love what is wrong?!" Severus questioned silencing Hermione's soft whimper with a kiss. She shook her head, dismissing the question and denying him his kiss, drying her eyes. "Will you tell me?!" He cradled her.

"Andy?! Bath time!" Hermione shouted through the open bathroom door, clambering to her feet and out of Severus' arms. No answer. Hermione knew the little girl was awake. It was a game they played, but Hermione was in no mood today. Severus could see her holding back the tears. It angered him that she wouldn't tell him. He was growing fearful of what was upsetting his love. What had happened since they fell asleep four hours previous? "Andromeda Elizabeth Snape!" Hermione shouted. Andromeda knew her mother was in no mood. "I'm going to count to three: One, two-" By the third count a bouncy, alert four year old skipped into the bathroom, removed herself of the purple flannelette pyjamas and plunked herself into the warm bathtub. She then turned to her parents and gave them a cheeky smile.

Hermione's heart melted. Her daughter was beautiful, she had her father's dark hair and Hermione's warm and friendly eyes. Hermione reprimanded herself for taking her mood out on her innocent daughter.

"Bubbles mummy?!" Andromeda pouted. She had learnt that from Ron, who had always known how to get his own way. Hermione tried to stop her tears from welling up again. She waved her hand at the bath and it instantly filled with colourful bubbles to the delight of her daughter. "Daddy? Why are you sad?" She had been distracted my her Severus' solemn glare.

"Nothing my sweet!" He lied. He was sulking, Hermione had denied him a kiss and was hiding something from him. Hermione smiled at her daughter and lead Severus out, she made her way the window seat and sat down. Severus rested upon the fire place, facing away from Hermione. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" He raged, not hearing Hermione's sobs. "I know you feel like a caged bird but-" He turned to find Hermione looking at him with helpless eyes. She began crying, trying to keep from crying loudly. She didn't want her daughter to see her crying. Severus had joined her at the window seat. "What is it?!" He asked holding her. She handed him a piece of parchment.

"Ron!" Hermione whimpered. "He was killed last night!" She explained as he read the parchment. It was a page from the Daily Prophet listing all the dead and injured from Beauxbatons. There at the bottom was the name; Ronald Weasley. "Voldermort killed him. I was wanting to get out there. And he's been killed." All Severus could do was rock Hermione and whisper softly into her ear. "I'm sorry!"

"What ever for?!" Severus asked. He knew what she was apologising for. She was now feeling guilty for wanting to be out in France with her friends. For wanting to go to a fight that would most certainly get her killed. She didn't get to explain, because another name caught his eye. He wasn't dead. But he was injured. "Harry?!" Severus whispered.

"I know, what must he be thinking. How selfish am I thinking about myself at a time like th-"

"No, He's been injured!" Severus showed her the cutting.

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