Author's note: Ok it seems lot of people did not read my notes on first chapter carefully. This story is the continuation from Riko Tenachi's story which he abandoned it a year ago and I got permission to continue his story. If they had read his story they would know WHY Ranma got messed up, but I guess they didn't. So I am putting this chapter here for those who were too lazy to do that.


Silence reigned over everyone in the waiting room. Doctor Tofu still had his head hung.

The two families seemed to be in shock and the child Hinako had tears in her eyes. Finally, someone spoke.

"Are you sure?" Nodoka asked calmly. "Are you sure that he is crippled?"

"Yes, Saotome-san, I believe that your son is going to have to change his life drastically." Tofu answered her.

"A manly man cannot be a cripple." She said simply.

Hinako raised her head up and started to listen in the conversation. She didn't like where this was going. "I will not have a son who cannot fulfill a man's duty."

"And I won't have a boy who can't even fight. I can't believe I wasted over ten years on that piece of trash." Genma's gruff voice said.

"It's about time something happened to him. I guess this means that my engagement is over since he can't be much of an heir if he can't even practice martial arts." Akane smiled to herself.

"Yes, that is unfortunate. Saotome, I feel sorry for you to have such a weak son." Soun said.

"How can you say that?!" Hinako shrieked. Both she and Tofu were shocked beyond belief. "He's your family!" She didn't get any further as Nodoka interrupted.

"He is not anymore. As soon as we get out of here, I'll have him officially disowned and removed from the Saotome family registry. I will not have such a disgrace on my family name."

"Mr. and Mrs. Saotome, I beg you to reconsider. This is a serious matter, but you are being a bit harsh." Tofu tried to persuade them.

"I will not change my mind. Come husband, it seems like we have no business here anymore." She and Genma started to walk out. Soun and Akane followed also, leaving Kasumi behind.

Hinako went up to her and clutched her dress.

"Kasumi-san, please, can you help Ranma? Can you try to get them to change their minds?"

Hinako knew that she would help. Kasumi was the nicest person in the world. She'll do anything to....


"W-what?" Again, both Tofu and she were shocked.

"I said no." She looked down and frowned. "I can't help everyone, you know. This is probably for the best for him." Hinako dropped her clutch on Kasumi's dress and slowly backed away.

"H-how can you say that?" This can't be happening. How can this happen to anyone?

"I just did. Tell Ranma when he wakes up that I'll have his things packed for someone to pick it up seeing as how he couldn't do it himself." Kasumi turned on her heels and followed her family out, leaving behind two people whose opinion in them had dropped dramatically.

That's funny, I should be feeling some pain right about now. Okay, a few more minutes and I'll try to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw some machines. It was dark in the room, and from the view outside, it was pretty late. Alright, I already know that I'm going to be in a hospital anyway, but what happened? I turned to my side and saw a mop of brown hair. Wait, I recognize that mop. It moved to the side and a child's face came into view. Hinako?! Okay, just what the hell happened?! I tried to move my hand to wake her up, only that I couldn't. I sure hope Akane isn't going to pop out soon or else she'll freak if she finds out that Hinako is in the same room with me, even if she is in child form, then she'll probably call me a pedophile or something. Just why is she here anyway?

"Hey, wake up." Damn, my throat is so dry. "Hey...what? Why isn't my arm moving?

Okay, don't panic, there's gotta be an explanation for this. Maybe the perverted freak had put some paralyzing shiatsu points on me. Yeah, that must be it!" The little girl on his side started murmur something as she woke up. Apparently, she heard him talking. When she lifted her face up to view, Ranma saw evidence of her crying a lot, which further confused him. What reason does she have to cry for? Her eyes widened a bit and she rubbed her eyes to make sure that he was still there.

"Ranma? Are you awake?" She asked quietly.

"Um, yeah. How long was I out this time?" Ranma responded.

Hinako sat up straight in her chair. "I think it's been about eight days. You almost didn't make it when you came in. We were so worried."

Ranma blinked at what she said. Well, eight days almost takes the record. "Why are you here anyway? I didn't expect you to be here."

Hinako's answer was to blush and saying, "I've been here the entire time. I meant to say something when you wake up."

After a moment, she said, "Thank you, Ranma."

"For what?" I was confused. But then I remembered right before I blacked out, I tried to save someone. It must have been her.

"Saving me." She started to cry and hug me, to my surprise. Then I noticed something else. Even if I was paralyzed, I was strong enough to feel something and I didn't even notice her weight on me.

