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And now…for the final piece of December Air.

"Kaoru!" Kenshin called as he ran down the sidewalk of their college campus. His heart, racing, but his face numb as ice, he kept running, calling her name, "Kaoru, where are you!"

He couldn't believe it! What if she had already left? What if she was already thousands of miles away on some plane without him! What if he never saw her again! He'd never be able to admit how much of a fool he had been!

"KAORU!" he kept screaming to empty air. He stopped, his arms…they were freezing. "Oh…no…I left my jacket in the restaurant. I can't go back now!" he tried to move forward, "Am…am I going to die? This…is…sickeningly ironic."

His legs stopped moving. They were numb from the freezing snow and he could barely move. "Kao-Kaoru…" he whimpered, "I'm never going to tell her…how I felt…" Two tears fell from his eyes and landed on the ground, freezing almost immediately, the salt residue staying on the ground. "KAORU!"

"Here," Kenshin blinked as he saw black cover his eyes. He noticed that a jacket had been thrown on him. He took the jacket out of his eyes to see none other than Kaoru standing in the cold snow, looking at him, her suitcase in hand and a scarf wrapped around her neck. "Wouldn't want you to die freezing."

"Kaoru! Kaoru-dono, I-"

"Your date with Yuko already finished?" Kaoru asked, raising an eyebrow.

"She's not Jacket Girl Kaoru! I figured it out," Kenshin assured her.

"Oh, I see, so you're going to keep looking for her?" Kaoru asked, "Well…as you know, I'm not her, so I'll be leaving now."

"Kaoru-dono, stop!" Kaoru stopped as she felt Kenshin grasp her wrist. "Please Kaoru-dono…I'm going to give up looking for Jacket Girl."

"Whatever for?" Kaoru asked, "She's your dream girl after all."

"Not anymore Kaoru!" Kaoru turned around to see Kenshin staring intently at her, "Kaoru…I've realized…my dream girl was right in front of me the entire time. Kaoru…" Kenshin smiled at her, "I love you."

Kaoru felt tears welling in her eyes and flowing down her face. She couldn't believe it…Kenshin loved her…her! Not Jacket Girl, not Yuko, no one but her! "Oh Kenshin!" Kaoru threw herself into Kenshin's arms and enveloped him in a warm hug.


Kaoru looked at Kenshin and then smiled. She put her hand into her jeans pocket and pulled out the tiny Ziploc bag containing the tag. She put it in Kenshin's hand and Kenshin looked at it. He looked back up at her face, his eyes wide with confusion, "I…I don't understand. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well…" Kaoru smiled, looking at the man she loved above all else. She gave a charming smile and then gave a short laugh, "Who believes in that love-at-first sight crap anyway?"

And no one knows why, but at that exact moment, the exact moment when Kaoru jumped into Kenshin's arms and kissed him passionately, and Kenshin twirled her around in his arms as the snow fell, the clock struck twelve, and it was December. The month in which the lovers had met now was upon them once again as their feelings united as one. No one understands how the strange coincidence occurred, but, in my opinion, I think it had something to do with what Kaoru said to Misao almost a year before:

In December, miraculous things can happen…

The End

Well there it is…the end. I feel slightly sad that I've finished it, but happy at the same time. This fic will always be part of me, and I'm so happy that all of you have enjoyed it so.

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