It Has to Be

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: Tomorrow was going to be better, because it had to be.

She smiled as she felt his arms wrap around her.  She leaned back into the embrace as he pulled her tighter. 

"Hey baby," he said as he turned her around.

"Hey" she said before leaning in to kiss him, " are you suppose to be here?"

"I'm always here Dawn don't you know that by now" he said before slowly slipping away.

"Conner no. Don't leave me, not now. I just found you again." Dawn sobbed before sinking to her knees.

Dawn woke up with tears flowing down her cheeks.  Conner hadn't just been with her.  He had been missing for 3 days, already.  She slowly sat herself up as the knowledge that he was missing crept up on her again.

"Dawn?" Angel called throw her door, "Are you up yet, we should get going."

"Yeah Angel I'm up." She called back, as she started getting ready for the day. 

They spent the day, once again, looking for Conner.  The only lead they had was a vampire cult that had been after him since he was a child.  It turned out that they had all fled town. 

Dawn wanted to give up; they weren't going to find Conner. He was gone forever.   As she felt tears start to sting her eyes she turned to Angel.  He had silent tears rolling down his face. 

"Angel, will find him. Tomorrow is going to be better" She said pulling him into a hug.

"How do you know?" He said letting himself go.

"Because it has to be."

The next day they did find Conner, lying in a ditch near the forest.  He had numerous vampire bites in his neck.  It seemed like he did put up a struggle but in the end they had over powered him. 

Tomorrow did come but it wasn't any better.

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