Title: Haunting Me
Disclaimer: Standard, I own crap.
Rating: R for sexual situations, (ie rape) in later chapters. Otherwise a clean PG-13 for language and violence.
Summary: When one of the RAW diva's is attacked, it brings the un-likeliest group of people together.
Notes: For posterity's sake, this occurs after the draft lottery. RAW-3/29



Lillian Garcia shouldered her purse, tucking a hand in her jacket pocket as she walked through the near empty halls of the arena. RAW had been over for exactly ten minutes and thirty five seconds..and it appeared that everyone had cleared out to enjoy the city or to see Fozzy. The blonde laughed quietly as she passed by the locker room that Chris Jericho had been assigned, tonight had certainly been a Highlight Reel to remember. She raked a hand through her hair as she turned the corner, her heels clicking on the concrete floor; the only noise emitting in the hallway. However, just as she reached the corridor leading to the exit, the faintest whimper coming from the diva's locker room caught her attention. And although she had promised Chris Benoit, Lita and Stacy she'd meet them as soon as she could; her gut instincts were telling her to find the source of the noise. As she knocked on the door, the whimper was heard again..this time more like a sharp cry of pain. The ring announer bit her lip, pushing the door open. And though she was tired and more than ready to leave..what she saw before her would burn in her mind for the rest of the night. Tucked in the corner, was Nidia- the newest addition to the RAW diva's. While Lillian couldn't clearly see her face, the young woman's position gave some clue to her situation. Tentatively, the blonde stepped forward..carefully approaching the trembling form.

"Nidia?" Lillian crouched down, maintaining some distance. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

Nidia responded by drawing her legs closer to her chest, hissing in pain as she did so. With wide eyes she looked up at Lillian, "N..N..Nothing"

Lillian sighed softly, setting her purse on the ground as she took a closer look. Faint traces of blood around the diva's mouth, her clothes were ripped, and the beginning signs of bruises on her upper arms. "Honey..please. Just tell me what happened"

"No" Nidia tensed, backing further into the corner. "I can't"

Lillian nodded, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Then can I at least give you a ride back to the hotel? Get you cleaned up?"

The diva shook her head. "I can't..he" She blinked back the tears brimming in her eyes. "I can't."

"Sweetheart, the arena's almost empty" Lillian opened her purse, removing a travel pack of kleenex. "We're the only one's here..believe me. I've checked." She offered the package to her, a warm smile on her face.

Nidia took the package, removing a kleenex to dab at the corner of her eyes. "You..you're..you're..sure?"

Lillian nodded, sitting back on her heels. "Yes honey, come on" She reached a hand out to the diva. "Let's get you to the hospital, then back to the hotel...you don't have to tell me anything, but at least let's get you out of here."

Apprehensively, Nidia stretched out her legs..slowly standing. "Thanks" She murmered quietly, returning the package.

Lillian shook her head, "Keep it..I've got plenty" She smiled again, hoping to calm the frazzled nerves of this usually vibrant diva. "We can come back tomorrow for your rental car."

"Didn't take one" Nidia shrugged, tugging her jacket on. "Caught a ride" She dabbed at her eyes again, shouldering her bag carefully.

"Well..let's just get out of here" Lillian shouldered her purse, standing after Nidia was ready. "Are you rooming with anyone?" She glanced around the locker room, noting then..that it had not been in a corner, but between two of the lockers that Nidia was crouched.

Nidia shook her head, taking tentative steps towards the door. "Stacy offered..Lita's offered..but I like to room alone sometimes."

The blonde nodded, Lita's locker had been next to Nidia's. "Those two are real sweethearts." She tucked her hands in her pockets again as the two walked out of the locker room. "My car's right outside of the exit door." She kept her pace even with Nidia as they walked through the halls.

"They've been pretty nice" Nidia's mouth turned up into the tiniest of a smile. "And Victoria too. But..Molly, Gail and Trish..they pretty much ignore me."

"Such is life" Lillian shrugged as they exited the arena. "Just give it some time..most of the people are pretty good folks."

