And those damn words, forgotten a thousand millenia over. In a world and time far far from her ever reality came back to her haunting…like a whisper of lover which is never forgotten.

"WO AI NI,, my love…"

And for a first time in a long time, the senshi of time screamed…

With that broke the locks that held the many things in it secret. Because at the same time, a demoness and goddess also lost conscious.

In the dreams of a Hokage, from a past long gone….


There was darkness everywhere, covering everything. Pitch black, with not the slightest hint of light to show any surroundings. It was like a physical thing, choking, claustrophobic, smothering everything beyond the point of being able to scream.

What was this? Where is the light? Where in the abomination was she? Or she was the abomination?

Where is the light!?

She could not even see her own hands and feet, causing a terrifying sensation of vertigo and helplessness. She was trapped, held prisoner in the nothingness, and felt almost like she had become nothing herself. She stood there in the darkness, utterly lost and utterly alone.

And then, in the space between one breath and the next, she was not alone anymore.

The sensation pulsed through the darkness, reverberating like a distant drum of immense power. It made her tremble with the force of it, pounding, pounding. A heartbeat that was outside her chest, and yet still inescapably linked to her in some terrible way. She wanted to run, wanted to hide, but knew she could do neither.

Beneath her, the earth began to quake with the advent of that horrific presence. Seeing it was impossible, but she could feel it, taste it rising up in the darkness before her, a form so huge as to blot out the sky, looming over her as though she were nothing more than an insect.

Unknown Location – Seal Team 6

"Mr. President, we have everything ready to go. We can start the countdown as soon as we get green light"

It was time for the Orochimaru-sama's dream to realize. It was time to give this wretched world the king it truly deserves. Only then, the forces of righteous would unite under one flag and fight against the anti-Christ, and then the God's only chosen shall come, Jesus would walk the earth again.

All the planning, all the wars, everything he did was for the good of the world and humanity in the end.

Doesn't it says somewhere in the Bible that end justifies the means? He was sure it did, he would find it when he had time to look over it. For now he had a duty, a given responsibility to perform, passed from father to son for generations.

"All righty then, lets starts. Let us now raise the humanity to the next level. Let us transcend death itself like. Lets begin the count down….."

Juuban – Outer Senshi House




Beams of sunlight peeked through the crack in the curtains to dance across the guest bed's mint green comforter. Hotaru watched the patterns of light and shadows shift silently across the motionless form of her time senshi. It was a melancholy scene.

The young girl shifted in the old rocker she'd curled up on in the pre-dawn hours, wrapping her faded purple comforter around her more tightly.

Last night's sleep had been bad... very bad. Most of the details of her horrible dream had vaporized when she'd bolted awake, but, as she dozed uncomfortably in the rocker, little pieces would occasionally float to the surface of her mind.

There was a lot of blood in those scenes. Most of it came from people she cared about... and most of it she'd been forced to draw out herself. In each scene, a corpse-like hand resting on the small of her naked back pushed her to hurt her victims more and more... to deepen their anguish. Yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. Her keeper hissed his perverse pleasure. The stench of rotting flesh and the coppery tang of blood hung in the air. She could hear Usa whimpering through the gag… feel her body struggling under her…

She just ignored it all and stared at the sleeping form of the Senshi of Time. She lost her consciousness when they met the inners for some reason.

I Wonder what was that all about?

Setsuna Meioh jolted awake from the dreamless sleep she was in. Her eyes wide opened, she quickly looked around, scanning all the faces in the room, like searching for something or someone….

"Are you okay Pluto? You gave us a heart-attack what hap…." The princess of senshi was cut off from asking any further questions.

"Where is he?"


They came back, one torrent after another…

He was right there, those eyes that haunted her dreams were right there. She will never forget them!

"Where is he?!" The senshi of time cried fanatically. Her pitch almost rising to a shriek. The seal was broken and now she remember it all. His promises, his smile, the ever present blue eyes

"Calm down Sestuna….just calm down. You are at home. And who are you talking about?"

Not seeing the object of her search, the senshi of time immediately started getting up.

"Sestuna, you need some rest, please have…"


Never had any senshi seen the senshi of time panicked and freaked out like that. What has she seen, or felt, or even worse dreamed out? A dark vision, an unavoidable break in time stream? Or was it something worse?

Ever the calm one, Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury kept trying to calm the Sestuna Meioh.

"Calm down Sestuna, freaking out like this will not help anyone. We are all here and want to help you out and whoever you are trying to find. Ok. We are friends here, you just need to…"

Then she realized something was not right in Sestuna's eyes, they were not their usual dark red. But blue, like the oceans of the worlds she had seen in her dreams. Why were they like that?

"Sestuna, who is Sestuna? My name is Tsunade, the FIFTH HOKAGE OF KONOHAKAGURE! AND WHO….…"

Before she could go any further, she was cut off by the huge sound of….

Tendo Resident

The explosion rocked Juuban which was felt all over Tokyo. Genma and Soun were playing and with the explosion, all the pieces on their boards scattered on the floor.

"What the hell!?...Tendo turn on the TV, you know the feeling we had in our stomach when we training with the master..?"

"Yes my friend, what about…"

Genma immediately cut Soun off in desperation

"Now multiply this feeling 100x times, I gotta find out what that explosion was!"

