Haunting Me

Rating: M.. for some harsh language, violence and content in later chapters.
Disclaimer:I don't own, I borrow. Any OC's that appear, are of course, mere figments of my imagination.
Summary: When one of the RAW Diva's is attacked, it brings the unlikeliest group of people together.
Pairings: Lilian/Chris Benoit, Ivory/HBK, Nidia/Rey, Victoria/Chris Jericho, Dawn/Eddie, Lita/Cena(likely), Stacy/Randy(likely)
Notes: Nothing new to add at this time.. thank you all for your feedback and continual support!


Chapter 38

April 19/20, 2004

While those upstairs were settling in for the night, those downstairs were trying to do the same. Trying being the key and operative word, since it seemed that the three were very much awake. In Jeff's case, it was thanks to his mini-nap, while Dave seemed to worried to fall asleep any time soon. And for his part, John just looked to be bored out of his mind...the man having woken up once Stephanie and Dawn had left the room. Whatever the case or cause, the three soon found themselves looking through the stack of videos and dvd's underneath in the entertainment console.. Jeff searching through the drawers of one of the endtables, eventually finding a deck of playing cards.. The three relocating temporairly to the kitchen so they could get drinks and snacks before heading back to the living room so they could start their game. Three rounds of poker later found them still awake, possibly more so thanks to the soda they had been drinking. And even though the time was now closing in on midnight, they started another round of poker.. The trio using pennies for betting material since they couldn't find poker chips...and the thought of playing strip poker hadn't sounded too appealing. Still, they were able to keep themselves entertained...the fourth round nearly ending when the lights in the living room started to flicker. Jeff then excused himself briefly from the game, the Cameron native opening the front door to check for signs of a thunder storm. But, when he saw no traces of lightnening and heard no thunder rumbling, he went back inside...the lights starting to flicker again.. Jeff just managing to re-seat himself when the lights went off completely. And while the darkness certainly didn't bother them, it did make it rather difficult for them to continue the round of poker...or at least until they were able to locate flashlights or a candle.. Dave moving from the couch then, swearing softly when he stubbed his toe on the coffee table...the man making his way blindly towards the stairs. He wasn't afraid of the dark, but he knew that his sister was.. Nidia having insisted on having the lights on when she had gone to bed that night. The big man was swearing again when he stubbed his toe on the bottom step, but that at least meant that he had found it, Dave making his way upstairs so he could check on his sister. He had just made it to second floor when a body ran into him from behind, Stephanie identifying herself before moving around him to reach the closet in the hallway.. The area soon lit dimly by a flashlight, the brunette handing another flashlight over to Dave before she went to check on Lita.

Stephanie knocked on the door before she let herself in, shining the flashlight in first. "Li? I just wanted to.." She trailed off when she noticed that the redhead wasn't on the bed. "Li?"

Lita looked up from her foot, the diva currently seated on the floor. "I was reaching for the water...knocked it over.." Nodding down to her foot, she continued: "I stepped on a piece of glass."

The brunette pursed her lips together, "how deep is it?"

"Not very.." Lita replied quietly, "at least I don't think so.."

Stephanie was soon at the redhead's side, the light from the flashlight allowing her to see the injury. "Well, the glass didn't embed...that's always a good thing."

The redhead smiled wryly, "yeah...still hurts though and I broke one of the glasses."

"I can always get new ones, Lita." The brunette sat back a little, "it doesn't look too deep, but it does need to be cleaned."

Lita nodded, her bad arm cradled tightly to her chest. "Could you get me some asprin, please?"

Stephanie nodded easily, "I'll go get the first aid kit, okay? Just sit tight...power went out a few seconds ago."

While Stephanie was exiting the room, Dave was exiting the room across the hallway.. Nidia in his arms, Rey holding the flashlight so the big man could see where he was going.

"Chica?" Rey questioned when he noticed where Stephanie had come from, "is Li-li okay?"

The brunette wrinkled her nose, "she stepped on a piece of glass.. It didn't cut too deep though."

Dave nodded down to his sister, "I'll take Lita downstairs once 'Dia is settled.. Dawn and Eddie should be right behind me."

"We are," Dawn spoke up in confirmation, "which means that Eddie can take Li downstairs now."

Eddie nodded easily to that, waiting until Rey and Dave had moved before he made his way into the darkened room. "Mamacita?"

