Everything Purple

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Chapter 1: Running Away

"Kamiya Kaoru! What do you think you're doing?"

Kaoru cringed mentally and outwardly as she heard her mother's voice bellow into her left ear. She cautiously turned to her left and saw her mother standing tall, hands pressed firmly against her hips.

"I only ordered--" Kaoru began to explain.

"I don't want to hear any excuses coming from your mouth, missy! I told you that if you wanted to buy something off the internet, you had to ask me! And you deliberately disobeyed me! You just completely ignored what I commanded you not to do and bought off of Ebay!" Kaoru's enraged mother yelled.

"Mother, we're rich, I can afford it," the girl reasonably said.

"I don't care if we're poor or if we're rich!" her mother continued to shout. "I told you not to buy anything off the 'net and you went ahead and did so! As of now, you are off the computer for two months!"

Kaoru cried out in disbelief. "Mom! That's just not fair! How can-"

"SILENCE! I don't care if it's not fair!" The exasperated older woman calmed down for a minute, pausing to think. "No, I changed my mind. I'm rethinking."

"You are? Oh, thank you! I knew there was justice!" Kaoru sighed loudly with relief, not wanting to go through an agonizing two months of no computer.

"Yes. I've decided--"

"Yes?" Kaoru crossed her fingers, hoping for a fair punishment.

"I've decided that since you disobeyed me and you think that your punishment is unfair even though whatever I say goes, that I will add on to your sentence."

"WHAT? What the hell?!! That's not fair, either!!" Kaoru shouted, pounding her fist on the oak table in front of her. "You can't add on to my punishment!

Kaoru's mother roughly grabbed her daughter's arm. "Watch your language! Just for that, I'll make your punishment even worse. Now don't talk anymore or I'll make it worse for you."

Truthfully, Kaoru didn't know how there could be anything worse than no computer, but she stayed silent, not wanting to think what was worse than that.

"You shall go without your computer, your TV or your phone for two months. Plus," she quickly continued before Kaoru could interrupt her, "No going out for two weeks!"

Kaoru could only gape at her mother, not believing a word she heard. "Truly you don't think that all of this is necessary, do you?" she inquired, grinding her teeth together in anger.

"Whatever makes you see that you must do what I say is necessary. Now," Her mother pointed upstairs, "Go to your room immediately and think about what you have done."

Grudgingly, Kaoru made her way to her room and once there, slammed her door. "Fuckin' bitch," she cursed as she ungracefully plopped onto her bed, closing her eyes to sleep.

A few hours later, Kaoru awoke from her sleep. Shifting uncomfortably, she glanced at her clock. "Midnight. I guess now is better than any other time," she thought aloud.

Picking up a duffel back from inside her closet, she began to throw in some stuff. Her laptop computer (where she was going, she wouldn't have a mother to make her put it away), her CD player along with her CDs, some books, some clothes, food and drink, all her money, and everything else that was needed.

Quickly scribbling a note, Kaoru tossed it onto her bed, making sure that her mother could find it.

And, without a second thought or glance backwards, Kaoru jumped out of her window, landing softly on to the green grass.

After about an hour of walking, Kaoru finally reached Union Terminal. 'Well, here goes nothing.' Kaoru thought, pushing open the door.

Kaoru was surprised at the amount of people there. Besides her, there was only three other people. Two working at the ticket booths and one custodian. 'Guess no one really uses trains anymore,' she concluded, approaching the ticket booth.

"One to Phoenix, please."

The man on the other side of the glass didn't even bother to manage a smile as he spoke. "That'll be $64.95."

Shuffling through her wallet, Kaoru pulled out a fifty, a ten and a five, handing it to the man. As the ticket was slid underneath the glass, she picked it up.

"Train leaves in two minutes," the man informed her, without a hint of emotion.

Not waiting for her nickel in change, she sprinted down the vacant hallways and finally skidded to a stop, only managing to jump onto the train before the speaker came on, announcing that the train was leaving.

As she took a seat in front of her, she looked around to see if there was anyone else on the train. Besides her, there was nobody. 'Odd,' she contemplated, 'Surely I wouldn't be the only one on here.'

Getting up and gathering her duffel bag, she walked down the aisle of the train, looking for any signs of life at all.

Kaoru became steadily worried, after moving through five of the six train cars and seeing no one at all. The only place she hadn't looked was up front, where the person managing the train would be.