Ever been the keen one, Kasumi turned on the TV, as the news report unfolded the chaos, Akane joined them with Nodoka. The reporter started reporting the events, what they were showing were horrible, bodies everywhere…not just bodies, but body parts. Kasumi immediately started vomiting when they broadcasted a little girl, perhaps no more than of 5, her face torn apart in half, and the other half badly burned and blacked, with her intestines spewed all over the streets….

"This is really bad folks, we have report of some paranormal activity, we also think we have seen unidentified objects flying all over and now we got…OH MY GOD….WE JUST HAVE A PLANE CRASHED ….RIGHT THERE! IT'S COMING DOWN FAST…OH…IT JUST HIT THE BUILDING IN FRONT OF ME…..…..IS THAT F-2…."

Suddenly the explosion and lights in the background cut of the camera. The news was switched back to the host in the news room.

"Folks we are having some difficulties, we are trying to get back and show you whats going on as soon we can, we just have some technical difficulties, we will bring it…I will continue telling you as the report unfolds itself…"

Downtown Juuban




Big Daddy spared a troubled glance upward as he raced down the street. Dark clouds stretched out across the sky, slowly roiling and writhing like long fingers reaching out to choke the heavens in their oppressive grip. A chill crawled up and down his spine. There was something unnatural about those clouds. He didn't know how he knew, but he did.

Everywhere around the world, crowds stared up at the sky in fear as swirling black clouds engulfed the heavens from one end to another, cutting off the sun. Cities were plunged into darkness as power plants spontaneously failed, cutting off the manmade sources of illumination as well. Panic began to grow, as humanity tried to come to grips with what was happening to their world.

If there was anytime Big Daddy Cool was happy that he was with this old devil hunteress, now was the time. He was heading the with old warrior towards the ancient burial graveyard or temple, which was now a thriving Juuban downtown. Although, he was much more unsure about her 17-year old granddaughter Yohko, who had the responsibility to continue the family legacy of fighting demons. Sure she was young, but she was never the solid steel character or will of steel like her grandmother, why was she chosen as a devil hunter was truly beyond him.

The way he sees it, her major concern was more about getting laid (which never occurred) than actually fighting demons. Perhaps it was the price one must pay fighting sex-demons. She was cursed (or gifted, depend how you look at it) with high libido. However, this thought was now in the back of his mind as soon as a massive explosion rocked the place. The explosion took place no more than 800ft from where he was. What was worst, it took place at the sight that was seen and foretold in the picture. His immediate reaction, through years of training in war and serving in desert storm, was to jump and protect the civilians nearby, who happened to be the old demon hunteress and her granddaughter Yohko.

As the dust from the explosion started clearing, he realized that he was in another deep shit. The retired devil huntress was much faster than he thought and had swiftly ducked, thus leaving him laying all over her granddaughter. Thankfully, the granddaughter was more concern about what caused the explosion and pushed him off her without a second thought.

"What in the world was that?" She coughed and immediately jump onto the roof of nearby building runing towards the ground zero. When the dust finally settled, what Big Daddy saw made him realized several things at once. First he realized that it he who needed the protection of the devil huntresses, not the other way around. The explosion had totally obliterated any object within 20ft of it. Anyone within 30ft was instantly vaporized, casting shadows of their bodies where they once were. The fire was raging, all the windows within the mile of explosion had shattered due to the sound and many vehicles nearby were toppled. The bodies and many body parts laid torn all over the place. So many faces of victims were unrecognizable now due to the damage. And second, at ground zero, he saw a portal, more like a dark and forbidden way into the underworld.

"Oh my…", his lips started trembling, his voice stuck forever, like someone had grabbed his neck and refuse to let him breath. He couldn't move, he couldn't breath as his eyes stared into the abyss that laid beyong the portal. The horrors, the pain , the agony, he saw which laid beyond any reality he had known.

"MOVE, GOD DAMN IT MOVE, YOU WERE UNITED STATEA SOLDIER, MOVE IT SOLDIER, MOVE…I SAY…", but it felt like his body had abandoned him and refused to listen to him. He had seen mutilated bodies, the horrors of war, children torn into pieces by the might of American military bombing campaign in Iraq.


He had seen the women and girls as young as three raped and mutilated by the drug lords in south America and Africa, he had seen the sad and empty looks in their eyes, like there was no hope, no life, nothing to live to for, total empty shell of the human corpse as they had pierced into his eyes when he had recused them in the join operation with Navy Seals….


But he couldn't, he just was unable to command his eyes, like his body had abandoned all hopes, forget to live or breath, as the feeling the of a hand, of some demonic entity perhaps, gripped his neck.

He had seen the bloody and dead eyes of little boys in southern Sudan, staring at him directly in his soul, perhaps accusing him of arriving so late to their rescue. The soul in their bodies were gone, and they were dead, but their eyes were left opened, the horrors never left from them, as the report indicated that these boys were gang raped, repeatedly by the former south Sudanese warlords. The oldest among them was no more than of 10. It was that incident which led him and many special ops at that time to stage their own raid and killed those subhuman warlords, resulting in him being dismissed from military.

He thought that he had forgotten those memories, that he had satisfied his soul, or something deep within it by avenging the victims. Quiet down his inner voice, locked down all those memories, and with them, the unspeakable horrors. But all those memories and the horrors came back to him!

