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Aelita waited impatiently for Od, Yumi, and Ulrick to show up. She cast her eyes behind her, another smile decorating her face. She remembered....remembered how she found him....

flash back

Aelita, in her misery, had been wandering around trying to figure out everything that was running through her head and her heart.

She took slow lazy steps, in her quest for no where.

"Come Xana, you have taken him, take me too!" She screamed in agony. Why did humans die? Why couldn't they be 'reset' or fixed? Why is it their programs could never be repaired once they reached the stage of death?

Her chest was tight, and she was confused as to what she was feeling inside her. With Jeremy she never felt alone, just knowing soon he'd come to say a quick hello, always made her feel happier.

In the school mornings when he'd rush in to say hello, his shirt halfway on, glasses askew, cheeks flushed. He'd gasp out, "Good morning Aelita! I'm late, bye!"

She would feel good for the rest of the day, even when they were fighting Xana. Jeremy's reassuring voice guiding them, and cheering them on. He always made her happy

But then Ulrick told her what happened. How Jeremy was dead, how it was something Xana had done.

"XANA! KILL ME!! KILL ME TOO!! Ki...Kill me!" Aelita sunk to the ground, tears dripping down her face, her hands pressed to the forest floor.


Her head shot up, what was that? Aelita looked around and something caught her eye. A virtual river? This...she had never seen this before.



Aelita began to run, and she followed the river, eyes clued to it. A little ripple was running away from her, or rather, this strange ripple was leading her.


Her heart froze when she saw two eyes in the water. Eyes she knew all to well, eyes she adored, "J...Jeremy."

The eyes came out of the water, as did glasses, a entire face. A ghostly spectral of Jeremy stood, floating away from her as if he was being dragged.

His eyes were half open, in a kind of sleepiness, and lips slightly parted. He reached for as he was dragged, " me..."


The pink haired girl ran after Jeremy, jumping roots of the trees, stones, and anything in her path. She tripped several times, but always managed to get back up. "JEREMY! WHAT HAPPENED!? WHERE ARE YOU GOING!"

"Xana...Aelita, Xana!"

"Wh-" She was cut off as something hit her. Nothing was there, but it felt as if the air had formed a giant hand, and thrown her back, like a useless rag doll.

She fell on all fours, and looked up, and saw the beautiful ghost disappear, something dark blanketing it. A black bubble appeared, swallowed the ghost, and then went clear. She starred and saw a tired weak boy laying in the dark prison.


Aelita shivered at the cold voice, and looked over at Jeremy, as she hid behind the bushes. The ghost she had followed, shook it's head, and blonde hair shifted as the small pale face turned it's head.

"No, Jeremy!" Aelita gasped.

"I don't...know what your talking about." He wheezed, his voice muffled, and scratchy but ringing clearly in her ears.


Something purple streamed through the bubbled, and Jeremy screamed until it disappeared. Tears rolled down his cheeks, and he whispered, "Leave me alone..."


Jeremy smiled his eyes closing, "Xana...I'm smart...I would have taught them how to shut you down as well..." his eyes closed, "Scared Xana? Scared of being...unplugged?" Jeremy fainted, and an angry howl went up.

The bubble turned yellow, a black mist leaving the bubble, a red sign appearing on the mist.

"That's Xana?" Aelita whispered. The mist flew off, and the bubble that contained Jeremy was left alone, right in front of the tower, with no guards. Aelita smiled, pain and joy filling up her being.

Xana had made it so easy! Xana had not been expecting them to find him, and it was her guess that he was hoping for the others never to be able to figure out a way back in.

She rose, getting better cover behind a tree, and watched Jeremy sleep. She had never seen him face to face, only by computer screen. He was pale, his cheeks rosy, his lips a light pink. His hair looked soft to the touch, and his hands gentle.

Her heart sped up as it always did when she thought of him, and she was slowly beginning to figure out why.


She turned, and that was when she saw Yumi.

end of flash back

"Aelita!" She snapped her head to the left and saw her friends, her eyes lighting up. She went to them, and whispered, "We must keep our voices down, come on...look and see him."

Aelita grabbed Od, remembering how Ulrick had talked of him being changed. And now that she saw him, she realized Ulrick was right. Od was quiet, and looked fragile. His skin pale, and body thin.

Aelita worriedly wondered, 'Does he blame himself for this?'

