I don't know why I dream about you day after day,
I'm too nervous to speak to you, too nervous to say,
everything that I've been thinking. Should those words remain lost?
I'm a loser going after a popular girl without cost.
I'll take a chance and hope that I'm who you're thinking of.
I'll use all my courage to tell you,"You're the one I truly love."

-Poem by aliasfan

You're the One I Truly Love
Chapter I:
Misfortune: New School Year

Book I: Loving Her

( Point of View: Sora )


Wow. What can I say? I love her. I pratically worship the girl.
Had a crush on her since, maybe, fifth grade. And you know what? I'm in high school now. How sad is that?

Yeah, you're probably wondering why I don't have the guts to ask her out. Well, I honestly tried—really!—but a lot of things happened, such as: getting washed away from the river of the Kairi-fans; the bell rings when I try talking to her; being yelled at by Mrs. Moon (I'll explain later); and...well, you get the point. I am not looking forward to school—which starts tomorrow. Life sucks. Really, really, really sucks.
I'm such a loser.

You know what else is sad? I only have a few friends. Yeah. Here's some of them:
Selphie: one of the crazi—er, happiest girls, I know. She's really cheerful. I mean, she's always in a happy mood no matter how badly she gets treated.
There's Wakka, the guy with the weird hair-style. He's real athletic (unlike me)...the best Blitzball player out there, besides Tidus—this one, other popular guy.
Expecting more? That's all the friends I have, really.

Kairi has a bunch of friends; but I think her best friend is a girl named Yuffie. Yuffie is freaky, in a way, because she's always wearing ninja-like clothing. She, too, is a happy girl— always in a happy mood. She's really hyper, chattering all the time. She's talked to me a couple of times, but only to get some gum from me (Winterfresh, most of the time).

One of the other reasons why I'm not looking forward to school is...Mrs. Moon, a.k.a Moonzilla. She's my evil science teacher that gives us loads of homework. And you know what else? She can't pronounce simple words like 'to'! She says "Go to-oo-ooo the principal's office!" Well, she CAN pronounce it but she says it in a weird way. And she's always spelling simple words wrong, like "Creates"! She spelled it "Creets"! That's not even CLOSE to "Creates"!

I turned and glanced at my alarm clock, which was near my empty desk. 10:48 P.M. NOO. How could time go so fast? Maybe it's just my imagination... I shook my head. Oh well. Better get some sleep...

I closed my eyes and I was fast alseep...


When I looked out the car window, everything was covered with water. Stupid rain. Isighed while I continued to stare out the window. I was getting closer to the stupid school, Destiny Academy—and if you're wondering what our school mascot is, it's a platypus. You know what that is? A water mammal with a bill like a duck's and a tail like a beaver.
I seriously didn't want to go to school.

"Ughhhh...Mom, I feel sick..." I moaned. Mom was in the front seat, driving.

"Sora, I know when you lie or not, and you are definately lying," she replied back, with a look on her face that read,"Hah-You-Think-You-Could-Fool-Me-Again?"

"Really! I'm—", cough,"—not lying!" I faked. As we stopped at a red light, Mom threw a glare at me as I quickly looked back through the window. Same old, crappy school. Same old sign that said,"Destiny Academy: Home of the Platypus." Same old group surrounded by Kairi.

I choked.

Kairi was out there.

"Wow! That sounded real! But I'm still not falling for your tricks," Mom exclaimed, and she pulled to the side of the curb. I sighed and quickly said goodbye. I slowly walked to the school entrance, hoping that Kairi would notice me. Kairi looked at me for a moment and started to walk towards me.

"Hiya!" She yelled to me (I think).

Oh no...Oh no...Oh no...What do I say? Why is she talking to me? I started to get nervous and my heart was pounding like hell.

"Aren't you gonna say 'Hi!' back to me? If you're not, then I won't ask you to be my boyfriend!" Kairi said, slyly. She walked closer, with a smile forming on her face, and leaned towards me, planting a kiss on my cheek.


