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Integra opened the package sitting on the table, she had recognized the return address as one of the homes she 'vacationed' at.

Despite herself, a smile began to form.  It was rare for Camilla to try and contact her through conventional mediums.

No one, not even Arucard, had inquired too deeply regarding her business travel of late.  It was not as often as she would have liked but at least once a month, Hellsing traveled to one of the several homes Camilla had established.  She wasn't sure how long they could continue but she had no intention of ending it anytime soon.

Integra's brow furrowed as she opened the package.  There was a sealed stainless steel container.  It looked like the kind used to transport specimens.  She picked up the card setting atop it.

My love-

When we meet again, I can explain further.  I debated going forward with this action, but since it has already been determined of the two of us, I am the more cowardly, I am sending this package to you and leaving the choice in your more than capable hands.

The mages have informed me that the guild Herod employed had indeed performed some 'live experiments' on human subjects.  While I cannot in any way condone their methods, the results I have been informed of are intriguing to say the least.

The canister contains a sample of my blood.  I have been told that if my blood is ingested without the subject being drained, there is an interesting result.  Humans appear to achieve a benefit of increased immune systems and, while not enough years have passed to confirm clearly, slowed aging.

You know why I would inform you of this, there does not appear to be much more benefit than the items I mentioned above.  No transformation into a creature, no craving for blood.  I have already agreed to assist the mages guild in exploring manifesting some easily dispersed form to aid in treating illnesses.  The net effect is inconsistent with regard to the slowed aging, although the immune system enhancement appears valid.  It is still not, I have been told, the panacea for all forms of illness that plague your species.

You once gave your blood to restore me back to health.  This blood I give to you, in a manner of speaking, would complete the blood between us bond that you spoke of to me, once, long ago.  Of course, I am available for a live implementation if you prefer. 

I trust that you will use your discretion, none save the mage heads who have conferred this information to me are aware of this.

I look forward to our next meeting, and would be lying if I did not tell you I was counting the moments until I can see you again.

With all my love-


Integra read the letter once more before lighting the corner of the card with her lighter.  She held it by the tip and angled until sure the whole thing would burn.  She set the flaming card into an ash-tray and pulled out a cigarillo to light. 

"Indeed."  She murmured, inhaling on the cigarillo, watching the card burn to ash.