Od saw Jeremy first, followed By Ulrick, and Yumi. If they could cry in this game, they would be crying. Sound of joyous laughter, and sounds of sorrow could both be heard. Od dropped on all fours, shaking his head. Ulrick, and Yumi hugged, and then Ulrick took Od's shoulders and shook his friend, a wide grin on his face.

"Enough celebrating..." Ulrick whispered, "We have to get him out..." Aelita nodded, "Yes...I can help there!" Stealthily they crept forward, and finally approached the bubble.

"There really is no one guarding him is there?" Yumi asked astounded.

"Don't look a gift hoarse in the mouth!" Od shushed her, brows furrowed, "Lets get him and go."

"But what exactly is he?" Ulrick asked.

The group turned to him.

"Hello? He's Jeremy!" Od whispered.

"Jeremy's body is back at the factory..." All the hope in Ulrick's eyes disappeared. "He can't be real. How could this be him?"

"I am...I'm real...I'm alive...don't tell me I'm not."

The four looked at the figure inside the bubble. His face pale, and his face screwed up in such a way, they knew he wanted to cry. He only moved his head, and placed his fingertips on the yellow wall.

"You found me...I left that give you a clue..."

The picture of him was pointing at the computer screen, that was flashing Xana's sign.

"You were trying to tell us he had you!" Yumi whispered.

"I didn't figure...he had me...until...after I wrote...the letter...that image was my only hope...thank you." He coughed, and in a shaky voice whisperd, "I'm sorry everyone, sorry Od...I was such a chicken..."

Something flashed in the bubble, and Jeremy screamed, and went limp. Od dropped down to his knees, "Jeremy we're going to get you out of there! We'll find a way to take you home!"

Jeremy laid still, his breathes ragged, "Now...more than ever, I just want to die..." Aelita dropped to the ground, moving close him, without touching the shield.

"No don't be deleated...please....don't die."

His eyes gazed at her, him finally realizing she was there. "Aelita." He smiled. "I always wanted to see you...see you up close." He closed his eyes, a small beautiful smile spreading on his face.

"I am here, and now we're getting you out of here! So you can live!" He smiled again, "Going home....sounds good." He coughed, and it turned into a scream when the light inside the bubble grew bright.

The force was so strong, the others skidded back. "JEREMY!" Yumi cried, alarmed.

His body floating limply inside, a soft smile still on his face.

"That must be his spirit...his soul." Ulrick whispered, and then shook his head, "What ever he is right now, that is him...we have to get him out of here."

"We leave by getting killed-"

"Or when the tower is shut down!" Ulrick said rushing his words, "We have to get him out of here, and shut down the tower...I don't know what will happen if he is killed here in this state." He looked at Aelita and shook her head. She didn't know either.

"I think it's safer to shut down they tower, with him still alive!"

The others nodded, and then Od whispered, "How do we know, that even if he is alive when we shut down the tower, that he won't stay dead over there?" Ulrick took his shoulder. "Would you rather have him dead, or with Xana, and suffering?"

Od didn't say a word, but nodded his head. He wasn't able to do anything else, when something hit him on his back. "Ahh!"

The group turned to see two giant blacks, on small legs heading their way. This was the biggest enemy they had ever seen, with the most artillery. "I'll get Jeremy out!" Aelita cried rushing forward, getting ready to make an image of her friend.

Yumi rushed forward throwing her fan, "And we can handle this!"

The group suffered more than they thought, Xana's new "help" was very powerful, and even attacking them the way they usually did got them no where. To make things even more difficult, the yellow shield was not falling for Jeremy's image.

"Got it!" Od laughed, as one of the beasts finally went down. As it crashed, the 2nd one shot at Od, and Ulrick made one of his copies save him. "Od, be careful! It looks like if you get hit one more time your gone, and we need your help." Ulrick snapped, a laser coming in hitting him.

"Looks like this isn't easy after all! Xana was prepared for us!"

Their woes were forgotten though as Aelita cried out, "Jeremy!" They turned seeing her, cradle the young blonde. "All right!" Od took off, "I'll get them to the tower!"

He came forward and looked down at Jeremy along with Aelita. Od glanced at her face and smiled.

Aelita was starring at him, the tight feeling in her chest again. She knew what friendship was, she had it with the others, and Jeremy. But this feeling was better than friendship.

"Aelita, come on." Od coaxed gently. She shook her head, and stuttered an okay, and with Od's help, pulled Jeremy up.

He was solid like the others, but at the same time there was something different about him. You could see through him clearly. "I've never seen anything like this..."