"Um, Hinako?" She looked up at me. "What happened to me? Did the old ghoul try something on me again while I was asleep or something? How come I can't feel my arms or legs?"

When I saw her crying harder, I was getting more worried. Hinako in her child form was never this emotional and it was starting to worry him. "Hinako? Tell me what's wrong. What happened?"

While she was sobbing, she blurted out, "Oh Ranma, I'm so sorry! If I hadn't been there, then this wouldn't have happened to you!"

Now this was almost scaring me. Not to mention the fact that I can't feel any of her tears dropping down on his body. "Tell me now." I ordered strongly.

Hinako seemed to cry even harder. "You won't be able to practice your fighting anymore because of me!"

"What the hell are you talking about?!" If I wasn't scared and worried before, I am now.

Seeing no answer coming from the distraught girl, I tried to move my hand to shake her out of her depression, only that I can't. "Hinako! Calm down and tell me straight out right now!"

This got her attention and she told him straight out why she feeling guilty. "You can't use your arms or legs anymore because of the poison and it's all my fault!"

Poison. Ranma's mind was frozen. Was that stuff in Mousse's blades that strong? No, it can't be. I'll recover from this. I always do from stuff like this. But, what if I can't? I can't move. That means I can't fight. And that means that my entire life has been wasted? His body started to glow green with depression, growing every second as he thought about all of the things that he had lost.

Hinako backed away, partly in fear of the same kind of energy that nearly destroyed her. "R-Ranma? I'm so sorry. It's all my fault, If I hadn't distracted you, then you might not have been hurt." She started to cry again.

This knocked Ranma slightly out of depression. How can she feel guilty? It's her job to break up fights anyway. He couldn't let someone else feel guilty about this; it's his fault for being careless after all. He'll find some way out of this. He always does. Just give him a couple of weeks and he'll be up and fighting again. At least I can count on the Tendos and mom and pops for help. Maybe Ucchan and the Amazons could to. Then we can go get those guys and beat them up a bit. Yeah, that's what we're gonna do. Ranma smiled at the stray strand of hope and said, "Relax, Hinako. It ain't your fault. I'll get better. All we have to do is round up the gang and go on some adventure looking for something that could help me."

Hinako cease her crying and stared at him. How come he's not taking this seriously? Doesn't he know that he's crippled for life? "Ranma! This is serious! How can you be taking this so easily?!" She shouted incredulously.

Ranma flinched, just a little, at her shouting. Jeez, were every twelve years olds this jumpy?

The door opened quickly and light burst through the open space. For a brief moment, only the silhouette of Dr. Tofu could be seen before he turned on the room light. He was wearing a ruffled lab coat and his hair is all out of place. He had bags under his eyes, showing that he hadn't sleep for quite a while.

"What's going on? I heard a shout." He saw Ranma's eyes open and Hinako standing up by his side. "Ranma! You're awake!"

"Yeah, course I am. Nothing can keep me down for long. So when am I going home?" Both Tofu and Hinako became crestfallen. "Hey, doc, Hinako, what's going on?" Seeing no answer coming, his demeanor changed. His eyes didn't carry that confident look and his grin became a little strained. "Doc?"

"Ranma, I believe we should tell what has gone on the last couple of days now before it gets worse." He brought another chair to Ranma's other side and Hinako sat back down in her chair.

"Nothing bad happened to the Tendos, and my parents, did it?" Of course he was worried about them. It may not seem like it most of the time, but the Tendos had grown to be like his family ever since he had been living there for about two years. When he mentioned them, both of the room's other occupants flinched, leaving him thinking that something did happen.

"No, Ranma. I believe that they are fine."

Ranma let out a breath that he didn't know that he was holding. "At least they're alright. So what's wrong?"

"What we're about to tell you may be hard for you to understand, but it is the whole truth, Ranma." At Ranma's reluctant nod, Tofu continued. "I'm afraid that the condition that you are in is permanent."

Ranma interrupted, "What do ya mean? There's gotta be some kind of magic item out there that could help. Heck, the Old Ghoul probably has a stash of them somewhere." Unfortunately during his stay in Nerima, he, and practically everyone else, had grown dependent on magic.

Tofu sighed. It was going to be difficult to explain this to the crippled youth. "I'm afraid that that wouldn't help either, your condition is too severe."

"What do you mean by that? Nothing can keep me down for...."

"Would you just stop with your macho attitude?! This is serious!" Hinako yelled at him. "She is right, Ranma. So please cut your attitude and hear us out." Ranma clamped his mouth shut at the insistence of Tofu and Hinako. "As I said, even the magical items that Cologne had is no use. We had tried to get your attackers, but they disappeared on us, leaving no clues on how to cure you."