Again and again he saw those eyes, and not only that, but he saw what happened to them, their rapes, tortures and unspeakable pain. He saw the world, not just through his eyes, but through THEM – THE VICTIMS, ….He lived thru what the victims had gone through, the unending agony, repeated again and again…..

"OH GOD, KAMI, JESUS, ANYONE…(almost a whisper)…make it stop….."

He wanted to say, say it again and again, but the words never left his lips. What he saw beyond that portal, was worse than the picture he had discovered in China. It was even worse than all the memories he had locked away, all the pain and guilt. The hopeless, the utter despair he felt was even worst and beyond what had seen in the eyes of those innocent victims. He felt, even weaker that they had, even worse than they had…..he…

Suddenly he was jolted back to reality, Yohko standing by him, holding his arm. His face was violently turned away from the dark portal by the force of the huntress.

"Do not look in there, do not even try to comprehend…that's what the demons do. what you saw…right now it is not a time to discuss, just leave…" Yohko pleaded, no…TOLD him.

And Big Daddy knew she was right. He also realized and understood why she was a devil huntress, why she was chosen. To be in her wits, at the mere age of 17, even when she peered in the depths of the horrors, told him everything he needed to know about her. She was truly a huntress, trained to fight and go on, in fights beyond his ability…beyond his.. dreams…no beyond his nightmares!

"Big Daddy, listen to my granddaughter and just leave this area. I don't think we shall ever meet again my friend. For this fight is beyond I and my granddaughter had ever faced, but it is our duty to stop whatever abomination is coming beyond that portal…."

He nodded absently as both great huntress jumped away towards ground zero, towards their death perhaps. For once again, he felt even worst like before, like he just couldn't reach on time, and once again, things were beyond his ability to save…..

Ice Cream Shop – Juuban





(Warning: Intense Graphic and Violent scene ahead! Do not read if you are wimpy liberal or weak of heart or a tree hugger or all of them! Just skip to next section!)

"We got 12 minutes left before we intercept boys, just hold on and do not do anything yet…", the Seal snipers tightened their grips harder around their guns. They do not know what caused the explosion, and they couldn't see anything from where they were. But they were true professional soldiers and maintained their position. They really wanted to jump and help the people, but orders were orders. And they would follow them till the end, because thats what they were trained to do.

"Oh Ranma what is happening?" Hinako asked Ranma, tears streaming down her face as she saw the report and events unfold in the news. The explosion had taken place perhaps no more than a mile from where they were. Man were crying, women were screaming, with dead bodies of their loved ones in their arms. The news was back again, with it the horrors. They showed some kind of portal at the explosion and something coming out from there. The camera was unable to zoom beyond the portals and unable to show anything inside, but something was coming out, something unspeakable, dark, and a demon like. However, it seems like it was weak, not even Herb would have any problem with it.


But then it did something, which blew everyone's mind….

It grabbed a child, a girl of perhaps of no more than 5 and its clawed screamed in her face. The child was petrified as it was unable to move.

"Oh please….Kami, please someone save her!" Cried one of the women in the crowd, as it started tearing the clothes of the scared child. Everyone held their breath, wondering what it will do, perhaps it will feast on her body….or her soul.

But whatever gods she was praying to, didn't answer her. Maybe they didn't exist or even they were weak to stop the abomination which was poured forth like a vomit into this world from the darkness beyond any nightmares.

The horror and despair the audience felt multiplied many folds as what happened next was even beyond their imagination. They had heard of demons taking the life force, of eating the meat of their victims, or even ripping them to pieces.

But not what they saw before their vary eyes, as the demon laid the naked and now the crying child onto the pavement and proceeded to violate her, make many passed out. The screams of child gripped the hearts of the audience with terror and despair. The blood coming from her body as she was raped and her screams getting louder and louder as the demon pounded with all his might in her bowels. Her voice becoming hoarse as she could no longer scream and her vocal cords starting tearing from the intensity of her loud screams. And through it all, the camera remained focused on her, unable to be cut off, unable to move.

Nabiki felt like the her limbs went totally powerless. Her eyes were tearing but she couldn't look away. The despair wretched her soul and she found herself unable to speak. The memory of what could have happened to her many nights ago through Ryoga's hand came back to her full force.

"Oh Kami….."

But even that was beyond what she was seeing…

"This can't be happening…" as the words left her lips, she knew how powerless she was to stop that. And she knew it was happening, right in front of her and eyes and she couldn't do anything to stop it.

Ranma wretched his arms free from both Nabiki's and Hianko's grip as he jumped away. He felt like something steered deep within him, like it has been awakening form a long slumber. He felt a power started coursing through his veins, as the sadness, the despair in his heart left and give away to anger. An anger coursing through his blood, awakening the life force to the heights and powers beyond anything he had ever felt before. This anger which now guided him, whispered in his ears, speaking words he never heard before. Not even during Saffron incident, not even when he disowned his family, he ever felt like this.

He had to do something and anything….he had to bring the wrath of gods. He will not stop, he cannot rest, he will NOT BE DEFEATED, till he bring his wrath….

He will not loose…for Ranma Saotome never loses when it counted, and right now it really counted!

Juuban – Outer Senshi House

The explosion knocked the Senshi of time down and her hit the corner of the table. When she opened her eyes, they were again dark red.

"WAHHHHHHHHHH…Not Another Daem!", cried the blond princess of the future.