Really without even thinking, Kaoru reached out to grab the door handle. Slowly, she turned the knob and sauntered in.

What she saw --or to be more exact-- what she didn't see was an engineer or driver or anything of that sort. All she saw were lots and lots of controls.

Her curiosity getting the best of her, she ambled on over to the controls. One section of the controls was labeled 'Destination'. 'An automatic train? I didn't know there was such a thing,' Kaoru thought as she looked at the buttons and lettering below. '1868 - Japan' suddenly appeared. 'Japan? 1868? What is going on?' Kaoru frightfully pondered. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of a big, red button, almost beckoning to her. Cautiously, she lifted a delicate, manicured finger until it hovered menacingly over the control button. 'I know I shouldn't do this,' Kaoru reasoned, but she couldn't seem to control her movement.

Like a bolt of lightning, she rapidly pressed the button.

For awhile nothing happened. All was quiet, and Kaoru could even hear her breath, although she was not heavily breathing.

Then, without even a warning, the power shut off, leaving Kaoru in the complete darkness. Lights of all different colors started to flicker on and off and noises of odd sorts were being made by unknown origins.

As Kaoru fainted, falling back harshly onto the carpeted floor, she could barely make out some eerie, monotonous, computer voice. "Your destination - Kyoto. Year - 1868." A short pause, "You are now being transported to the Meiji Era."

Kaoru awoke to a pounding headache and a stiff back. Eyes still closed, she stood up, brushing dirt off her purple miniskirt and readjusting her white tube top.

She opened her eyes and brushed a black strand of hair over her shoulder. She loved her hair and spent about as much money on it as she did anything else. Heck, she even had been in a few Herbal Essences commercials. She had recently had it straightened and it was now silky and shiny.

Making sure that her purple diamond earrings, bracelets, anklets, and rings were still on, (as they were worth a lot) she finally realized that she was in unfamiliar terrain.

"Where the hell am I?" she asked to no one in particular, as there was really no one to ask. Her purple eyes searched to her left and saw some pretty cherry blossoms, in full bloom, with chickadees chirping happily, trying to attract a mate. She tried to see as far as she could and so no building whatsoever. 'Okay. There are definitely no areas in Cincinnati where you can't find a building of some sort.'

Hearing hooves pounding upon the ground behind her, Kaoru swivelled so she was facing south instead of north. Or at least by the position of the sun, she figured she was now facing south.

She soon saw a cart with two horses. Perched atop of the cart was an old man. She bounded over to the cart as it drew to a stop. The man leaped off, surprisingly agile for a man of his age.

She stopped in her tracks as he came to her. "What are you wearing, young miss? I've never seen such a .. a.. an interesting ensemble."

Raising her eyebrows, confused, Kaoru replied, "Actually this is quite normal. Or at least for where I live. Which comes to my question. Where am I?"

It was now the man's turn to raise his eyebrows. "Why Kyoto of course!"

Kaoru wheeled back in surprise. "K-kyoto? You mean Kyoto, Japan?"

"Well of course," the man answered, just as surprised as her. "Is there another Kyoto I know not of?"

"N-not that I know of," she stated, somewhat uncertain 'I guess that 'train' did bring me to Japan,' she considered, thoughtfully, 'But why?'

"I take it that you are lost?"

The man's words brought Kaoru back to reality. "Y-yes. I definitely am. Do you know where the nearest establishment is?"

"Establishment? I'm confused by your choice of words, young miss."

"I mean, like a village or someplace with houses or whatever," she corrected herself.

"Oh, yes. Yes. It's about twenty miles away. I can get you there in a little more than an hour, if you would like."

"Really? That would be great. I'm just so confused. So lost ... so ... oh, I don't know!" Kaoru cried out, slumping her shoulders.

"Don't worry, we'll get you somewhere where you can get a nice rest and some good food. Follow me," the man said, beckoning her to follow. "By the way, what might your name be?"

"Kamiya. Kaoru Kamiya."

'This girl sure is a strange one, that's for sure,' the old man thought as he climbed back onto the cart.

He reached out his hand for Kaoru to take, and once she got on safely with her luggage, he urged his two horses to move on to the nearest village.

'What the fuck?!' she thought, as she laid her head against her duffel bag. 'What I'm doing in Kyoto?'

Soon, Kaoru fell into a short slumber, dreaming of what might happen.

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