"What about the Tendos, mum and pops, and Ucchan? Don't they got anything?" He asked hopefully. Both of them became silent. He did not like how this conversation was going.

"I'm afraid that the Tendos and your parents have deserted you."

"What do ya mean? They ain't gonna do something stupid like that..." But then he had some doubts. If his condition is that bad as they said, would they leave him like that? He convinced himself that they wouldn't do something like that especially after all they been through. They were his family after all. Families don't do things like that.

"Ranma...." Hinako started, but was interrupted by him.

"I don't know why you're telling me this, but I won't believe it until I see it for myself." Ranma spoke confidently. Tofu and Hinako both nodded solemnly to themselves. They had expected something like this to happen; they just want to tell him first so that the shock won't traumatize him too much. What else would you do to a person whose family had thrown him away like yesterday's trash?

"And what about Ucchan? She's still on my side, isn't she?" He knew that his childhood friend would never leave him. He knows that she knows that he only thought of her as a friend and friends always stick together.

"The Kuonji girl left town a couple of days ago; she left a note for you, though." Hinako rummaged through the purse at her side to pull out an envelope, and after confirmation from him, the opened it and held the letter in front of him so that he could read it.

Ranma was dazed as to why Ucchan would leave Nerima, but as he read on....

Dear Ranchan,

I'm sorry for what has happened to you. I couldn't stand to see you in that condition, but I had tried to see if I could help. But when I heard that it's not possible and that you're not a Saotome anymore, I gave up. There's nothing left for me in Nerima. You're gone and our engagement is nullified. I had thought that our love would help us stay together, but reality set in and I saw how stupid I was in believing that I was your cute fiancée. I hope we don't meet ever again.

For the last time, Ucchan

Ranma stared blankly at the note. It was hard enough to read that his best friend from childhood left him like that. But she had also said that he wasn't a Saotome.

What was that about? He looked at the two who were still sitting silently, awaiting his reaction. They hadn't read the letter itself, but they had deduced a theory of what it was, considering the pattern the others had represented.

Ranma asked, "W-what's this about me not being a Saotome?" His voice had tried to sound confident, but it was steadily breaking apart at these revelations.

Again, both of them hung their heads. "Your mother...." Dr. Tofu started. "Disowned you after finding out your condition."

The world froze around Ranma. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was partially open, about to speak, but yet at the same time, couldn't. Even as his outside was completely shot, his mind was reacting to this at a slow and disbelieving pace. No, mom wouldn't do that to me. Pops, Mister Tendo, Kasumi, and Akane would have objected. It's been over a year since I knew her and I know that wouldn't, she's my mother for Kami's sake! But what if they didn't, a small voice asked. What if they agreed to her decision? What if everything they're saying is true? What if everyone left me like this? This isn't true. I refuse to believe it.

"No." Tofu and Hinako heard him whisper.

"No." His voice rising.

"I won't believe it! It's not true!" Ranma tried to thrash in his bed, but all he could move was his head.

"It's not true!"


They both shouted. Doctor Tofu held his head down, and Ranma was still shouting out that this wasn't real. "Ranma, c-calm down!" Hinako yelled at him out of fear. She was still in her young form and its mind couldn't handle this kind of stress.

"Ranma! Stay still; you'll only aggravate your injuries!" Tofu shouted. He was worried that this would happen also. He had wanted to help him through all of this slowly, but it seems like it would not be so. But all of the sudden, Ranma stopped and everything fell silent once more.

"Leave." , was his sole answer. Tofu and Hinako stood back, afraid of what this means. "Leave me alone. I don't want to hear any more of your explanations. As soon as I get out of here, I'll find out the truth."

"But we're telling...."

"I don't want to hear it, Hinako. When can I get out of here?"

"..." Tofu was hesitant to say.

"When, doc?" Ranma's voice held no emotion.

Tofu gave a glance at Hinako, who was a worried at how he was acting at the moment. They were both very worried about what would happen. "I'll take you to the Tendos tomorrow." At hearing no response, he coaxed a saddened Hinako out of the room.

Next Day....

"We're here, Ranma." Tofu had kept to his word and was currently pushing Ranma's wheelchair to the Tendo household. Ranma had kept strangely silent during the entire trip and didn't show any sign of him being attentive. Hinako had come along, too, mostly as to see what would happen. She managed to gain some battle aura somewhere and is her adult form, which she estimated that will last enough for the meeting. She wanted to use this form because when the need to argue would arise --which she knows is highly possible--, her adult appearance would have more strength on their side.