"Shut up knuckle head! We do not need this now! Are you okay Sestuna!?" Senshi of Mars always had the precise choice of words to describe her eluded leader.

"I am …" Sestuna grabbed her head "It's headache, never mind, Amy tell us whats going on! "

The Senshi of Merci already had her laptop out and was already analyzing the 3-D holo projection . She saw the red eyes of Sestuna were back, she decided she would ask her about the incident later. But now, she had more important things to look after.

"We got a daemon activity at the downtown, what my reading suggest, it is not a strong daemon, just a middle run of the pack. However, I am detecting some abnormal reading…Sestuna, WE GOTTA GET THERE NOW!"

"Why, whats so different about it? If it is not as strong, whats the worry?" Senshi of Jupiter inquired as everyone started teleporting towards the site

"The problem is not the daemon, but the portal. Unlike the other portals with unstable construct which closed the portal within few moments, this one can last for days and weeks. That's enough time for perhaps a battalion or entire army of daemon to cross over, and we CANNOT ALLOW THAT."

"It's the end," said Artemis, as the white cat stared upward in trepidation. "The end of the world has come!"

Downtown Juuban




The old 107th demon huntress, laid lifelessly on the ground. The hand of one of the demons coming of the portals left within her as his parting gift, as the torned clawed remain within her abdomen. Tears had dried already, now she had no tears left to cry. She truly had given her all and the only demon huntress who finally went down fighting, like she had always wished. But not before taking the life demon which had attacked her.

She had few regrets in her life…. for she had truly lived a meaningful life. Her only regret was that she was unable to stop the monster which was raping the young child.

And now far from her, Yohko crawled, dragging her almost broken body towards the demon as it look into her eyes. She knew he was smiling, ripping the child apart slowly, knowing fully the huntress cannot do anything. He wanted to show her how pathetic and weak she was, by committing the unspeakable act, and staring daringly in the eyes of the huntress. He would kill the child and soon would do the same to the huntress. The despair and agony he felt around him, only made him stronger. He decided to end the life of the little girl underneath him and raised his claw high in the air…

"Moko Takabisha Double!"

The force blasted the demon from the back, his body flew from the power of the momentum from the attack and landed 40 feet away. The monster growled angrily, stood up and look at the human who dare to attack him. However, he was not worried, beside pushing him off the attack had nothing. He smiled cruelly and roared at the blue-eyes, pig-tail boy who dare to interrupt his plan.

Ranma quickly jumped high in the air and delivered a high velocity round house in the monster face. The demon, just grabbed his foot and threw his away without showing any sign of damage.

Ranma frowned grimly, realizing he as was fighting an abomination, much more powerful and even deadlier than Saffron himself. He immediately picked-up a broken lamp post and threw at the demon. Before the post even reached the demon, another smaller demon materialized in front of him, the lamp collided and ripped the chest of the smaller demon, resulting in his immediate demise.

The portal was still open, more and more demons started pouring out of it, the only good thing about the situation was that none of them were as powerful as the demon Ranma was fighting. However, that did not make them less dangerous.

Ranma looked in the eyes of the abomination as it started down at him, unflinching. He could finally feel the KI after so long, flowing like the water all over in his veins.

How long has it been since he was crippled, how long has it been since he was unable to command the KI? He brought his focus back to the present and immediate danger, which stood like a curse deformity in front of his eyes. The demon quickly closed the distance between them at a speed which should not have been possible for something with such a big mass and size.

Ranma flung himself to one side, the beam ripping through several of the tall columns as it roared past, sending broken debris raining down from above. The pigtailed fighter hit the ground in a roll, and got up on his feet several meters away from the demon. But the demon just smiled and immediately changed his flight in the air and speeded towards the martials artist. The speed was too fast was Ranma to compensate, he immediately unloaded 3000 punches in less than the span of 3 seconds in the demon's face, but he immediately had to jump back, letting the demon's claws passing through the space where his head was just a moment ago. Not giving up, the demon kept its forward momentum going and immediately grabbed the Martial artist's neck, squeezing it tight, it lifted him up and slam him hard against the concrete so hard that it formed spider cracks from the impact.

Immediately focusing his KI at the tip of the finger he shot a KI blast in the demon's face, who just stood its ground without any worry. The blast came and hit the demon, however it did little or no damage to it. It smiled at Ranma cruelly, its lips parted and revealing many sharp shark-like teeth, all over it mouth. And just as it was ready to snap its demonic jaw close on the martial artist's head,



Tendo Dojo

"IS THAT THE BOY!?" Genma couldn't believe his eyes. His meal ticket was back! Just as he thought everything had went to hell, just as he thought even Ryoga would not be able to help him, his meal ticket was back!

And look almost as good as before!


"That good for nothing boy! While we suffer, he is making money on TV and leaving his poor father and fiancée alone!" Genma cried his alligator tears.

"Well I will just go there daddy and bring him back! No more excuses! I will bring him back and we can immediately get married before any other floozy comes in!", Akane suddenly found her long lost love for Ranma.

Who was Ryoga? Why does he even matter? Ranma was back, now she can show him off and all the girls would be jealous of her! Just watch her!

"Now now honey, you should not go, its too dangeours, HUSBAND GO BRING OUR SON BACK! A MAN AMONG MAN SHOULD NOT MAKE HIS BRIDE WAIT!"

