Summoner's Call

Chapter 2: Dreams

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Tryst walked out into the middle of a large beautiful field that reminded her of the Konschtat Highlands that she passed through from Selbina. Suddenly, the bright beautiful field was engulfed in darkness as a heavy thunderstorm soon rocked the land. She stumbled around in the darkness looking for some shelter until she tripped and landed face first into the mud. As a bolt of lightning crashed in the background she managed to catch a glimpse of what it was that she tripped over, however, she could not make out what it was exactly so she decided to move closer. She had gotten right on top of it and the lightning crashed again. She pulled back in horror as she noticed it was the bloody corpse of a dead soldier whose colors were not reminiscent of any country that she knew of. At that particular moment a man on a massive six-legged horse rode up to her; he was covered in a black cape and cowl that masked everything but his enchanted glowing eyes. "Death will come on the seven winged destroyer of Eon." Said the man

"Wh…Who are you?"

"Death will come on the seven winged destroyer of Eon. Remember his pact." Repeated the man

"His pact? What are you talking about?"

Tryst was jolted to consciousness as she was awoken by one of the servants she had been given while staying in the Bastokian Consulate at the top of the Metal Works. "So it was just a dream." It had been two weeks since the Prime Minister's murder and since then Tryst had been made acting magistrate in order to curb the growing unrest in the large adventurer population. Most of the adventurers in Bastok called it home and where also apart of the militia.

"Mistress I have laid out your clothes and drawn your bath." Said her very young maidservant.

"Thank you, that will be all." Retorted Tryst

Elsewhere, Tryst's guardians had already been up for quite a while, despite the fact that it was only six in the morning. They were both in Cid's workshop, examining the bullet that had been pulled out of the Prime Minister's fore head. Cid dropped the bullet into a strange blue liquid and they waited as nothing happened. "So what do you make of it, Cid?" wondered Sevish

"Well, damn thing doesn't have a spirit imprint. Hell, it doesn't even have any scrapes across the along the damn thing."

"What?" asked Sevish

"You see when bullets are fired out of a gun, the magic used to propel the small piece of metal usually leaves an imprint of the thoughts of the user on the bullet. However, scrapes across the metal can be used to match it up to the gun that fired it."

"What does that mean?" Kaze queued in

"One of two things, little lady. Either this murder was a freak accident of nature or this bullet wasn't fired from a gun." Replied Cid.

Just then a young squire burst through the door with a very worried look on his face "Lord Sevish, there is a Windhurstian advance party at the front gates of the city!"

"What?" Sevish walked outside followed closely by Kaze.

By this time the advance party had already managed to push themselves into the gate and were making their way passed the fountain. Sevish and Kaze met up with them and took their attention. It had seemed that the Star Sybil herself had made the long trip from Windhurst and she did not look happy. She was a Mithra of medium height and was clothed in a shimmering white hooded tunic with white plate armor on her arms and feet with a long bow strapped to her back and her hair tied away from her face. "Where is your master? Lady Tryst was made active Prime minister until a new one is selected, correct."

"Correct." Confirmed Tryst as she approached from behind. "What can I do for you lady Sybil?"

"Nothing, however, I have come to offer my condolences."

"You made the long trip to Bastok just to offer your condolences?" wondered Sevish

"Master, don't be rude." whispered Kaze in his ear.

"Sevish of Bastok, I presume. You are right, I have information but let us go where the eyes of strangers are not so easily indulged." Said the Sybil as she jumped off her mount and waved for her entourage to put the Chocobos away as she walked with Tryst to the meeting hall. Minutes later they had reached their destination and began to talk. In the middle of the conversation the Star Sybil pulled out a small piece of some strange looking armor. It was inscribed with the insignia of the San D'orian prince.

"How did you get this?" wondered Sevish aloud

"An attempt on my life was made several days ago, however, we were able to pursue him long enough to make a retaliation attempt. Unfortunately, he escaped but we managed to obtain this piece of his armor." Explained the Star Sybil

"Why do I get the impression that you have another reason for coming here?" inquired Tryst.

"For someone so young you have a very keen set of senses. Windhurst and Bastok have always been allies, the reason I come here today is that I have a question for you. Will you go to war with me?" asked the solemn and very serious Mithra. Tryst was stunned, she had been acting Prime Minister for the better part of two weeks and she already had a war on her hands.

"Now Lady …"

"Yes or No?"

"I will need more than a piece of armor, to start a war." Replied Tryst hardening her resolve.

"More? Fine, have your spies check the entrance to the Valkrum dues. I think you'll find that the San D'orians are massing they're armies just outside of Bastokian territories. The first to fall will be Selbina if you don't do something. From the way they looked It seems that you might have, at the most, four more days before their preparations are complete." Informed the Star Sybil as she got up and began to walk out, but before she could leave she stopped and turned back "one more thing, Lady Summoner, have you been having strange dreams lately?"

"What do you mean?" she wondered

"A strange man on strange beast amidst a bloody battlefield, with eyes of fire and message of a pact?" the Mithra had a questioning glance on her face. Sevish's eyes lit with surprise.

"How do you know about that dream?" he had been having the same dream but had kept it a secret because he viewed it as an omen.

Fighting back a stunned expression, the Star Sybil explained what she and found out that both Sevish and Tryst had received in the same way she had. "All I was able to find out was that Eon was a long forgotten Summoner whose exploits have been classified by the duchy of Jeuno. However, I was able to find out, now this is just a legend. It is said that Eon, wanting to be able to protect his friends and guardians, made a pact with the Avatar of darkness Nimrod. Nimrod told him that if he was able to summon his three comrades in battle that Nimrod would grant Eon his strength."

"Nimrod?" wondered Sevish "Never heard of him."

"I'm not surprised, He's one of the three forbidden Avatars that are described in the Summoner's ancient texts. What happened after that?"

"I don't know, that's all I could find out." Replied the royal Mithra

"Lady Summoner, you said that there where three, who are the other two?" inquired Kaze.

"The first is Gilgamesh, the Avatar of destruction. The last is unknown as there are only so many vague references to 'the holy one'." Explained Tryst

"Whoever the rider was, I think this is a warning from the avatars. We should prepare our armies for defense and search our temples for clues." Suggested the Star Sybil.

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