"Over here...by the nightstand." Lita answered quietly, "I stepped on a piece of glass.. Knocked the glass of water over when I was trying to reach for it."

Eddie carefully made his way over to the source of the voice, "everyone's heading downstairs. Dave, Rey and 'Dia should be down there by now." Gently, he gathered the redhead in his arms, then stood slowly. "Dawn? Can you see if Stephanie has another flashlight?"

Dawn was just exiting the bedroom to find Stephanie when she ran into the brunette.. The two women stepping back so Eddie could exit with Lita, Stephanie then leading the way downstairs.

"Why don't we get your foot cleaned up first, then I'll get you that asprin." The brunette glanced over her shoulder briefly, "or do you need the asprin first?"

Lita gritted her teeth, "asprin first...stupid wrist is starting to bother me."

Thanks to the third flashlight in the living room, Eddie was able to make his way to the couch easier. "Do you want a pillow for your wrist?"

The diva let out a pained sigh, propping her foot on the coffee table. "Asprin please."

"Li?" Jeff was at the redhead's side almost instantly, "baby girl, what happened?"

"She cut her foot on a piece of glass," Stephanie replied as she sat on the floor, "it didn't cut too deep, but I just wanted to get it cleaned up."

The Cameron native nodded, moving so he was seated beside Stephanie. "You need some help?"

Stephanie gave a marginal shrug, "if you could get a glass of water or something so she can take the asprin.. Her wrist is really starting to bother her."

"'Ere.." John seated himself next to the redhead, placing a cup in her good hand. "It's soda, ain't water."

Eddie made his way over to the couch, handing over two asprin.. "Do you need anything else Li?"

Lita shook her head, popping the asprin into her mouth before swallowing it down. "I'll be okay...thank you Eddie." She then sent a look to the recliner, "is 'Dia okay?"

Rey nodded easily, "she's okay...trying to sleep, but.. the dark is bothering her."

Lita grimaced when Stephanie started dabbing peroxide on the cut, "damn it.."

Cena took the cup from her, setting it on the arm of the couch before taking her hand in his. "At least it don't need stitches, right?"

"Yeah," the redhead nodded weakly, her head resting against his shoulder. "Still stings though.."

Stephanie sent the diva an apologetic look, "I'm almost done sweetie.. Just need to get the Neosporin and a band-aid on it."

Dawn seated herself on the loveseat, "well...this night just got interesting."

Eddie squished beside her, "shouldn't be too bad...maybe the power will come back on soon."

Dave nodded, "lets hope so.. I have a round of poker to win."

John snorted in disbelief, releasing Lita's hand in favor of draping an arm across her shoulders. "Like hell you's winning.. I had that hand won."

"Yeah...You may have had that hand, but I had the round." Dave sat back, resting his palms flat on the rug. "That's the key difference, Cena."

"All done," Stephanie announced before the blue-eyed wrestler could reply. "Maybe you should just stay down here until you leave, Li...that way you won't have to fight with the stairs."

Lita let out a yawn, "I'm sure I'll mange something Steph...thanks, for helping me out."

Stephanie waved it off easily, accepting one of the throw pillows from the couch. "Like I said, Li, you're my guest.. It's my job to be an attentive hostess and more than that, you're my friend." She offered her a smile, "just let me know if you need anything else, okay?"

The diva nodded, a tired smile sent to the brunette, Lita curling into John's side. "I just want to sleep."

Stephanie opened her mouth, starting to reply to that when the lights flickered back on. "Well that's certainly a relief."

Cena eased his free arm beneath the redhead's knees. "Come on.. Let's get you back upstairs where ya can sleep better."

Dawn glanced between the two, amusement in her eyes when Lita asked if he would stay with her.. A smirk appearing at the corners of her mouth when the West Newbury native nodded. "Sleep well, you two."

John rolled his eyes, but made no verbal reply, Dave also on his feet...following after the two with Nidia in his arms.

Stephanie yawned broadly, "I don't know about the rest of you, but, I'm calling it a night...again." She rose from her spot on the floor, "Eddie.. You should probably get some rest since you have to be at the Smackdown tapings tomorrow."

