Wow, I hope everyone remembers this, it's been a while! But, with more time on my hands, I fully intend to keep this story going, as long as people comment to let me know its being read. Oh, by the way, a Runelords movie is in the works.

Sigourney took a few deep breaths. It had been a stressful day- her boyfriend Grant hadn't returned any of her calls this week. The last thing she needed to do was to blow up at her employer. And getting paid $45,000 for reading magazines and answering the phone was not something she wanted to give up. She knocked on the door. "Sir?" No answer. She bit her bottom lip- hard. She pondered, then slowly opened the door. She'd never even see the interior of this room before. It was quite simple: A bookcase, an ugly rug, ("typical man…" she thought) and small wooden desk. Suddenly, she felt herself trip as her right stiletto snapped. She fell hard on her back, he shoe sailing into the room. As it passed through the door, there was a sudden beam of red light that shot out at the shoe. Transfixed, she watched as it seemed to freeze. Suddenly, the whole room vaporized into thin air! She scrambled to the edge of the door, and watched horrified as her shoe fell through the air 47 stories until hitting the street below. The wind whipped through her hair as she stepped back, reeling with shock. This was to strange she decided. She furiously limped back to her desk, and dialed the phone number her boss had given her to contact him. What the Hell she thought. I'm a rational woman. Why would I take a job where I contacted the boss through the phone she thought vaguely. The phone rang as she paced impatiently. "Hello?" the unfamiliar voice of her boss said. "Okay, look 'Boab'," she snapped, with as much venom as she could muster. "I'm quitting effective right now. I don't want my paycheck, my benefits, or whatever other crap I'm entitled to. I'm leaving this funhouse right now!" Sigourney was utterly unprepared for what happened next. "No you're not" said the voice…

"Excuse me?" Sigourney was shocked. "You know to much" her boss responded. "No..." Sigourney breathed. "No, you see, this kind of stuff doesn't happen to me. Not to ME! I'm not in a fcking horror movie, I'm a normal working woman! I am tired of the crappy job, and I'm leaving! You might think it's funny, I don't!"

"Fine..." the voice said eeriely. "Go ahead. Leave." Sigourney slammed down the phone, and marched towards the door. She wrenched the handle, then burst into tears. It was locked.