Nidia tensed slightly at those words, but merely nodded. "Yeah"

"Well this is it" Lillian gestured to one of the two remaining rental cars in the lot. "I just need to make a really quick call."

"Can I sit.." Nidia bit her lip, glancing around the parking lot.

"Oh of course" Lillian removed the car keys and her cellphone. "I'll only be a minute..then we can get on out of here." She unlocked the passengers side door for the diva, hitting a button on the phone.


Lita, Stacy, Victoria, Ivory, Edge, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Shane Helms stood out on the sidewalk, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans who had come to see Fozzy perform. Lita had just finished signing an autograph for a fan, when her cellphone rang.

"Where are you?" Lita put a hand over her other ear. "Fozzy's on stage in like ten minutes."

"I got a little held up" Lillian patiently sighed, leaning against the car door. "I won't be able to make it..sorry"

"Somethin' wrong?" Lita inched out of the crowd, slipping towards the alley.

"Not with me persay.." Lillian glanced inside the car, where Nidia was currently staring at her hands. "I'll explain later..well maybe I'll explain. Look, are you and Stacy still rooming together?"

"Duh Lil" Lita rolled her eyes at the phone. "Ivory was going to..but she has other arrangements. Why?"

"Can I stop by later?"

"You already know the answer to that..Vicky was stoppin' by anyway" Lita swept her hair out of her face, "Just come with her."

"Right" Lillian bit her lip, she couldn't leave Nidia alone. "I'll see you all when you get back to the hotel then."

"Alrighty Lil..see ya" Lita bide her farewell, blisfully unaware to the situation.

"Bye" Lillian turned off the phone, tucking it back in her pocket.

"Wonder what's wrong" Lita frowned in slight frustration, tucking the cell phone back in her pocket. "Guess I'll just have to wait" She chewed on her lip in thought, returning to her friends. "Lil's gonna meet us back at the hotel."

"What's up?" Edge slipped his shades up. "Something wrong?"

"She didn't say exactly" Lita shrugged, absently signing a picture. "Just that she'll meet us later."

"Looks like the concert's about to start" Chris Benoit pushed between the two. "Let's go see Fozzy rock on."

"Sounds good to me" Lita grinned to the Rabid Wolverine, "Where did Stacy, Vicky and Ivory get to?" She sheilded her eyes with her hands, scanning the crowd.

"Victoria is already heading through the crowd, Ivory went off somewhere with Shawn..and Stacy" Chris joined the red head in the search. "Stacy is standing over there with-"

"Them" Lita pressed her lips into a firm line, eyeing the long legged diva and her four companions. "I keep telling her..he's more trouble than he's worth."

"Randy Orton is a prick" Edge stated rather bluntly, crossing his arms. "Stacy could do so much better"

Lita lifted a brow, nudging the tall Canadian. "Jealous much?"

Edge scoffed. "Oh please..just making a general statement."

"Sure you are" Lita rolled her eyes. "Anyway..I'm gonna drag her away before they corrupt her too much" She wrinkled her nose. "Wish me luck."

"What I wouldn't give to just beat the crap out of him" Edge muttered to Chris as Lita made her way over to Stacy and Evolution. "Maim those pretty little features"

"Mick will see to that at Backlash." Shane crossed his arms, standing between the two. "I just hope you leave a piece of the Game left for me" He eyed Chris "He needs to have some sense beat into him."

"He'll get the living hell beat out of him, between now and Backlash" Chris cocked his head, eyeing the five in the distance. "Make no mistakes about that..I am walking in to Backlash with that title belt and walking out of Backlash with that title belt."

"Does she realize the band is starting now?" Shane eyed the red head.

"You two can wait around here if you want to." Chris clapped a hand on Edge's shoulder. "I'm heading up closer."

"We'll join you in a minute" Shane called out to Chris' retreating form, before turning his attention back to the other group. "How long does it take for-"

"This is Lita and Stacy we're talking about" Edge rolled his eyes, making a face as Randy put a hand on Stacy's shoulder. "We could go over there and get them."

"We could" Shane conceded, noting the change in facial expressions. "But..do we want to?"

The two exchanged a look, before they both uttered "Nah"


Meanwhile, Lita is *still* trying to drag Stacy away.