"I AM A MARTIAL ARTIST TOO!" screamed the blue hair benshi!

Genma did not need any other encouragement. Soon he will bring his son back, and with him back all his financial trouble would be over! He will just go there, wait for the battle to be over, and just snatch the ungrateful boy!

Kami was finally smiling at him!





A ball of chaos came and hit the demon squared on it back, startling it from the unexpected attack and releasing Ranma from its clutch unintentionally. Ranma was not a fool who survived that long without taking advantage of the opportunities given to him in battle, he immediately jump away 20 yards and looked at the sailor girl who rescued him in the nick of time.

The demon snarled angrily and faced the new threat, the attacked had done nothing to it but annoyed it. It almost laughed from the ridiculous seven sailor girls standing and challenging him. Perhaps, the situation was not as bad as he thought, he would enjoy taking them slowly, but he had to be careful. For it did not want to be too hard on them too much, he had more pleasurable methods in mind he could use with his demon horde that would serve it better than just killing the sailor fuku girls outright.

Sestuna didn't know what had come over her, she had lived for thousand millennia, had seen worst massacres, rape, and gruesome pain the human inflicted on each other. But nothing phases her anymore, her heart turning to stone a long time ago. But when she saw him…


his necked clinched in demon's claws, his life being drain so cruelly…something came over her. An anger like the one she had never face, not even after the down of Serenity had she felt so much anger, wratch, and….desperation .

Now as she saw it laughing at her, mocking her, toying with her…..she reacted.

She immediately teleported near the demon and hit him with her might with her Glave, creating a huge sonic boom and dust cloud with such air pressure, that it pushed and toppled all the senshis and Ranma from their feet.

"What in th…..", Sailor Jupiter was unable to finish her curse as Pluto's body came rocketing through the dust cloud and she crashed hard against the concrete wall of the 40th floor of the Skyscraper .

"PLUTO! ", screamed the princess and immediately rushed towards the fallen senshi. What she saw froze her cold in her track, her words turned into terrifying scream. What she witnessed, it had never happened to any of the senshis before in any fight….

Sailor pluto, laid on the ground bleeding, her uniform, which had never ripped in any fight before, was ripped and she was bleeding from it profusely.

That was NOT suppose to happen! Their fukus were made of magic material and they were never damage in any fight before.

"Princess, we got bigger problem here!"

Sailor Jupiter screamed at her leader, but before she could say anything else, the demon teleported at her location and hit her right on her knees, breaking her bones and taking her out of the fight.

"NO!..NO! Jupiter!" the princess immediately started loosing it, she never had fight went so badly, so fast. The daemons were never so strong, so unpredictable and fast.

Ranma immediately jumped beside the Senshis "Do not worry, they are alright, the demon has no plan for killing any one of you at all!"

"Are you freaking shitting me? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE AND WHAT DO YOU…"

"Look he wants you all for SOMETHING ELSE..think….what it did to that little girl, that's what he is AFTER!"

The senshis recoiled in horror once they realized what Ranma was implying, but he had to be lying, for daemon had never done that! They took energy, they don't do beyond that!

What they needed was time, time to figure out what kind of daemon they were facing, and it was something it looks like the daemon was not giving them.

The princess immediately used her Genzou and created a shield around everyone, a bubble which surrounded everyone, keeping the demon out. The demon snarled and clawed again the shield angrily as it started pounding it, it just smiled even more evilly and start hitting the shield from the fire coming out of its mouth, one hit after another, relentlessly and tirelessly.

Ami immediately took a device, which looked like IPAD 3000 and started reading information displaying on the screen. "This reading is all wrong, something is not right!"

"Why? What's the problem?" Sailor Neptune inquired

"Its energy is not recorded in the database, its life form is not found anywhere in the record of silver millennium! And according to the energy reading, we are no match against it, our magic does not interact with it at all, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS! That is why when I thought it was weak, it was all wrong. IT COULD BE MORE POERWUL METALLIA HERSELF!"

That was not something the princess and queen of future wanted to hear, she always had thought her power and magic would always aid her, but it seems like they had abandoned her.

With each passing second Sailor Moon's pulsing sphere of magic was starting to shrink, while demon's punch power kept on increasing.

Then, impossibly, the demon gathered up an even greater surge of power. Jupiter's eyes went wide as the demon hurled it down. It struck, the force of its impact against the princess's sphere shattering the ground for a kilometer in every direction.

The sphere around Sailor Moon had contracted until it was barely visible, and still Demon's kept up his punishing assault. Damn it! Thought Mars in silent fury. How can anyone win against something like that?

The sphere seemed to be barely visible, cracks started appearing all over its place…

Before the demon took another punch, it was hit by something which was perhaps the worst and in its mind most diabolical attack it had ever faced!

Never in its eternal life, since Lucifer helped him against the last war with heavens, had anything made it want to puke his guts out that bad. It would rather be judge by Almighty and forever rot in hell than to face such abomination ever again! It was hit by…

Hit by….



And worst of all, the one who threw it at him, was not a girl or goddess or fairy or demoness, or anything female! But a male! A human male!

The demon snarled and screamed with such a terrifying rage that it froze the future prince in his place.

