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So this is it...he found a way to stop us from getting into Lyoko...Xana...

He won?

But why...How could he win.

Oh...yes...I wasn't strong enough. I remember. I wasn't strong enough. Even if they shut down the tower, and go back to the past...I won't be there. I'll be gone...won't I?

If you die, won't you still be dead going back? Every time we go back we always remember what happened to us...our adventures...the danger, and even some laughs...so if you die, you'll remember death.

But your not allowed to remember death...

Does this mean I won't come back.

How could this be real...it isn't fair.

At least I'm dying like this.

Xana...you got smart...you jerk. You got smart. You figured out who was getting the others in the world so you targeted him.

We didn't catch it this time. Me in the factory watching the others as they battled for their lives, everyone's lives. Then it hit me. The surge of electricity, Xana's sign flashing on the screen.

I called out 'Shut down Lyoko.'

As soon as they step out they will hate me for not alerting them about what was happening to me. I don't mind. I don't...it hurts too much for me to care if they yell.

They haven't shut it down and I feel everything fading away, its so cold. Xana won. Without me...will the others be able to get back in there? Our will Xana win? I just don't know...and I feel to weak to care.

"Jermey! Yo man, where are you."


Hes here. Oh no...I don't want any of them to see me. I don't want them to watch me die.


Such a painful scream...so tired. Od...Yumi...Ulrick...


I'm sorry.


Od stood in front of his blonde friend, looking down at him, as he lay still on the ground. His skin was pale, and there were burn marks on his hands. The keyboard, was completely melted.


Od sunk to his knees, and picked him up.

They say the dead is heavy, but he didn't feel it. He felt hollow, and was loose in his arms. Slack and limp. "Je...Jeremy." Od whispered.

The young boy's eyes opened looking up at his friends. "Xana..." he whispered. Od began to choke out sobs, and sniff loudly as the tears sped faster and faster down his face.

"Don't die! Hang on! We're going to the past! The tower's almost shut down! Please!" Jeremy looked at him, and heard the sound of pods opening, and noticed a familiar white light.

Before his friends could see him, Jeremy took in a sharp intake of breath and looked at Od with wide scared eyes. "Whats going to happen to me Od? What...where will...I go..." His eyes began to darken, and his skin turned an ashy gray. "Od...don't go!" Jermey grabbed a hold of his shirt blindly, "I'm scared."

Od began to cry harder, and Jeremy's shaking voice. "Od..." Jeremy's head lay against Od's chest, "I want to go...to go home Od...I want to go home."

Before the light touched him, Jeremy went limp, and died. Od screamed for his friend, as the light wrapped around him.


Yumi, and Ulrik, along with the rest of the class turned around to stare at Od who burst out sobbing in class. "Od...what happened, why where you holding Jeremy...?" Ulrick whispered.

Od continued to sob, his face in his arms.

The teacher strode over to him, "Od? Od! What is it?" The class whispered, as louder sobs answered. Yumi looked next to her, and jumped when she noticed Jeremy wasn't at her side.

The principle came in the room, and looked at the class, grief in his eyes. He didn't seem to notice the sobbing Od, and sorrowfully announced, "Please listen to me class."

"I have some news for you...You won't take this well."

Yumi, and Ulrick felt their hearts freeze as Jeremy's sobs got louder.

Outside the building, if you waited you could hear several loud mournful cries, and screams of 'No' But it had happened.

Xana had won, and now the others had no way to get in the world. They were missing something they needed to be able to get them there. More than Jeremy. More than Lyoko.

They were missing a friend.