The living room slowly started to empty, Dave returning downstairs long enough to grab a pillow and the two blankets he had been using before returning back upstairs to sleep in the hallway. But, this time around, Stephanie appeared with a sleeping bag...laying down another in case Jeff decided to join him. The brunette also checked on Lita before she went back to sleep, smiling slightly when she saw that both John and Lita were already asleep. And as Stephanie went back to her own room, she could only hope that the remainder of the night would be relatively un-eventful. Lita and Nidia's nightmares last night had taken their toll on their respective room-mates...and everyone else in the house. Granted, Stephanie wasn't exactly expecting any miracles, that their nightmares would suddenly disappear or anything like that, but.. She could at least hope that they wouldn't be as bad tonight. And hopefully in time, they would disappear completely. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on her part, but, with the time away from the road and away from any iminent danger.. Maybe things would calm down. The brunette also hoped that the reality show coming up would provide another small break in things.. Even though she knew things would be a bit chaotic at first. She also knew that until Lita was able to get back into the ring and wrestle, the redhead was likely to be a bit more moody.. Not that she could blame her friend for that, but, it could also provide for some tense situations once the reality show started. Still, with her friends around, Lita at least tried to put up a better mood, Stephanie reasoning that everything would be okay...in time anyway.


Thankfully for everyone, Lita and Nidia slept peacefully through the night.. For the most part anyway, Nidia waking up once from the starts of a nightmare while Lita woke up once because of pain in her foot. Whatever the case, by morning time, Jeff ended up taking the redhead downstairs, settling her at the breakfast table with Nidia and Dawn. Back upstairs, Dave, Eddie, Rey and John were trying to decide who would be using the shower first...the four starting to get ready to leave for their flight to British Columbia. And while they were doing that, Stephanie was on the phone giving last minute instructions to her brother, who would be filling in for Kurt tonight at the tapings. So far, she planned for Rey to confront the Big Show about Nidia's sudden disappearance.. That would lead into a showing of the scene that had been taped at corporate headquarters the other day with those events somehow leading to a match between Rey and the Big Show next week, with a surprise interference at the end. And when Kurt returned to television, he would make the announcement of three trades to the Smackdown roster.. Those two trades being Nidia and Lita for Miss Jackie and Torrie, while Dave was being traded for Rico and Charlie Haas. Stephanie herself would announce the reality show idea on Smackdown. Everything else, like who would be managing who, would be figured out another day.. Stephanie just ending the call with her brother when Dave made his way downstairs, the man followed in ten minute intervals by John, Eddie and Rey. With everyone situated at the table, Stephanie gave a quick run down of what would happen at the tapings tonight, Nidia looking more than a little reluctant to let her brother and Rey leave. And once breakfast was over, Dave, Eddie, John and Rey packed up their bags...setting them near the door.. Lita and Nidia moved to the couch in the living room after they had been taken upstairs to use the bathroom and change.

Dave held up a hand, "look Stephanie.. We don't need money to take a taxi to the airport, alright?"

Stephanie frowned a touch, "then at least let me call for the limo."

John shook his head, "Stephanie.. It ain't necessary, okay? We can pay for a taxi or two to take us over there."


"Mamacita," Eddie shook his head, "we don't need it.. We've been freeloading enough the past two days. We can pay for the taxis."

Dawn smiled slightly, "now see Steph? If Eddie is turning the money away.. Just drop it."

Stephanie held up a hand in mock defeat, putting her wallet away as she turned back to the four. "Alright.. Just, call if you need anything alright? You're more than welcomed to come back here if you want."

Rey nodded easily, "we will chica." The Cruiserweight moved from his spot near the door, seating himself between Lita and Nidia. "¿Tomarlo fácil, aceptable?" He pressed a kiss to Lita's cheek, another over Nidia's mouth. "Te faltaré ambos.". (Take it easy, okay? I'll miss you both.)

Lita smirked slightly, nodding over to Eddie as she spoke, "guardarlo fuera de apuro." (keep him out of trouble.)

Rey chuckled softly, "I'll do my best, Li-li."

Eddie made his way over to the couch next, kneeling in front of the two diva's. "My two mamacitas need to take care of themselves, yeah?" He stood, bending slightly to kiss Nidia's cheek before turning his attention to Lita. "No olvidarte de lo que dije." He glanced over briefly to Dawn, "ella realmente se preocupa de ti." (Don't forget what I said.. she's really worried about you.)