So the batty boy human thinks that I am a freaking tooth fairy, a bum demon, a peter puffer, a poo pusher? DAMN HIM

"INTEREO VOS DAMNO ANIMUS!" it raged in demon language and immediately was upon the future king.

"INTEREO INTEREO INTEREO!", the prince tried to fight it, try to hold it, but nothing he did was working! He never had to fight before, he was always left alone and just had to sprout poetry and flowers! This was not what was supposed to happen! The demon was ripping him apart, his clothes were all teared up, wounds started gushing blood all over his body.

That was not good...

"Vos miser humanus! Vos mos sentio poena amo vestri ancestors have nunquam felt pro!"

The demon kept attacking, it will ignore all others for now. It will show this miserable anal bumper the pain and misery it truly diserved!

Velitis mori! Ego ostendam tibi quae te miseri volunt mortem, mortem autem nunquam tibi Fatum dolor erit aeterni poenam!

(Look at the end of chapter for translations)

The demon grabbed the Endymion by its neck, lifting it into the air and snarled in his face!

Before it could bite the king's face off, it was blinded by the light, as the attack of sailor moon hit him right in his face. She immediately materialized in front of her love, acting as a shield, trying to protect him hopelessly. Instead of attacking her, the demon just pushed her slightly out of the way and again raised his claw to deface the prince.

Endymion knew this was the end, this was his last stop. All he had done, all he had tried, had finally came to this huh?

So this is how it ends, funny….I thought I would enjoy all the Senshis and that bitch prude princess before I die….but no, I kept waiting, waiting for the prude princess to finally giver herself to me before I take others…..and now its…

Suddenly as idea formed in his mind, something he probably never thought he would have done. But he was desperate, and in desperation men do things they never thought before, because it is in these time their true nature comes forward

What he did, the act was recorded not only on live TV, but completely even took all the Senshis by surprise, for they never thought he would do such a thing!

He immediately grabbed Sailor Moons hand and pull her in front of himself while jumping away as fast as he could!

Sorry Sailor Moon, better you than me! You might get protected by magic, but I wouldn't!

Sailor moon didn't know what happened, everything happened just so fast. One moment she was ready to give her life for her love, and next? She was again in front of the abomination, its claws coming at her with unstoppable force! And next…..she was pushed away at the nick of time. More like picked up bridal style and jumped away!


A painful and sorrowful scream fill the air….

Everyone, including the demon itself stopped whatever it was doing. Such was pain and anguish in that scream.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! " screamed the senshi of time as she teleported herself immediately by the confuse princess.

"Pluto?" asked the princess, still processing what was happening. The pig-tailed guy had picked her and saved her at the last moment, taking her away from her imminent death.

But he had paid the price…

He laid motionless, his back all ripped apart by the demon claws, blood freely leaving his body…

"NO! NO! NO!" senshi of time just couldn't control herself….she was hysterical!

Immediately sailor moon blasted the demon with all her might!

''Crescent Beam!''

"Sailors! Its time to unite!"

Understanding the message of their leader, they stood around her, their arms reaching out to support and enfold hers. Clad in colorful sailor fuku, they all joined their princess in her unflinching stand against the abomination before them.



They started upping their power. All their powers started flowing into the Sailor Moon, and she started glowing with power, like she had never before. The TV immediately zoomed at her, there was no way any news was going to miss that!


The power in the princess went even further, and seems like the earth itself was lending its power to her. The demon just curiously looked at the princess and the sailors. He just smiled cruelly, and started wondering what was going to happen next



The Seal team 6 immediately unloaded their new experimental ammunition on the demon. And as their fire hit the demon…..

''Crescent Beam!''

'Mars Flame Sniper!''

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!"

"Mercury Aqua Mirage!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"Burning Mandala!"

"Death Silence Glave"

One after another destruction rained down on the demon from all sides and kept pounding the demon, again and again and again.


A bomb fell from the clouds, screaming and exploding on impact against the demon. This new weapon was specialized to unloaded almost the force of entire Hiroshima atomic bomb within 300 meter radius only, the pressure itself designed to vaporize everything within 300 meters and would not cause any damage beyond that!


The crowd cheered as they watched the Americans coming to recuse again and for the first time in history joining with the righteous forces of the Sailor Senshi themselves. A loud cheer was celebrated all around the world, and many wine bottles were opened. Many strangers just started hugging themselves in happiness, tears of joy rolling down their cheek.

"We just heard from British Prime Mister congratulating the Japanese, even the Chinese are celebrating and waving JAPANESE flags in pure happiness. This is truly a great day in the history of the Japan, no, IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! And here we …."

The cloud thundered and turned pitched black, adding to the ominous feeling, something was not right. Big Daddy looked at the celebrating crowd just started going quiet in fear, there was a feeling in his stomach.

"OH NO NO NO….."

Whatever the reporter was going to say any further just went quiet. The crowd went dead quiet.

The camera cleared and what it showed….

The dust cloud from all the bombingfinally cleared and demon just stood there, above the now heated glass road


Showing his teeth….

The senshi laid exhausted on the ground, having no power to do anything else.

Then the abomination screamed! And it moved…. so fast for even sailor moon to track with her magic.

It grabbed her neck, lifted her above the ground and tore her front dress away, revealing her bra and leaving her with just her skirt on.

"Ego ostendam tibi quæ fecerat ei voluptate moriantur et vos!"