"No time to wonder, we got to get to the tower!"

Od rushed Aelita to the tower, and turned around at Ulrick's cry. A blast headed for them, for Jeremy.

"Od...I'm scared....Od....I want to go home!"

Od felt his throat close. Jeremy had cried out to help for him, and he did nothing. Now Jeremy needed his help, but he couldn't ask for it. He didn't need to. Od planned to make amends for what happened.


Od jumped in front of a laser, the normal red color, replaced with yellow. "Od!" Aelita cried as he screamed. He wasn't disappearing all at once, but only piece by piece. "G-GO! AAAAHHH!"

Ulrick and Yumi cried with outrage, and continued there attack. Aelita made it in the tower, and soon found herself in front of the screen. Her name flashing on. She looked at the smart boy she cherished, and smiled. "Jeremy."

Gently, and timidly she leaned in capturing his lips, as the white light enveloped them.

Od, Ulrick, and Yumi blinked shaking there heads. They looked around with dismay. It had only gone back to a few hours ago, when they were in class. It was still in the time, where the others new Jeremy was "missing."

In fact, they knew cops would show up soon, to question them, for they were the closest to Jeremy.

Ulrick held Od's shoulder. "Are you okay...?" He nodded weakly. "That new blast sucked..." he gave a weak pathetic laugh, "I don't want to do that again! It was dying, but I wasn't going hurt so much."

The door opened, and the three froze at who walked in, escorted by a cop. "JEREMY!" Several voices cried. Jeremy stood in front of him, in the pajama's Od and Ulrick had placed him in, and a small smile decorating his face.

There were other things on his face too. Bandages on his forehead, a cast on his left arm, and more under his clothes. He looked weak, sick, and tired. Gray lay under his eyes, and faint bruises decorated his skin.

"He wanted you all to know he was okay before we took him. You three," The cop pointed at Yumi, Od, and Ulrick, "come with us."

Outside the school, the cop went to his car, waiting for Jeremy. The four friends embraced. Od hugging onto Jeremy the longest. "Thanks for saving me guys." Jeremy sniffed, tears running down his face. The group nodded, throats to tight to work.

"Wh...What happened?" Yumi asked finally.

"When I was electrocuted, I think Xana ripped my soul away from my body..." Jeremy muttered confused, clutching a hold of Od's shirt, as well as Yumi's. If he had a third hand, he would be holding Ulrick as well. "After you guys got me out I woke up in the back of that police car."

Jeremy looked down at himself, "Apparently they found me in the hospital, and I asked to see you guys before they took me back." He looked confused. "Did you?" Jeremy shook his head, "No. I didn't, I guess it has something to do with Lyoko, maybe even Aelita."

"It was for the best that you woke up there then, with all those injuries." Ulrick said concerned. Jeremy nodded grimly, "Xana...what ever he did..." He shook his head, and then smiled. "I'm gl..glad to see you guys again." The group laughed embracing, and they clung to each other.

"I have to go back to the hospital now, I have to find a way to get out of explaining what happened to me." Jeremy took a few steps reluctantly back. "We're coming!" Ulrick took Jeremy's uninjured arm. The three followed Jeremy to the cop car, and stepped in.

"Look mister, we're coming! He's been de-er-missing for almost three days! So if y-" The man officer laughed at Od's tough voice, "Don't worry you can come. He was so desperate to see you." The four sat back in their seats, as the car drove off, headed to the hospital.

Jeremy leaned back and closed his eyes, and fell quickly asleep on Ulrick's shoulder. His three friends looked at him, and then Yumi whispered, "Well, if you think about it, he has been being tortured by Xana for almost three days..." She smiled, and fluffed his hair, reaching over Ulrick.

Od who sat on the other side of Jeremy, yawned, "I don't know about you, but I haven't been sleeping for the past few days, so..." He yawned, placing his head on Jeremy, "I'll catch up on my zzzz." He yawned again, and quickly fell asleep.

Yumi laid her head down on Ulrik, who went red. "Y...Yumi?" She smiled, her eyes closed. "I haven't been sleeping well either. I think I'm going to finally get some good rest." She drifted off just as quickly, and Ulrick sighed.

"What is this sleep on Ulrick day?" He muttered, feeling the weight of his friends. He looked at their faces, his eyes resting on Jeremy. "Welcome back." He placed his cheek on Yumi's head, blushing as he did so, and closed his eyes.

When they arrived at the hospital they were all four asleep.