They went through the gate and knocked on the front door.

As expected, it was Kasumi who opened the door. "Hello, how may I....Oh it's you three." She had her smile on, but her eyes told a different story to those who would look.

Ranma had raised his head up to meet Kasumi's face and gave a weak smile, obviously strained. His beliefs on what happened depended greatly on how Kasumi acted. "Hey, Kasumi. How're things?"

"My family is doing fine, Ranma-san." Kasumi gave a slight frown.

"Kasumi, dear, who's at the door?" A copper haired woman walked into view.

"Mom! What's up?" Ranma's wide smile at the sight of her faded when the person in question scowled at him. "Mom?"

"Excuse me, but as far as I know, I have no son." She still had that hard glare pointed at the three of them. Ranma fumbled for his words as he tried to comprehend what was just said.

"Excuse me, Saotome-san, but you are being far too harsh as we had said before." Hinako informed her.

"And as I had said, I will not allow such a disgrace in my family." She had barely raised her voice, but to Ranma, it might as well have been thunder.

He was shocked, how could she do this?

"Nodoka, what's going on? Oh, it's the boy." Genma walked to the door, followed closely by Soun

"What is he doing here? Kasumi, go fetch his things so that he could leave as soon as possible." He talked as if the subject was about the weather.

How could they be going along with this?

"Certainly, father." Kasumi went inside and brought back out a slim backpack. "Here are all of his belongings." She tossed the bag onto his lap.

He never felt it, but the impact of what she's doing, what they are all doing hit him had as much strength as a truck impacting him at high velocities. His only question was why....

"Why are you doing this to him?! He's your family!" Tofu shouted at them.

Some of them were slightly surprised at the usually calm doctor shouting.

"What is difference about him now than any of the other times we thought that it was hopeless? We all stayed together, that's what! What's so different about this time?!" Hinako couldn't keep from giving them a piece of her mind also.

"I may not know him as intimately as all of you have, but I have heard plenty of stories of Ranma overcoming the impossible too many times for the count. Why now, why this time?" She glared fiercely at them. Ranma was in between them and still bore the look of shock.

"I'll tell you why." A voice behind them spoke, a voice that they all should know. "Ever since he came here, it had been hell for everyone." Akane was wearing that same smirk that Hinako detested. She walked up to the wheelchair and spun it around so that he was facing her.

Akane. He knows that he may not have acted as he should have almost every time, but she could at least come to his defense after all they have been through.... A brief glimmer of hope shown in his eyes.

"Well, it's about time you paid for our suffering, you jerk."

The glimmer was snuffed out immediately. Why. He had come to save her so many times ever since he was here. Where was the gratitude? He had killed before to save her. Why must this happen to him? "A-Aka...?"

"Don't you dare say my name." She snarled at him.

"You want to know the real reason we gave up on you?"

Hinako and Tofu made to stop her, but she kept going. "After we left the hospital the first time, we told the Amazons about what happened to you. They came to check you out. They found out the poison was magical in nature and that there were no counters to reverse it. It was a one of a kind poison mix made specifically to do the bidding of its user's hatred. Cologne herself said that their Amazons laws have something on things like that that allows them to drop whatever business with the victim. And you know what happened? That Chinese bitch, her great grandmother, and Mousse just up and left. They didn't want to put any effort into helping you since it's hopeless. Oh yeah! They also said something about it finally being time for them to have a reason to go back home.

"You're not welcome here anymore. You have no reason to be since all of your engagements are nullified. See, how'd you like that? You can't be a pervert now, you pathetic piece of...."

"Happo Tsurisen Gaeshi!"

Hinako blasted Akane with her stored energy. Everyone was surprised at the sudden attack from her. Akane flew back all the way back to the stone wall with a deafening crash. As Hinako shrunk back into her child form, she still had her fingers into a triangular position from her energy blast. She was breathing hard and openly glaring at the remaining ex-family members of Ranma.

"We will not have Ranma treated this way!"

"How dare you attack my daughter! I want all of you off my property immediately or else!" Soun yelled at them. Everyone else gave them looks that showed how much they were unwelcome.

"What about Ranma?" Tofu asked angrily. He knew that it was futile to ask again, but he just wanted to know how deeply they meant what they're doing to him.

"He's useless to us now, throw him away for all that we care." Genma spoke out. The others nodded their sentiments.

It was at this point that Ranma's mind broke apart.