As requested by Ron, the great hall was decorated beyond belief two weeks after the fall of Voldermort. Everyone who had survived were there. Dressed for the occasion. Harry sat at the top table, looking over the survivors. Ron was to his left. Severus was to his right, Andromeda on his knee. Hermione was no were to be seen. Late. As usual.

"Uncle Harry?" Andromeda questioned nibbling on a chicken wing. Harry turned to her. "Are you and Uncle Ron going to get married now?"

"Andromeda!" Severus coughed into his goblet.

"I'm only asking." Andromeda excused herself indignantly. "I want to go to a wedding."

"Well maybe we are the wrong people to be asking to get married Andy." Ron leaned over to suggest. On cue, Hermione entered the room dressed in robes of copper, gold and red. A true Griffindor. Every pair of hands clapped into a crescendo and only ended once Hermione had reached the high table.

Hermione joined Ginny at the opposite side of the high table from Severus and Harry.

"You've hurt him." Ginny didn't even attempt to lower her voice. She was feeding Jonathan. Hermione blushed.

"Don't Ginny." Hermione helped herself to a plate full of pasta. "What have you and Draco got planned?"

"Not sure. I want to teach. Draco wants to look after the children. Perhaps Care of the Magical Creatures." Ginny helped her self to an apple. "You still going to leave?"

"He hasn't given me a reason to stay." Hermione reasoned with her. "Am I being too hard on him?" Hermione was saved from Ginny's honest and brutal answer by the opening of the great hall doors. In stepped Albus and Hagrid.

"My dear Minerva. Have you told her the good news?" Albus questioned as he reached the table.

"I was waiting for you." She allowed Albus and Hagrid to find themselves seats before asking for silence. "We have won! However the ministry is still in chaos. " This was news to Hermione. "We are in the process of righting the system. We require a new Minster of magic. We believe this should go to one person who has been with us throughout the fight. Harry, you may be the boy who lived. However, you requested that Hermione Granger take on the role of Minister of Magic. Hermione?" Minerva looked to the gob smacked woman.

"I will have to think on it." Hermione answered honestly. "I would however, like to propose a toast. To those we lost in battle; Percy Weasly. He may have strayed to the dark side, but we will still miss him. Ron Weasley, even though he couldn't give us peace for five minutes and stay dead." Hermione paused to allow a small laugh. "Neville Longbottom, who died valiantly. His wife gave birth to their son Ronald N Longbottom last week. Oliver Wood. The great quidditch captain, who died protecting me and my child." Severus stormed from the room the instant Oliver's name was mentioned leaving Hermione to wrap up quickly and follow him to his room.

"Damn you. Your jealous of him even though he's dead. You are pathetic." Hermione screeched. "Can't you show any respect?" She watched Severus pace. "I thought by you going to see Alisha. To kick the fuck out of her, or what ever you did would get this out of your system. What is it I need to do?"

"Nothing." Severus snapped, still fighting his demons.


Hermione sat in the front grounds of Hogwarts wishing herself a happy birthday. It had been two months since the fall of Voldermort and it was only in the first week of school that order was fully restored. Hermione bathed in the autumn sun watched Hagrid plant a new rose plant outside his home. He had been brought home by Albus a week after the war ended and both now lived in harmony in the hut. Albus was waiting for the right time to declare his love for Minerva. Hagrid was happy to be home and retaking his role as teacher of Care of Magical Creatures.

Her mother and Remus had moved into one of the castles many towers where they were trying for a baby. Hermione thought how strange it would be for Andromeda to be older than her uncle. However stranger things had happened.

Hermione was to leave at Christmas. Her relationship with Severus had become too frustrating that Hermione couldn't stay. She had attempted to leave a few weeks after the end of the war. However Minerva had procrastinated by urging her to stay until they could find a suitable replacement and while Severus had gone on a mission. She asumed Minerva wasn't actually looking. Hoping that one day something would click between her and Severus. But while he could tell her he loved her until he was blue in the face. That just wasn't what Hermione wanted to hear. She knew that. She needed to know that he trusted her.

