December Air

Author's Notes: OH NO! NOT ANOTHER ONE! Jeez, that's it, after I publish the 9,000 fics I have buzzing in my head, I have to get to work on completing them!

This fic is a futuristic fic on Rurouni Kenshin, a KxK fic of course! ^.^ What other pairing is there? Reader: Aoshi and Kaoru? Me: NO! (-evil \_/

Note: This fic will be played with the following ages.

Kaoru: 18

Misao: 18

Sanosuke: 20

Megumi: 20

Mysterious Stranger(lol): 22

Yahiko: 11

Aoshi: 22

Tsubame: 11

I know these ages aren't correct! Please do not beat me up, it must be this way for the fic to work.

Now, please, forget my ranting and enjoy the fic!


December Air by Magical Girl Pretty Sammy-chan

Kaoru Kamiya, an 18-year old college freshmen, waited eagerly for her class to end. This lecture, given by Prof. Wakamaru, was especially boring, and she was eager to get back to her dorm. She stared wistfully outside the window at the falling snow.

"Wake up Kaoru, or Wakamaru's gonna catch you," Misao, Kaoru's dorm mate and best friend, whispered to her, making sure not to draw too much attention.

"I know," Kaoru whispered back, "But this is SOOOOOO boring. I only took this class because you said you were going to."

"Yeah," Misao gave an exasperated sigh, "Things always sound more fun on paper."

"Looks like time is up," Kaoru and Misao nearly cheered as Prof. Wakamaru closed his book and looked up at the clock, "You are all dismissed. Have a nice weekend, and don't forget your jacket. It's cold outside."

Kaoru watched the snow falling outside as she and Misao filed out of the room with the other students. Misao eagerly chatted away about her newest crush, Aoshi Shinomori, a Senior.

"And he's tall, and dark and handsome, and so calm and reserved," Misao rambled on and on about how nice and wonderful Aoshi was. Kaoru didn't pay much attention as she watched the snowflakes cover the ground outside and fall through the cold December air.

"Kaoru?" Kaoru ignored the voice, "Kaoru? Kaoru are you even listening to me?"

Kaoru came out of her trance to see Misao looking very upset at her, "I was talking about Aoshi and you weren't even listening!"

"Sorry Misao," Kaoru laughed, putting her hands up in front of her as if to block off Misao's anger, "I was just watching the snow outside."

"Yeah right," Misao smirked, "You're just hiding that jealous look on your face."

"OH YEAH?!" Kaoru grabbed Misao's ponytail and pulled, making Misao squeal with pain.

"Just kidding, just kidding," Misao laughed, rubbing the sore spot on her head where Kaoru had pulled, "What's so interesting about the snow anyway?"

Kaoru was a little taken aback by the question, not knowing exactly how to answer, "I...I...I don't just...just...seems peaceful that's all."

"I guess," Misao looked at the window thoroughly, as if trying to find something special in it that only Kaoru could see.

"I love December," Kaoru smiled to Misao, "Miraculous things can happen."


Finally, Kaoru and Misao reached the exit of the door. When they stepped outside, a harsh wind caught them, and Kaoru felt so cold she thought her arms would freeze off. She looked down and noticed a horrific fact. Her jacket was gone! She must have left it in the room.

"Misao!" she called to Misao who was already ahead of her, "I forgot my jacket, you go ahead without me."

"You sure?" Misao's forehead scrunched up, giving her a worried expression.

"I'll be fine, it's just a short walk," Kaoru laughed, and as soon as Misao nodded, she went back inside.

She walked through the corridors, noticing that they were close to empty. Almost everyone's classes were done for the day, and the night classes were held in another building. She ran to the room she had been in and turned the knob.

It was locked! "Oh no!" Kaoru desperately tried to jiggle the knob, filled with the false hope that it would open with enough jiggling. "Okay Kaoru," Kaoru sighed, "It's okay. Just find a janitor that has a key to the room, that's all, no big deal."

Kaoru searched all over the building, but it was completely deserted. No one was left, and by the time she had finished searching, it was already almost 8:00 and completely pitch dark outside.

"Oh this is bad," Kaoru felt sweat developing on her forehead. She knew that she would freeze if she tried to walk back to the dorm, but she had no other choice, she had to go.

As Kaoru stepped out of the doors, a huge gust of wind caught her, and she stumbled off the stairs into the cold snow. She felt a twinge of pain as cold, biting snow found its way under her shirt and into her pants. She felt her socks becoming soaked, and when she stood up, a piece of ice was stuck to her face.

After wiping off the ice, Kaoru was colder then ever before. As she walked down the sidewalk, she felt her arms go numb from the snow that had melted and left her freezing, and her legs were starting to feel the effects too.

"I'," she breathed out, making a cloud in front of her face. "I don't know if I can make it." As she rounded the corner, she felt her legs go numb, and she couldn't move any farther. Kaoru was becoming seriously frightened. Could she actually die out here? Would no one find her until it was too late? Would Misao worry about where she was, and look for her, only to find her blue iced body lying in the snow that she had loved so much?

"Here," Kaoru turned her head around to see a strange man taking off his jacket and putting it on her arms. The man had red long hair, purple eyes, and a cross shaped scar on his left cheek. He zipped up the jacket for her and she felt instantly incredibly warm. Her arms became less numb and the heat started to go to her legs. "You shouldn't be out here without a jacket, that you shouldn't," the man said as he gave her a scarf from his neck, "It's about 10 degrees."

Kaoru stared, dumbfounded, at the man. He wrapped the scarf around her neck, and she realized they were very close. Finally he stepped away and all Kaoru could mutter was, ""

"It's no problem," he smiled and walked off in the other direction. It only occurred to Kaoru to ask him his name after he had gone.