"Stace.." Lita nudged her friend, ignoring the presence of Evolution. "Fozzy's on stage..now"

Stacy shot the red head a look, muttering under her breath. "Just one minute Li..I think he's asking me on a date." She flashed her sweetest smile to Randy, looking him up and down.

"Oh let me jump for joy" Lita muttered under her breath, eyeing the two. "And just what are you looking at?"

"Wondering how it feels" Batista smirked at the diva. "..to be a loser"

Lita slipped her shades off, raising a brow at the big man. "Why don't you just ask your buddy over there?" She nodded towards Triple H, whom was currently glaring off in the distance. "He sure seems to fall right into the loser category."

Hunter snapped out of his trance, glaring daggers at Lita. "Fuck you Red"

Lita snorted. "Keep dreaming asshole." She looked away, sheilding her eyes to look towards the stage. "Not if you paid me a million dollars-"

"How about one?" Batista cut her off, looking down at her.

"Stacy..you can stay and play with these." Lita set her jaw, sticking her hands in her pockets. "Little boys all you want. I'm going back over there." She tossed her head, turning on heel to re-join Edge and Shane.

"So tomorrow..at 7:00. I'll meet you in the hall, outside of your hotel room." Randy cocked his head, confirming his plans for the next evening. "I look forward to it."

Stacy smiled seductively. "You're not the only one." She raked a hand through her hair, eyeing the man in front of her. "But..I should get back to my friends."

"Here's my hotel room number" Randy jotted a number down on a slip of paper, "Stop by any time" He winked, tucking the slip of paper in her jacket pocket.

"Thanks" Stacy returned the wink, waving slightly to the other members of Evolution before she turned to re-join Lita, Shane and Edge.

"Happy now?" Batista eyed the younger man. "You finally scored"

"Not yet my friend" Randy held up a hand, watching the retreating diva. "And I do mean..yet."

"You do realize that if you and Stacy get serious" Hunter eyed the young man, "You'll have to deal with all of her little friends"

"Who ever said anything about getting serious?" Randy shook it off, leaning back against his rental car. "It's a date..and a little bit more. But I am not looking for a serious relationship. I look at this as more of an..early birthday present."

"Good" Batista clapped a hand on Randy's shoulder. "I don't think I could tolerate that."

"Lita too much for you to handle?" Randy smirked, biting back a laugh as Batista's nostrils flared. "Whoa there..calm down. I was only joking."

"Lita is just another nobody" Batista shook it off. "Just like Benoit, Shelton..Edge" He waved a hand at Stacy, Lita, Edge and Shane. "All of 'em. Just good for nothing punks."

"Stacy is no punk" Randy raised a brow. "Stacy is a fine looking, piece of ass."

"Whatever" Batista squared his shoulders, glancing at his watch. "What the hell are we still doing here anyway?"

"You said you had to wait for someone" Hunter pushed off the limo, eyeing the big man. "Remember?"

"Well they haven't shown up" Batista shrugged, opening the passengers side of Randy's rental car. "So let's go.."

Ric Flair opened the limo door. "Let's go champ."

Randy and Hunter followed suit, the rental car trailing slightly after the limo as Evolution made their exit.

"Good riddance" Lita muttered, watching the tail lights dissappear. "Stacy I don't know what you see in that jerk."

"Li, he's not that bad" Stacy shrugged, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Just give him a chance."

"Please..that would mean I'd have to spend time around the rest of them." Lita rolled her eyes, turning her attention back to the concert. "Not exactly my cup of tea."

"Well if this goes anywhere" Stacy pressed her lips into a firm line, eyeing her friend. "Can you at least try being nice to them?"

Lita snorted. "I'll play nice if they do. I make no promises where they're concerned."

"Would you two keep it down?" Shane sighed over dramatically at the two. "SOME of us are trying to enjoy the concert."

Both diva's shook their heads, before Stacy made on more plea. "At least try..I'm not asking you to become buddy buddy with them, but at least try."

Lita sighed. "I can try..but it won't work. But just to appease you, I'll try."