"Happy Birthday." A cold, sombre voice disturbed her thoughts. They hadn't parted on good terms the last time they had spoken. He was still nursing his wounded pride. It was the first time she had seen him since the feast.

"Where have you been?" Hermione questioned instantly. It was One in the afternoon on Saturday and the only people to wish her happy birthday had been the students. The faculty had gone missing since breakfast, which she had been too late to attend. She was now bitter, thinking people had forgotten.

"That would be telling." Severus crept in front of her and kneeled. "I love you Hermione."

"Stop it." Hermione's eyes glazed over. "You know that is not what I want to hear." She wiped away a stray tear. "I nursed you back to health. I almost cost us the war to save you. And you still can't say it. Some happy birthday gift." Hermione was being pulled up.

"Follow me."

"Not until you tell me where you have been." Hermione stood her ground refusing the offered hand.

"I retrieved Oliver's body from the inn you were at. He deserved an honourable burial." His answer was brief. Severus held a weak Hermione and led her inside the castle and through a labyrinth of halls to there destination. Their garden. Before they entered, he kissed her. She didn't stop him. Nor did she kiss him back. "I trust you Hermione." He declared, knowing her response. Knowing she would ask him to prove it. He ushered her into the garden. "I trust you with my heart and soul. Enough to know you'll say yes." She looked around to the congregation in the garden. Everyone was there. The entire Weasley family. Harry, on standby to give Hermione away. Ginny and Draco were cradling their sleeping children, Elizabeth and Remus were at the front keeping Andromeda calm. Minerva and Albus stood under a canopy where the lovers chair took pride of place. Albus would be present this time. It felt right.

"Yes-" Hermione began. Wanting to tease him. "-To what?" A smile spreading her face. He stooped down on one knee. Her ring in his hand.

"Hermione Granger. My friend, my lover. My soul mate. Forgive me for not telling you that I have always trusted you. You have never given me reason to doubt you. I have let you down again. I can't live, breath, without you. Marry me." He looked to her. "Make me whole again."

"You trust me?" Severs nodded. "Then you know the answer." Hermione pulled him into a tight embrace. "I trust you." She whispered in his ear. "I'm sorry for what I've done to you."

"We are together now. That's all that matters." He transfigured her robes with the wave of his hand. She raised her eyebrow at him. "Took a tip from you."

"Well it will be useful tonight!" She returned to whisper in his ear after she looked at her pale ivory summer dress.


"I assume we get a honeymoon this time?" Hermione questioned as the ceremony closed.

"Of course. Your mother and Remus need to get used to having a child in the home. I've told Andromeda to wreck havoc." He smiled at her as Andromeda joined them.

"You've had this all arranged, haven't you?" Hermione questioned him, sitting on his knee in the garden.

"I trusted you to say yes." Severus answered. "Thank god you said yes."

"Did you doubt me?" Hermione questioned as she watched Ron attack the buffet. He did not take anything away from his month in the hospital wing after his week long feast went sour.

"Not for a second." Severus replied instantly. Andromeda giggled. "Maybe a second of doubt." He tickled Andromeda. "Well this little girl did tell me that you were really mad at me, and would hex the Cannons if I asked you to marry me." Severus allowed Hermione to stand while he swung his little girl around the garden. "Now, you be good for gamma and moony." Severus laughed alongside Andromeda's giggle. He handed her to Hermione to say her goodbye.

"My little star. I wish you could come with us."

"Will you come back with a little brother or sister?" Andromeda asked innocently. Unaware of the connotation. Hermione laughed as she eyed Severus saying goodbye to everyone else.

"I'm not promising anything. But we'll look." Hermione hugged the girl.

"I can come with you next time?" Hermione nodded. Her daughter will see the world she would make sure of that.

"We will have to go dear." Severus grabbed Hermione waist. "See you all next month." They both waved goodbye.

"Where are we going." Hermione asked as the reached the gates.

"Where it all started." Was his answer as they apperated.

The End


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