"Kaoru! BAKA, BAKA!" Misao stood crying at the door when Kaoru came in, her cheeks flushed, "I was about to call the police, I was so worried about you!"

"I'm fine Misao," Kaoru laughed and walked in, "I just nearly froze to death."

"THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" Misao yelled and Kaoru smiled warmly at her friend.

"I'm fine," Kaoru gave Misao a hug and let her cry over her shoulder, "Thank you so much for caring about me."

"I was so scared," Misao whimpered between sobs, "That I had lost the sister I never had."


That night, after warming up with hot chocolate, fuzzy slippers, and a fire in their fireplace(they had an expensive dorm) Kaoru told Misao about the man who had given her the jacket that saved her life.

"AND YOU JUST LET HIM GET AWAY?!" Misao screamed into Kaoru's ear.

"Well I was," Kaoru stammered, embarrassed, "taken aback that's all, it didn't occur to me."


Kaoru blushed furiously and thought to herself, 'Baka, baka, baka! How could you let him get away?' But she just said to Misao, "You're being silly."

"You said it yourself!" Misao grabbed Kaoru's hands, "In December, miraculous things happen! Well, Kaoru, maybe that was YOUR miraculous thing!"

Kaoru looked deeply at Misao, but didn't say anything.

"Let me see the jacket!" Misao held out her hand and Kaoru got the jacket that was hanging near the fire, drying. She handed it to Misao, and Misao looked at the emblem on the jacket, "I knew it!" Misao giggled, "He goes to our school!" she pointed to the emblem on the jacket, "See?"

Misao was right, the emblem on the jacket was their school's. "What did he look like?" Misao asked, interested.

"Well," Kaoru traced her mind for the image of her rescuer, "He had long red hair in a ponytail, and purple eyes, and..." she thought for a second, then it came to her, "and a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek."

Misao sighed, "That's not much to go on, but it doesn't matter! We've just GOT to find him!"

Kaoru started to nod, but then stopped herself. 'This is all a silly dream,' Kaoru sighed, 'Nothing like this happens in real life.' "Misao?" Kaoru asked, interrupting Misao's defiant speech.

"What is it Kaoru?"

"I think I should just leave it," Kaoru sighed standing up.

"How can you?!" Misao's eyes bugged out of her head, "He could be the one!"

"But Misao," Kaoru started to go into her room, "What if he just gave me the jacket out of pity? What if he gave it to me, intending to never see me again? What if..." Kaoru found hot tears coming to her eyes, "What if he already has a girlfriend?! Or even a wife?"


Misao's hand hit hard across Kaoru's face. Kaoru felt the red spot on her face where Misao had slapped her.

"You IDIOT!" Misao screamed, "How can you just let someone like him get away from you because of the doubts you have in your heart?!" Kaoru saw that Misao's eyes were forming their own tears, and she choked, fighting them back, "How can you let something that you aren't even sure of decide if you want to go after the one that you may fall in love with!" Kaoru gasped and Misao smiled, "And I'd even guess that you're already in love with him."

Kaoru's tears continued to fall, but she hugged Misao and they both cried, "You're right," Kaoru laughed and smiled defiantly, "I have to find him!"


The next day Kaoru told Yahiko, the paper boy that always came in the morning, about the man who had given her the jacket.

"You could have been killed," Yahiko looked very worried, "YOU UGLY IDIOT!"

"How dare you call me ugly!" Kaoru's face became red and she started to chase Yahiko around the room. Misao laughed at the two.

"Anyway Yahiko," Misao explained, "We need you to find out if anyone around here knows this guy!" Misao took out a piece of paper and unfolded it to reveal a drawing that Kaoru had made of the man, "It's super important!"

"Why should I?" Yahiko pouted, mad that he was stuck doing the dirty work.

"Because this could be Kaoru's true love! Don't you want to help?!" Misao and Kaoru both gave him wide eyes and he sweatdropped.

"Fine," he sighed and Kaoru and Misao punched their fists in the air in victory, "I'll do it, but only because ugly desperately needs a boyfriend."

Kaoru was about to pounce on him when Misao, quickly sensing danger, pulled her back. Yahiko, ready to get away from Kaoru as soon as possible ran outside with the rest of his papers.


"I wonder if Yahiko found anything..." Kaoru bit her nails nervously, while she paced around the room.

"I'm sure he'll find something," Misao smiled, "Someone on campus has to know him."

KNOCK KNOCK! Two loud knocks came on Misao and Kaoru's door, and Kaoru bolted up to grab the knob, "Maybe Yahiko found something, or maybe even him!"

She grab the knob, turned it violently and flew open the door, "FIND ANYTHING YAHIKO?!" she yelled running forward only to run into Sanosuke and his tacky "Evil" jacket.

"Sanosuke?" Kaoru rubbed her head and saw that not only Sanosuke, but Megumi was there as well.

"Yeah," Sanosuke stepped inside and helped Kaoru up, "It's us. Yahiko told us about Jacket man."

"Ahh, it seems that finally the tanuki girl has got a tanuki guy to go with," Megumi laughed and Kaoru shot her a nasty look.

"But seriously, missy," Sanosuke laughed at the two, shooting daggers at one another, "We're glad that you finally have someone."

"You mean missed someone," Kaoru sighed, "I can't believe I let him get away like that!"

"Hey, it's okay," Sanosuke reassured her, "I'm sure we'll find him sooner or later."

"How about sooner rather than later?" the group turned around to see a panting Yahiko in the door. Kaoru's face lit up and he smirked holding up a paper. After he had gained his breath back, he held up the paper and folded it open for them all to see, "I know where we can find him!"


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