Sailor moon understood what he said, tears felt from her eyes. She always wanted her first time to be with her prince, but it was not meant to be and now no one could seem to help her anymore.

It ripped her skirt away and drove her against the ground before started climbing on her.

She closed her eyes tight, even if he had her body, he will not have her soul and her will.

As the senshis felt everything was lost, suddenly a lighting like thunder came down from the skies and hit the demon right in his face. If that was not enough, another power ball came rocketing from the heavens themselves and hit the abomination squarely on the back.

And for the first time, since it presence on this place and in this battle, the demon screamed in agonizing pain. Pain which torn nearly every fiber of his soul.

Eyes fill with rage, he looked at heavens and saw two figures floating.

One he recognized, a beautiful girl, with blond hair flowing looking with utter hate in her eyes at him and the other brought nothing but fear in its dark heart. She was another beautiful woman, like a goddess, which would make any of the sailor fuku girls look like flat chested tom-boys, except the one named Pluto.

It looks like artillery from heaven and hell itself have finally arrived, for their in the sky floated the two things the demon knew it could never defeat.

Urd the Goddess from heaevns and Mara had arrived!

Together they attacked the abomination, but then again, it wasn't really a match, it knew it was outmatched so it immediately retreated back towards the portal, going back to the depths of hell it had come from. And it also closed the portal behind it quickly.

The demon was gone and the portal disappeared…..

But it vowed to be back, and will have its revenge. It will not forget what had happened, the defeat, the utter humiliation, even if it had to turn back the time itself. IT WILL BE BACK!

"KYUUBI…..NARUTO!" screamed the two immortals as they raced towards the fallen body of Ranma, whose head was now in the lap of crying keeper of time. She didn't say anything or prevented the newcomers from grabbing Ranma as Urd immediately took the right hand of Ranma and started kissing it, tears of sorrow flowed freely from her eyes. The demoness Mara, also came and took his left hand and put it right against her chest, pressing it desperately against the exposed flesh of her breasts….….feeling like everything, everything had been taken away from her, again!

Oh the wicked irony,

She finally met her lost love, the one who had saved her thousands millennia ago…..and the scene repeated itself.

Just like last time, he laid between them, as he died.

His head in Tsunade's lap, his right hand being held tightly by his white haired goddess…..

With his last strength he trace his right hand along the cheek of the demoness, feeling her sorrow and her love….he just smiled at her…

He had promised her that he would never leave her, but he did in the end…

And now, he did it again…..

Suddenly, an angel appear high above them, seen only by the three immortals….

He whispered a massage, a massage that once they heard, broke their heart even more. However, they had their duties, and the they had to do what had to be done.

"Ranma!", they heard the screams of Hinako and Nabiki running at them. The three immortals, one a senshi of time and other one a demon and a goddess, looked at each other one last time and with the final node, stood and teleported away.

The other senshi didn't know what to do…..should they comfort Usagi, go after Sestuna, or help the injured.

Only one thing kept going in future's queen mind….

This could not have been happening…

She ignored all the calls from the senshis, she was like walking dead. She just ignored everyone and teleported away….she had her own demons to fight, her inner demons. Perhaps worse than the one she had just faced.

Ranma's body thumped to the grassy field and as Yohko dragged him across the ruin field, holding him by the armpits. She let go of him then, her face leaning down towards his, her tears falling faster now. He could hear sirens in the distance. A lot of them. "Make sure," he repeated once more. "And tell Hinako that I will miss her. Tell her... he paused to breathe, "tell her that we'll... we'll meet again someday. Tell her that for me. Tell that to both Nabiki and Hianko…."

Yohko's face was miserable above his, a mask of despair, of pain. "I will, Ranma," she promised. "I'll tell them that you loved them, that you'll meet them again."

"Thank you," he said, feeling almost at peace as everything started to fade away. The sound of the sirens began to deepen, to become less distinct. The sound of Yohko's sobs did the same. A moment later, everything went black.



He had one more brief period of semi-clarity. He could not say later just how long the period lasted, but he knew that it was not a dream, not an illusion. There was too much detail for it to be anything but the truth.



He was in a hospital bed, in a sterile white room. He heard the constant beeping of an EKG machine from somewhere above him, the beeps very slow; too slow. He let his eyes open and saw an IV pole next to him. Two plastic bags of clear fluid and one of blood were attached to it, the tubing running downward through a system of pumps and into his arm. He tried to reach upward and found that his wrists were tied with restraints. He tried to say something and realized that a tube was down his throat, snaking into his lungs and breathing for him. He was on a ventilator. A machine was breathing for him. That was not generally a good sign.

He let his eyes move to the right a bit and he saw Hinako sitting in a chair next to him, her breasts bulging outward beneath a misbuttoned flannel shirt. She was crying, tears running down her pretty face. Someone from the police department was sitting next to her, holding her hand, mumbling words he could not understand to her. He was saying something about something…..

"They're looking for a donor now," she sniffed, her words sounding like they were coming from the end of a tunnel. "If they find one, they might be able..." she couldn't finish.

The chaplain responded to her, saying something about faith in God.

"This is such a... such a mess," she sobbed.

The chaplain held her for a moment, his arms around her shoulders, comforting her. After a moment she broke his embrace and her eyes turned to Ken's face. She saw that he was looking at her and hope blossomed.

"Ranma?" she said, leaning towards him.