"W-what?" My eyes shot open. I fell off my bed and slammed my hand on my clock. Damn, it was only a dream... Crap, it's 6:57...Better get ready for school...

I picked up the blankets on the floor and made the bed. I ran downstairs and went to the kitchen. I saw my mom cooking breakfast. I didn't feel like eating though.

"Morning!" Mom said cheerfully.

I didn't reply and I then sat down on a chair, groaning.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

I looked up at her and said,"School. Another year of school."

"Aww, it's okay. I'm sure this year will be really super duper fun!"

Oh, God. That sounded gay."Sure...whatever..."

She placed a plate of eggs in front of me. I looked down at the plate with a tired look on my face and not knowing my mom was staring at me. I sighed again and looked up. My mom quickly walked out of the kitchen, leaving me alone. I looked out of the window and saw a sign which said "HOUSE SOLD" with red paint. Wonder who's moving in to that house.

"Hey Sora! We're leaving soon!" I heard my mom yell from upstairs. I got up from the table and went outside to our car. Looking up at the sky, I wondered: Will this year be as lonely as last year?...I hope not...

I heard running inside the house and the front door flew opened. "Let's GO!" Mom grinned.

We were in the car. I looked sadly out the window and banged my head on it until my school came to view. My mom drove to the side of the street and dropped me off.


I walked toward the school entrance until I suddenly heard the two sounds that would ruin my whole entire life at school:

HONK HONK. "Bye, Sora Sweetie! Be good in school!...Oh! And have a SUPER fun day!" My mom yelled—really, really loudly, from the car. I mean, she was so loud, the whole school must've heard! No..the whole neighborhood!

Before I knew it, everybody was staring at me— in ALL directions...including Kairi. Kairi was akinda far,although the distance seemed VERY near. She giggled slightly and continued to talk to her friends, and soon, everybody else started talking, as if nothing has even happened. "Phew," I said to myself. "Wait a mintute...what if they're talking about me?"

"HEEEEEEEYY!" A voice hollored behind me. I instantly knew who the voice belonged to.

"Hey, Selphie...hey, you didn't see what just happened, did you?"

"Nopers, I didn't see, but I heard! All the way from riigghhhttt there!" Selphie replied, pointing to her house, which was a few blocks away from school. Damn. Damn. Damn. Did Mom have to be THAT loud?

I sheepishly looked down at the pavement.

"Awww, it's okay! Maybe something else will happen today!"

By that, she meant, "Maybe something embarrassing will happen to another kid...a-a-aand you'll be old news!" But that hardly ever happens.

I sighed and we walked into the school to get our schedules. I was also praying that I didn't get the teachers I hated.

I read my paper:

...Period One
Mrs. Gourilla - GEOMETRY; 032
...Period Two
Mr. Sephiroth - HISTORY; 025
...Period Three
Ms. Lionhart - ENGLISH; 020
...Period Four
Mrs. Moon - SCIENCE; 019
(I. Hate. Her.)
...Period Five
...Period Six
Ms. Heartsilly - DRAMA; 006

"Damn. I have Mrs. Moon as my science teacher again!" I moaned. This day has got to be the worst day ever.

"I have her too!" Selphie said happily; Figures,Selphie was "Mrs. Moon's favorite student."

"I can't believe you, Selphie! You actually think she's a nice teacher? She's—"

"Soooo nice!" Selphie interrupted.


Selphie glared at me and smiled. "Heeeeyyyy...I wonder what KAIRI's classes are..."

"Shut. Up!" I said blushing, and Selphie's smile grew wider. "Anyway, Selph, Mrs. Moon is the stupidest teacher I ever met! Remember the time she—"

"Hey! What are you guys do-ooo-ooo-ing? " A voice said behind me. My eyes grew wide opened as I turned closer and saw...her.

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