"Thank you" Stacy linked arms with the red head. "Now we can at least enjoy the double date tomorrow."

"Excuse me?" Lita lifted a brow in disbelief. "Since when was this a double date?"

"I'm only joking..chill" Stacy nudged the red head with her shoulder. "I wouldn't torment you like that."

"Good" Lita let out a sigh of relief. "They're nothing but punks anyway"


Lita, Stacy, Victoria, Shane, Edge, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Ivory and Shawn Michaels crowded around a table at a local pizza joint following the Fozzy concert. While the girls chattered away happily..or at least Stacy chattered away happily about her date tomorrow; Edge, Chris Jericho and Shawn muttered choice curse words about the young and cocky IC champ. Lita, Victoria and Ivory only gave a few words of warning to the blonde diva; but otherwise gave their best wishes. On the way back to the hotel..Lita, Ivory, Shawn and Edge decided it would be best to follow Stacy and Randy the next evening. And now, with Ivory and Shawn taking off for their hotel room, Edge and Shane in theirs; Chris, Chris, Stacy, Victoria and Lita split for the next level up. After Victoria was safely in her hotel room..with her room-mate (Lillian) no where in sight, Chris and Chris walked the other two down the hall to their hotel room. Finally, after biding the two Candians good night; Stacy and Lita retired for the evening. However, just as they were settling in...a sharp knock at the door interrupted their routine.

"That must be Vicky" Lita hopped up from her bed. "Find a movie would ya?" She padded across the floor, peering through the peephole. "Or not"

Lillian, placed a hand on Nidia's shoulder. "Don't worry okay? These two are some of my closest friends..you'll be more than welcomed here." She smiled softly, then broadly as the red head opened the door. "Hey Li."

"Lil." Lita nodded her greeting, cocking her head at Nidia. "Nidia..come to join us for a girls night?"

"Can we come in please?" Lillian sent the red head an 'I'll explain later look'.

"Oh yeah..duh" Lita smacked a hand to her forehead. "Where are my manners, come on in." She grinned to the two, opening the door wider. As the two walked inside, Lita bit her lip in thought. "Can I get the two of you anythin'? Stace and I picked up some snacks and soda's earlier."

"Coke please..but make mine to go" Lillian directed Nidia to one of the chairs. "I have to talk to Victoria."

"Sure thing" Lita nodded, retreiving a coke for Lillian. "Nidia..you want anything?" She handed the soda over, re-tying the drawstring on her gym shorts.

"I'm fine thanks" Nidia smiled as best she could, curling up in the chair.

"Lil..I'll walk you back to your room" Lita slipped a pair of flip flops on. "We'll be back in a few okay?" She turned to Stacy and Nidia before she and Lillian made their exit.

"Li you have to swear you will not tell anyone" Lillian frowned, re-shouldering her purse. "And mind you, I don't even know if Nidia will tell you anything..but at the very least you should know this." She took a breath, before whispering over to the red head. "Nidia was attacked in the diva's locker room..she didn't get a good look at the attacker..but he came close to raping her."

Lita blinked in shock. "Dear Lord" She whispered, toying with the hem of her tank top. "Is that why you brought her to me and Stace?"

Lillian nodded. "I know you and Stace haven't had to deal with anything that..extreme. But I figured you two would at least understand more than me or Vicky."

"No biggie" Lita shrugged, leaning against the wall. "We'll keep an eye on her..she can start rooming and traveling with us if need be."

"Thanks a mill." Lillian grinned to her friend. "I have to go..I'll just tell Vicky the girls night was cancelled or something."

"Yeah..that'd be good" Lita gave the blonde a quick hug. "See y'all in the morning."

When Lita returned to the hotel room, Nidia had not moved from the chair. Quietly, Lita pulled the long legged diva aside..giving her a very hasty explaination. Stacy nodded knowingly, sending a look of sympathy towards the youngest of the three. But, as un-prepared as Stacy and Lita were to handle this situation..what would come next would catch them completely off guard.


Author speaking: Have you ever listened to a song..and just *bam* something in the lyrics screamed "WRITE ME"? Well that is how this piece sprang to life.