"Hinako," the chaplain said soothingly, "I don't think that he's really awake. They gave him a lot of drugs and..."

"He's awake," she insisted, taking his right hand in hers. "I know my Ranma, Chaplain. He's awake! Ranma, can you hear me?"

He tried to talk to her but couldn't. He felt himself becoming agitated.

"It's okay, honey," she soothed, more tears running down her cheeks. "If you can hear me, just squeeze my hand."

He gripped her as hard as he could. It was feeble, but it was noticeable. "He squeezed," she said, delighted. "He can hear me. I told you."

He wanted to talk to her, to tell her how much he wanted to calm her. But he couldn't. All he could do was grasp at her touch. But that was enough for Hinako.

"They fixed all the blood vessels that were ruined," she told him, her free hand stroking his long black hair, as wild and free as the wind itself. "They saved you, Ranma, they saved you."

He gave her another squeeze. He didn't feel very saved, but he didn't want Hinako to know that.

She swallowed and took a few deep breaths. "You liver and your heart," she said. "Well... it was pretty damaged from the fight."

"Hinako," the chaplain interrupted. "Perhaps this isn't the best time to..."

"Shut up," she barked with uncharacteristic harshness, particularly in light of who she was talking to. "He has a right to know."

The chaplain shut up, his face conveying that he was somewhat taken aback by her words. She turned back to him. "The fight, the poison they say came from the claw of the demon..." she said softly, "well... it... they couldn't fix your heart and your liver. They couldn't fix it."

His liver and his heart? That brought a vague feeling of dread to him. A man couldn't live without a liver, could he? He wasn't a doctor, just a martial-artist, but he was pretty sure that somewhere in his life, someone had told him that.

"But they're trying to get you a new one, Ranma," Annie went on, the tears falling faster now. "They've put you at the very top of the list for a transplant. All they need to do..." she broke down, sobbing. "All you need..."

She seemed unable to continue. The chaplain put his arm around her once again, pulling her to him, patting her shoulder, whispering soothing words in her ear.

"They're trying, Ranma," Hinako sobbed. "They're trying. You just need to hang in there for us. Just hang in there. A new liver and you'll be good as new. Good as new."

He felt his consciousness waning again, saw everything starting to get fuzzy. A new liver, Hinako had told him. He needed a new liver. How long could a man live without a liver? How long?

As he faded out, her beautiful face began to grow indistinct before him, she leaned down once again, her lips kissing his cheek, her breath in his ear.

"I'm not going to let you die, Ranma," she told him. "No matter what happens, no matter what it takes, I'm not going to let you die."

Her words followed him down as the blackness engulfed him once more. His last emotion during this dark period was a sense of sorrowful love.

With Usagi

Once the battle was over, she couldn't sleep well for many months. For weeks and months, she was just like living but like a dead body. She couldn't sleep well, couldn't eat well, couldn't function well. All the joy in her life had left her, she felt like there is nothing to live for.

She kept trying to fight the memory from her last battle. But no matter what she does, or how hard she tried….she couldn't forget the memories of the battle.

Her heart clenched and her stomach felt like it wanted to die when the memory of what happened came to her again and again and again

Her prince, her knight in shining armor, her everything she thought, to whom she was had given her soul, ready to give her life, and was willing to give her body…everything…he had betrayed her.

Used her like a throw away item. Something only to be used and discarded.

Now everything had made sense, he was just using her. She was just a plaything for him.

Was she ever anything else to him?

And someone she didn't know, some guy who she had never met, he laid his life in line for her.

Her eyes tearing even more, her heart feeling the pain.

She realized that if she only had someone like her, she would have done anything for him, things she would never had done even for the prince who had betrayed her.

She would have even had shared him, if that's what she had to do.

Finally she made her mind…

She was tired, so tired of all this pain

All this sorrow and feeling all this weakness.

Wasn't she the future queen? Wasn't she the one who would decide her own destiny? Too long had she relied on fate and destiny. She had seen all the proof that Endymion was not right for her, but she had ignored it all. Because she thought he was fated for her…

Oh hell no…

Now she will continue her destiny…..and this time, it will be Usagi who will decide her own path. She will chose her own prince, and her own lover.

With that determination, stood up the future queen of the world. It looks like, Ranma had change things, even when he was no longer there…

Damn the future!

Damn the Crystal Tokyo!

End of Book One

Translation of Demon Tongue:

Ego ostendam tibi quæ fecerat ei filius voluptate moriantur et vos

I will show you what I had done to that child…..the pain and pleasure before you die


You will Die Damn You!



Vos miser humanus! Vos mos sentio poena amo vestri ancestors have nunquam felt pro!"

You wretched human! I will show you the pain the like your ancestors have never felt before! "

Velitis mori! Ego ostendam tibi quae te miseri volunt mortem, mortem autem non ad te veniat! Dolor et tristitia erit tuo aeternae sortis!

You will wish for death! I will you show you such misery that you will wish for death, but the death shall never reach you! Pain and eternal sorrow shall be your destiny!

"Ego ostendam tibi quæ fecerat ei voluptate moriantur et vos!"

"I will show you what I had done to that child…..the pain and pleasure before you die"

Authors Note:

Yea I know I was late, but I stuck how to bring things together, and had personal problems. But here is the update and next one will be coming much sooner, since I already have planned how to take it from here...