"I won't forget," the redhead promised, sending the man a smile before she leaned forwards to kiss his cheek. "Stay safe, okay?"

Latino Heat nodded, moving away from the couch so Dave could take his place, the man taking his sister's hands in his. "I'll come back here tomorrow, alright 'Dia? Then we'll go home...take a break." He kissed his sister's forehead, glancing next to Lita. "And you.. Take care of yourself."

Lita nodded, "tell Randy I said congrats on his win at Backlash."

"I can do that," Dave agreed easily, giving the redhead's good hand a small squeeze before he stood.

Nidia glanced over to John as he made his way over, "keep an eye on Eddie and Rey, please?"

"We'll keep an eye out for each other," the blue eyed man said, "you take care of yourself, alright?"

And Nidia nodded, motioning for her brother to move her so John could sit down.. Lita rolling her eyes when Stephanie and Dawn decided it was necessary for all of them to move outside to wait for the taxis.

"Subtlety never has been a strong point for either of them," the diva shook her head, before turning her attention towards him. "and like 'Dia.. I'll ask if you can keep an eye out for Eddie and Rey."

The U.S. Champion nodded, resting a hand briefly on her knee. "Stay off that foot, alright?"

"I'll do my best," she promised half heartedly, Lita's expression starting to grow unsure, the diva biting her lower lip before her head ducked.

John hooked a finger beneath her chin, gently forcing her to meet his gaze. "Something wrong? Is your wrist hurt?"

Quickly, she shook her head, "no...it's just that I.." Lita smiled sadly, "I'll miss you. Kinda silly, I know, because I have Jeff and Dawn and Stephanie but I--"

"I'll miss ya too, Li." He cupped her cheek with one hand, his thumb grazing gently over her jaw. "I may not have to worry 'bout gettin' clocked in the face with a cast for a couple o' nights but.." John shrugged, "don't mean I won't miss ya."

Lita reached out to him, the cast making it a bit awkward at first, her arms wrapping around the man. "Thank you...for everything."

John held her to him, the diva half on the couch cushion and half on his lap by that point. "It wasn't a big deal, jus' don't forget...ya got people that are worried 'bout ya." Without giving her a chance to react, he eased her into his lap. "Take care of yourself.."

"Call me?" She asked almost tentatively, resting her head against his shoulder when he nodded.

"Believe it or not, Dawn already took care of that part. Your cell phone number is in my jacket pocket."

"I can't say I'm too surprised," Lita said wryly, a small sigh escaping as she reluctantly moved away from him. "You should probably--"

"Leave, I know.." He placed one hand on her hip, the other reaching up to tuck a few strands of hair behind her ear. "I'll call ya once we're at the arena."

The diva nodded, her good hand reaching out, fingertips skimming over his cheek...Lita leaning forwards just a bit, her lips barely brushing over his, keeping the kiss more friendly than anything.. "Stephanie and Dawn have been spying on us since they left the house.. Figure I'd give them something to talk about."

John smirked at that, capturing her lips with his for another brief kiss. "Two something's to talk about."

Lita rolled her eyes, ammending her previous statement, "or two somethings.." Sobering she, kissed his cheek. "Take care of yourself, okay? I'd walk you to the door but.. I'm told I should stay off the foot."

Cena rolled his eyes, giving her shoulder a soft squeeze before he moved from the couch.. Sending the diva a smile as he reached the door. And no sooner had he left the house did Stephanie come back inside, Dawn remaining outside for the moment with Eddie. Just as Lita expected, the brunette was immediately questioning her about what he had said...and what she had said, the redhead waving it off to nothing. Undaunted, Stephanie continued in her inquisition.. the taxis arriving mid-inquisition which meant that Dawn was now free to pester Lita. Fortunately for the redhead, Jeff saved her from that mini-torture session.. The Cameron native carrying the diva outside so they could sit on the porch swing. Of course, that meant that Stephanie and Dawn had to follow after them...the two women assisting Nidia outside so they could join the pair. But, before they question session could start again.. the phone in the house started to ring.. Stephanie excusing herself so she could field the call...the brunette informing them all that Edge, Stacy, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Victoria were on their way. At that bit of news, Lita decided that she needed to take a bath, Jeff carrying her back inside and into the bathroom...setting out her shower supplies and a change of clothes before he left.